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South Fallsburg, N.Y.

SOUTH FALSBURG, N.Y.--For nearly 60 years three generations of the Fishman family have carefully expanded Majestic Drug Co., from its beginning as a wholesaler and distributor of pharmaceutical necessities through today, as an acknowledged leader in the growing over-the-counter oral care products market.

With such products as Dentemp 0.S., the No. 1 dental cement for loose-caps and lost fillings, and one of a kind denture care products, Reline-It and Repair-It, Majestic has solidified its position and continues to gain market share. Majestic differentiates itself from competitors with a commitment to providing innovative and high-quality products at reasonable prices with exceptional customer service.

"Our top-selling item is Dentemp 0.S.," notes Majestic vice president David Fishman. "We pioneered the dental cement category in the 1980s and developed this simple-to-use, one-step (0.S.) product in 1993. Dentemp O.S. is not only the top-selling dental cement, but currently outsells almost every product in the oral pain category in both units and dollars."

To complement Dentemp O.S., Majestic developed Refilit cherry-flavor dental cement specifically for lost fillings, and Recapit, a slightly thinner cement formulation that is ideal for loose caps. Majestic also still offers the original cement, Den-temp Custom, in which consumers can actually determine the desired thickness by mixing the product themselves. "Lost fillings and loose caps need fast attention, but you can't always get to the dentist right away," Fishman relates. "All of our dental cements are specially formulated to fix the appropriate issue while providing instant pain relief."

Majestic also offers unique denture products that are unmatched in the retail market.

"Reline-It was introduced in 2011 as the sister product to Repair-It, our denture repair kit which reinvented the denture repair segment in the early 2000s," says Fishman. "Reline-It is a premium denture reliner that makes loose fitting dentures feel like new. Everyone deserves sound, well-fitting dentures without having to endure an expensive dental visit."

Repair-It contains three repairs for fixing breaks, mending cracks or replacing broken denture teeth and Reline-It contains two repairs that can be used on either upper or lower dentures. Both are zinc free."

Majestic continues to expand its product line or update current products to meet changing consumer needs. Proxi-Plus, an ultra-fine, ultra-gentle interproximal brush with a bonus flosser is a completely hygienic, single-use instrument that makes it easier than ever to remove food from between teeth, clean plaque and stimulate gums, promoting overall dental health. The product was originally offered as a 20-count, but after several incarnations, it is now available as a 30-count in a streamlined clamshell at no additional cost to the consumer.

The newest addition to the Majestic oral care family of products will arrive in early 2013 with the introduction of Senzzzzz Away. Senzzzzz Away is a tooth desensitizer that will offer instant relief from tooth sensitivity due to cold, sweets and heat.

"Unlike most toothpaste for sensitive teeth, which can take several weeks to deliver relief, Senzzzzz Away offers immediate satisfaction," Fishman says. "Plus, just one treatment provides pain relief that can last up to six months. We're already garnering a great deal of interest from retailers."

He also noted that the introduction of Senzzzzz Away will be accompanied by a national advertising campaign.

Majestic Drug Co.

P.O. Box 490, 4996 Main St., South Fallsburg, N.Y. 12779

Phone: (800) 238-0220


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