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South African men have poor understanding of fertility and infertility.

In Africa, infertility has traditionally been seen as a female problem, with little attention paid to the experiences of men who are infertile. This study interviewed 27 men from diverse backgrounds attending an infertility clinic for the first time in South Africa. The men had little knowledge of the physiology of fertility, causes of infertility or treatment options, although almost all (26/27) were aware that male infertility occurs. Nevertheless, they pointed out that many men would be unlikely to admit to having a problem and would blame the woman because of the degree of stigmatisation, verbal abuse and loss of social status experienced by infertile men. This study suggests that there is a need for effective integration of male partners into modern infertility management, and that men and the community need to be better educated about fertility and infertility. (1)

(1.) Dyer SJ, Abrahams N, Mokoena NE, et al. "You are a man because you have children": experiences, reproductive health knowledge and treatment-seeking behaviour among men suffering from couple infertility in South Africa. Human Reproduction 2004;19(4):1-8.
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Date:May 1, 2005
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