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South Central Division. (Division News).

The Summit for MTNA Leadership was valuable and enjoyable for all who attended. We had a productive division meeting, offering us the chance to learn about officers, conventions and student activities.

Arkansas President Sharon Ard, NCTM, explained her state's syllabus, which includes an extensive theory section, and discussed its six regional festivals. To advance to the state level, students must have a performance score of "superior plus" and achieve a high score on the theory test.

Louisiana President Charles Jones, NCTM, said the state's rallies are excellent fundraisers and are popular. Students not only perform, but take tests in sight reading, ear training, keyboard skills and theory. Louisiana also raises funds for the MTNA FOUNDATION through a used music sale.

Oklahoma President Ron Lewis, NCTM, said his state sponsors competitive auditions for students in fifth and sixth grades, ninth through twelfth grades, and for collegiate students. District and State Achievement Auditions include students in all grades.

Texas President Celinda Hallbauer, NCTM, reported that, in addition to student affiliate activities and state competitions, Texas has developed an All-Star Festival held at its state convention, using collegiate chapter members as judges. All students are winners and receive critique sheets and ribbons.
--Karen Harrington, NCTM
Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Author:Harrington, Karen
Publication:American Music Teacher
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Date:Dec 1, 2002
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