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Articles from Southern African Journal of Critical Care (August 1, 2007)

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A case study of the effects of thermal therapy on the tidal volume and sedation level in mechanically ventilated patient. Mizuno, Kei; Akashi, Keiko Clinical report 175
A post authorisation survey to evaluate plasma concentrations of teicoplanin in adult hospitalised patients treated for sepsis in South Africa. Brink, A.J.; Richards, G.A.; Cummins, R.R.; Lambson, J. Clinical report 387
A profile of postgraduate ICU nursing research. Scribante, Juan Brief article 229
A prospective audit of burn wounds admitted to a single regional hospital. Allorto, N.L.; Clarke, D.L.; Mahomva, O. Clinical report 691
A prospective audit of split skin grafting for the management of burns at a regional burns unit. Allorto, Nikki; Clarke, Damian Brief article 291
A rare case of vitamin D deficiency induced myocarditis. Shalash, Amani; du Plessis, Johannes; Rajah, Jaishen Case study 263
A single episode of pre-hospital hypotension predicts the need for early operative intervention following major trauma. Robertson, Simon; Dickson, Euan Clinical report 224
An analysis of patient deterioration, management and processes involved in tranfer to higher level of care. Le Roux, E.; Welkovics, N.; Hayes, M.; Gwilym, L.; Steyn, S.; van Eeden, L. Clinical report 278
An investigation into nurses' perception of noise levels in the coronary care and neurosurgical intensive care units at Groote Schuur hospital. Fouche, Nicki; Mlewa, Mary Clinical report 173
An investigation into the implementation of an emergency unit triage system in a selected private hospital. Augustyn, Jean; Hattingh, S.P.; Ehlers, V.J. Clinical report 260
An investigation into the scope of practice of a registered critical care nurse in a private hospital. Bell, J. Clinical report 244
Bacteroides fragilis changing pattern for Antimicrobial susceptibility from patients admitted for community-acquired infections at the Johannesburg hospital. Richards, G.A.; Naidoo, Sudeshni; Duse, A.G.; Perovic, O. Clinical report 295
Case presentation--reversed anion gap metabolic acidosis. Levy, B.; Williams, P.; Richards, G.A. Case study 97
CCSSA: from the president. Argent, Andrew Speech 397
Communication with relatives of critically ill patients and ethical principles. Satosek, Drago; Brvar, Marusa; Klancar, Slavica 409
Comparison of surgical hand scrub with Betadine and Decosept on bacterial colony count. Rezaei, K.; Sahranavard Y., Nazeri M.; Tarrahi, M.J. Clinical report 430
Council update. Brief article 171
Critical care outreach, perceptions and impact of unplanned ICU admissions--a case study. Carr, M. Clinical report 226
Critical points in treatment and transporting of critically injured patients. Kocevar, Rudi; Hajdarevic, Irena Bucek Brief article 247
CURB-65, pneumonia severity index and apache ii 25 scores to assess mortality risk in community-acquired pneumonia. Richards, Guy; Levy, Howard; Laterre, Pierre-Francois; Feldman, Charles; Bates, Becky; Qualy, Rebecc Clinical report 280
Digestive dangers. Michell, W.L. 877
Effectiveness of continuous and bilevel positive airway pressure versus standard medical therapy for acute asthma: a randomised controlled trial. Hanekom, S.G.; van Aswegen, H.; Eales, C.; Engelbrecht, L.; Becker, P. Clinical report 213
Enterocyte protection--a new goal in ICU nutrition. Hodgson, Eric 2418
Evidence-based nursing guidelines for prone positioning of adult, ventilated patients. Nortje, Suegnet; Nel, Elzabe; Nolte, Anna Brief article 234
Experiences of critical care nurses in the management of a large intensive/critical care unit. Matlakala, M.C. Brief article 171
Fluid resuscitation guided by mixed venous saturation: applicable in hypovolemic shock? Allard, D. Brief article 170
HELLP Syndrome: a prospective review of 52 consecutive admissions to an intensive care unit. Paruk, Fathima; Bhagwanjee, Satish; Muckart, David J.J.; Becker, Piet J.; Moodley, Jack Clinical report 200
Hyperglycaemia and outcome after severe TBI. Gurnell, E.L.; Shapiro, H.P. Clinical report 247
Impairment of range of movement, muscle strength and endurance in children with burns over 10%, on discharge from Johnson & Johnson Paediatric burns unit, Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital. Bulmer, T.; Humphries, C.; Mukheli, T.; Saggers, J.; Sekhu, N.; Weedon, M. Brief article 183
In-hospital psychosocial interventions for families of the critically ill trauma patient. Brysiewicz, P.; Bhengu, B.; Chipps, J. Clinical report 213
Insulin administration for the control of blood glucose in the adult ICU--an evidence-based guideline. Turner, Roseanne E. 4597
Insulin resistance in critical illness. Wilgen, Urs; Omar, Shahed; Crowther, Nigel; Mathivha, Rudo L.; Paiker, Janice Clinical report 310
Intra-abdominal hypertension and the abdominal compartment syndrome. Miller, Malcolm G.A.; Michell, W. Lance 4616
Knowledge of ICU nurses regarding glycaemic control. Perrie, H.; Schmollgruber, S. Brief article 220
Knowledge of ICU nurses regarding pain management. Perrie, H.; Schmollgruber, S. Clinical report 229
Knowledge of ICU nurses regarding weaning from mechanical ventilation. Perrie, H.; Schmollgruber, S. Clinical report 226
Lymphangiomatosis presenting in a child in the cardiothoracic intensive care unit. Chetty, S.; Vanderdonk, K.; Paruk, F.; Bhagwanjee, S.; Naidoo, K. Clinical report 240
Nurses' accuracy in estimating backrest elevation. Perrie, H.; Windsor, S.; Scribante, J. Clinical report 198
Nurses' accuracy in estimating backrest elevation. Perrie, Helen; Windsor, Sonja; Scribante, Juan Clinical report 2724
Nursing documentation in an accident and emergency department: an audit. Carter, C.A.; Bhengu, B.R.; Govender, L. Clinical report 253
Patient transition between intensive care units and general wards. Bhengu, B.R. Brief article 250
Relation between self-care behaviour and self-care needs in patients with heart failure, 2006. Mohammad Aliha, Jaleh; Azarbad, Mohsen; Shahpourian, Farangis; Rafiee, Forough Clinical report 270
South African critical care clinical trials group established. Scribante, Juan Brief article 222
Specific issues (ICU) initiatives that make operations work in an ICU. Moloi, O.N. 538
Study of the effect of self-care behaviours on the quality of life in patients with heart failure in medical centres affiliated to Iran and Tehran universities of medical sciences and health services, 1385. Asemi, S.; Shojaei, F.; Yarandi, A.N.; Hosseini, F. Clinical report 229
Survival rates from a South African regional trauma centre. Allard, D. Clinical report 415
Surviving sepsis: promoting practice guidelines outside of ICU. Gerber, K.; Hosie, L.; Jones, C.M.; Leaver, G.; Mossop, D.; Kapila, A. Brief article 299
The cost of intensive care at a South African tertiary state hospital. Steensma, E.; Michell, W.L. Clinical report 427
The effect of thawing fresh frozen plasma (FFP) at various temperatures on in vitro coagulation factor activity. Levy, B.; Isaacs, M.; Jacobson, B.; Bhagwanjee, S. Clinical report 256
The experiences of critical care students in presenting case studies. Phillips, M.; Botma, Y. Clinical report 252
The profile and selected outcomes of cabg patients in the cape metropolitan area. A baseline study. Manie, Shamila; Hanekom, Susan; Faure, Mary Brief article 253
The risk assessment for delirium after cardiovascular surgery. Yagyu, Noriyo; Akashi, Keiko Clinical report 250
The role and effectivenss of a nursepractitioner intensive care outreach service. Pirret, Alison M. Clinical report 227
The use of the Alaris[R] Asena[R] CC syringe pump with guardrails[R] safety software to reduce intravenous medication errors in the ICU. Schleicher, G.K.; van der Merwe, J.; Padayachee, M. Clinical report 252
Using evidence-based practice to reduce ventilator associated pneumonia. Ohman, Kathleen Brief article 250

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