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South African food company Peppadew reaps benefits of Cryovac[R] Vertical Pouch Packaging.

Peppadew International, markets a range of Sweet Piquante Pepper products under the Peppadew[TM] brand. Based on a carefully guarded secret recipe, the versatile fruit delivers the perfectly balanced sweet and spicy taste and trademark crispy texture which together have created a culinary adventure around the world. Peppadew has worked hand in hand with food packaging specialist Sealed Air Cryovac. Together, they pioneered and fine-tuned a new packaging application which offers substantial advantages over rigid containers. The Cryovac Vertical Pouch Packaging (VPP) technology has proven the ideal solution for packaging fruit in brine in safe, hygienic and highly resistant flexible pouches offering prolonged shelf life. The turnkey system delivered by Cryovac comprises a product infeed pump conveyor and scales to dose the exact weight required, connected to a vertical form-fill-seal machine and discharge conveyor linked to a pasteuriser and metal detector. The system produces 2 kg flexible pouches in two versions, plain for the US market and blue for Europe. After 18 months of continuous development, testing, fine tuning and staff training, the system is running smoothly and this year has become a genuine success.

The major benefits of the Cryovac VPP technology are prolonged shelf life and enhanced quality assurance. Cryovac flexible pouches are made of fully coextruded, multilayer, high barrier film. This unique technology provides a pack with no headspace, which is heat sealed and separated into a finished, hermetic, puncture resistant pillow pouch offering high pack integrity. The high barrier materials provide the Peppadew sweet piquante peppers with optimal protection and a shelf life of 24 months (former buckets offered only 4 months). The flexible pouches thus match the shelf life provided by the glass jars used for consumer portions.

Flexible pouches can be pasteurized and are ideal for the preservative-free Peppadew fruit, thus supporting the strong brand identity. Other advantages include: optimized storage with 30 to 35% more efficient space utilisation; improved sanitation and hygiene with total product protection; high convenience with easy opening, storage, handling and identification; increased safety during handling; reduced waste as pouches are more easily discarded than plastic buckets. Moreover, flexible pouches offer a very competitive cost per pack solution compared with all rigid containers, resulting in significant cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency. Thanks to this new packaging, applications in the foodservice and catering sectors are continuously expanding, including dell counters and olive bars at retail stores, value adding food companies for stuffing with cheese, meat or tuna and enhancing pasta salads or the antipasta range, as well as the flavour enhancer industry for use in bread, sausages and numerous food items. Peppadew International are soon looking at introducing consumer size stand-up pouches for the chilled counters at modern retail outlet, and have recently acquired an additional Cryovac VPP machine to boost production and keep up with soaring international demand. In 2002, Peppadew had already won the Silver Medal from the Institute of Packaging South Africa (IPSA) for the innovative Cryovac vacuum-sealed catering packs destined for bulk export markets.

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Date:May 1, 2006
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