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Articles from South African Medical Journal (May 1, 2016)

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A complementary model for medical subspecialty training in South Africa. Dalmeyer, J. Paul F.; Struwig, Miemie; Kruger, Thinus F. 1353
Active surveillance of hospital-acquired infections in South Africa: implementation, impact and challenges. Lowman, W. Report 3350
Acute viral bronchiolitis in South Africa: intensive care management for severe disease. Morrow, B.M.; Feldman, C.; Green, R.J. Conference news 2361
Acute viral bronchiolitis in South Africa: viral aetiology and clinical epidemiology. White, D.A.; Madhi, S.A.; Jeena, P.; Zar, H.J.; Morrow, B.M.; Masekela, R.; Risenga, S.; Green, R.J. 3121
Acute viral bronchiolitis: dawn of a new era for the prevention of respiratory syncytial virus infection through vaccination. Madhi, S.A.; Green, R.J. Report 948
Advances in stroke treatment are within reach. Taylor, A.; le Feuvre, D.; Mngomezulu, V.; Royston, D.; Harrichandparsard, R.; de Vries, C.; Winter, Report 1678
An analysis of inter-healthcare facility transfer of neonates within the eThekwini Health District of KwaZulu-natal, South Africa. Ashokcoomar, P.; Naidoo, R. Clinical report 3301
Chronic diseases in the Western world: increasing incidence or increasing overdiagnosis? Farham, Bridget Report 1181
Consciously cutting to the bone of SA's surgical/anasthetic delivery. Correction notice 143
Costly adult ADHD shunned by medical aids. Bateman, Chris Report 403
CPD. Report 475
Culture-negative endocarditis due to Bartonella quintana. Moodley, V.M.; Zeeman, M.T.S.; van Greune, C.H.J.; Corcoran, C. Report 2257
Drunk driving: bring back the breathalyzer--experts. Bateman, Chris Report 1312
Emergence of plasmid-mediated colistin resistance (MCR-1) among Escherichia coli isolated from South African patients. Coetzee, J.; Corcoran, C.; Prentice, E.; Moodley, M.; Mendelson, M.; Poirel, L.; Nordmann, P.; Brink Report 1407
Emerging trends in non-communicable disease mortality in South Africa, 1997-2010. Nojilana, B.; Bradshaw, D.; Wyk, V. Pillay-van; Msemburi, W.; Laubscher, R.; Somdyala, N.I.M.; Joube Report 6493
Haemotoxic snakebite in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: a case presenting with haematemesis. Wagener, M. Case study 1063
Health department selectively using NGO input--claim. Bateman, Chris Report 506
Histological and immunohistochemical evaluation of sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer at a tertiary hospital in the Western Cape, South Africa. van Zyl, A.; Schneider, J.W. Report 2614
HIV testing of children is not simple for health providers and researchers: legal and policy frameworks guidance in South Africa. van Rooyen, H.E.; Strode, A.E.; Slack, C.M. 3743
Hypoxaemia on arrival in a multidisciplinary intensive care unit. de Vasconcellos, K.; Skinner, D.L.; Singh, D. Report 2788
Identity tags: a vector for cross-infection? Cox, S.G.; Burahee, A.; Lucier, A.; Fernando, C.; Machoki, S.M. Report 2429
Intimate partner violence in early adolescence: the role of gender, socioeconomic factors and the school. Mason-Jones, A.J.; De Koker, P.; Eggers, S.M.; Mathews, C.; Temmerman, M.; Leye, E.; de Vries, P.J.; Report 8239
Introducing a multifaceted approach to the management of diabetes mellitus in resource-limited settings. Pillay, S.; Aldous, C. Report 2293
Kounis syndrome: aspects of incidence and epidemiology. Kounis, Nicholas G.; Grapsas, Nicholas; Lianas, Dimitrios; Soufras, George D.; Patsouras, Nicholas Letter to the editor 919
Maternal deaths from bleeding associated with caesarean delivery: a national emergency. Hofmeyr, G.J. Report 877
Maternal deaths from bleeding associated with caesarean delivery: a national emergency. Fawcus, S.; Pattinson, R.C.; Moodley, J.; Moran, N.F.; Schoon, M.G.; Mhlanga, R.E.; Baloyi, S.; Bekk 4389
McArdle's disease presenting with acute renal failure. Maharaj, A.B.; Patel, V.B. Case study 413
National priorities for perioperative research in South Africa. Biccard, B.M.; Alphonsus, C.S.; Bishop, D.G.; Cronje, L.; Kluyts, H.-L.; Kusel, B.; Maswime, S.; Ood Clinical report 4590
Neuroimaging in migraine. Shevel, Elliot Letter to the editor 489
Obstetric violence in South Africa. Chadwick, Rachelle Joy Report 1891
On your toes: detecting mediastinal air on the chest radiograph in ecstasy abusers. Naidoo, M.; Govind, M. Report 1452
Persistent burden from non-communicable diseases in South Africa needs strong action. Nojilana, Beatrice; Bradshaw, Debbie; Wyk, Victoria Pillay-van; Msemburi, William; Somdyala, Nontuth Report 1411
Publication trends of clinical trials performed in South Africa. Sibanda, M.; Summers, R.S.; Meyer, J.C. Report 4484
Quality of life in patients with seborrhoeic dermatitis in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Moodley, Nerissa; Hoosen, Koraisha; Dlova, Ncoza Cordelia Letter to the editor 835
Sinus histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy (Rosai-Dorfman disease) and cirrhosis of the liver: a case report and literature review. Kgomo, M.K.; Elnagar, A.A.; Jeske, C.; Nagel, J. Report 1030
South African Guidelines Excellence (SAGE): efficient, effective and unbiased clinical practice guideline teams. Grimmer, Karen; Dizon, Janine Margarita; Louw, Quinette; Kredo, Tamara; Young, Taryn; Machingaidze, Report 1446
Strengthening rural health placements for medical students: lessons for South Africa from international experience. Doherty, J.E.; Couper, I. 3964
Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis still occurring in South Africa: clinicians need to remain vigilant. Pillay, Shakti; van Toorn, Ronald; Kilborn, Tracy; Ndondo, Alvin; Eley, Brian; Wilmshurst, Jo Letter to the editor 1006
Syphilitic lymphadenitis clinically and histologically mimicking lymphogranuloma venereum. Wessels, A.; Bamford, C.; Lewis, D.A.; Martini, M.; Wainwright, H.C. Case study 2164
The case of the exploding egg. Brink, C.; McKay, G.; Rode, H. Report 531
The costs of delivering human papillomavirus vaccination to Grade 4 learners in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Moodley, I.; Tathiah, N.; Sartorius, B. Report 4041

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