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Articles from South African Journal of Surgery (April 1, 2011)

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A crushing experience: the spectrum and outcome of soft-tissue injury and myonephropathic syndrome at an urban South African University hospital. Smith, W.; Hardcastle, T. Report 381
A prospective study of acute serum amylase levels following blunt abdominal trauma. Jones, R.; Kong, V.; Walker, T.; Clarke, D. Clinical report 312
A simple method of closing laparoscopic port site wounds. Tun, M.; Adewunmi, A. Report 125
An audit of error associated with the initial management and referral of acute trauma patients in Western KwaZulu-Natal. Howlett, J.; Clarke, D.; Thomson, S. Report 324
An audit of failed selective conservative management of stabbed abdomens. Dasrath, A.; Clarke, D.; Allorto, N.; Thomson, S. Report 398
An audit of the quality of initial trauma resuscitation in a regional hospital. Allorto, N.; Wise, R.; Clarke, D. Report 287
Anomalous origin of the vermiform appendix. Dube, B.; Manoharan, G.R.; Daya, M.; Pillay, S.S. Report 184
Applying modern error theory to the problem of missed injuries in trauma. Faurie, M.; Clarke, D.; Muckart, D.; Thomson, S. Report 342
Are chest x-rays necessary after chest tube insertion in trauma emergencies? Moeng, M.; Goosen, J.; Dartchiev, S.; Boffard, K. Report 396
Audit of laparoscopic experience in Durban colorectal unit. Naidoo, M.; Bhorat, N.; Madiba, T.E.; Manzini, V.T. Report 288
Bile duct injuries: multicentre survey results of 17 288 laparoscopic cholecystectomies. Santana, O.Z. Report 122
BRCA mutation detection rate in breast cancer patients at Tygerberg Hospital, Western Cape. Baatjes, K.; Apffelstaedt, J.; Urban, M.; Tlolane, T. Report 331
Case report: spilled stones--any consequences? Suliman, M.F.; Jones, J.O. Clinical report 401
Cervical aero-digestive tract injuries at the Johannesburg hospital trauma unit. Torres, B.M.; Gonzalez, M.D.C. Ortega; Motillal, S.; Moeng, M.S.; Goosen, J. Report 448
Colorectal cancer in KwaZulu-Natal: an established disease with a variable clinicopathological spectrum. Zulu, B.; Madiba, T. Report 319
Cruveilhier-Baumgarten syndrome--a caveat for surgeons. Dlangamandla, S.Z.; Lucas, S.; Andronikou, S.; Rubin, G.; Boshoff, P.E.; Malek, L.; Eshragi, H. Report 666
Current trauma patterns in Pietermaritzburg. Moodley, N.; Oosthuizen, G.; Clarke, D.; Muckart, D.; Thomson, S. Report 399
Deaths at a level 1 trauma unit: a clinical finding and postmortem correlation study. Steinwall, D.; Befrits, F.; Naidoo, S.; Hardcastle, T.; Ericsson, A.; Muckart, D. Report 377
Direct admission versus inter-hospital transfer to a level 1 trauma unit improves survival: an audit of the new Inkosi Albert Luthuli central hospital trauma unit. Cheddie, S.; Muckart, D.; Hardcastle, T.; Hollander, D.Den; Cassimjee, H.; Moodley, S. Report 295
Do trauma patients on ventilators in the emergency department need multiple blood gas analysis to optimise treatment? Moeng, M.; Goosen, J.; Boffard, K. Report 363
Early factors predicting outcome of damage control laparotomies. du Toit, R.; Moeng, M.; Candy, G.; Goosen, J.; Boffard, K. Report 232
Endoscopic stenting of high-output traumatic duodenal fistula. Chinnery, G.E.; Bernon, M.; Krige, J.E.J.; Grotte, A. Letter to the editor 777
Finding a topic for an MMed research report. Bentley, A.; Buchmann, E. Report 2081
Five years of transcriptional profiling of breast tumours in a South African cohort. Apffelstaedt, J.; Kotze, M. Report 259
Follow-up mammography of the conserved breast--can it detect recurrence early? Apffelstaedt, J.; Kasvosve, N.; Baatjes, K. Report 414
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Cuba--achievements and challenges: results of a multicentre survey. Santana, O.Z. Report 173
Laparoscopic proctorship in a resource-constrained environment--how far can we go? Lunda, W.S.; Koto, M.Z.; Jacks, G.R. Report 269
Laparotomy for blunt trauma in Pietermaritzburg. Walker, T.; Allorto, N.; Clarke, D. Report 451
Liver resection for non-cirrhotic hepatocellular carcinoma in South African patients. Bhaijee, F.; Krige, J.E.J.; Locketz, M.L.; Kew, M.C. Report 5358
Mesenteric cysts. Fabra, M.Larrea; Mpikashe, M.; Jardon, M. Garcia; Ntsasa, S.M.; Targonska, I.B.J.; Ramirez, L. Marti Report 225
Necrotising enterocolitis: early conventional and fluorescein laparoscopic assessment. Numanoglu, A.; Cox, S.; Millar, A. Report 296
Necrotising enterocolitis: early conventional and fluorescein laparoscopic assessment. Numanoglu, A.; Millar, A. Report 285
One hundred and eight emergency operations for penetrating thoracic trauma. Reddy, K.; Quazi, M.; Clarke, D.; Thomson, S. Report 375
Overcoming resource restrictions--intraoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer with existing infrastructure in a developing country. Baatjes, K.; Apffelstaedt, J. Report 299
Pancreatic injuries after blunt abdominal trauma: an analysis of 110 patients treated at a level 1 trauma centre. Krige, J.E.J.; Kotze, U.K.; Hameed, M.; Nicol, A.J.; Navsaria, P.H. Report 5996
Parasitic cysts of the spleen: report of 2 cases. Fabra, M.L.; Mpikashe, M.; Ntsasa, S.M.; Jardon, M.Garcia; Targonska, I.B.J. Clinical report 281
Prevention of hepatocellular carcinoma. Kew, M.C. Editorial 2239
Prognosis and treatment cost of screen-detected versus symptom-detected breast cancer in South Africa. Apffelstaedt, J.; Groenewald, M.; Victor, L.; Baatjes, K. Report 281
Prolapse: rare complication of a Zenker's diverticulum. Chinnery, G.E.; Clark, D.L.; Ghimenton, F.; Thomson, S.R. Letter to the editor 392
Screening mammography read by breast surgeons. Apffelstaedt, J.; Steenkamp, V.; Baatjes, K. Report 295
Solid pseudopapillary epithelial neoplasm--a rare but curable pancreatic tumour in young women. Frost, M.; Krige, J.E.J.; Bornman, P.C.; Panieri, E.; Beningfield, S.J.; Wainwright, H. Report 4687
The early management of pancreatitis associated with hypertriglyceridaemia. Anderson, F.; Mbatha, S.Z.; Thomson, S.R. Report 2029
The management of burns by the general surgeon. Loubser, C.A. Report 695
The significance of radiation exposure to surgeons during sentinel lymph node biopsy. Harran, N.; Edwards, G.; Benn, C.; Chamberlain, A. Report 199
The spectrum of diaphragm injury in a busy general surgical service in South Africa. Donkin, I.; Oosthuizen, G.; Clarke, D.; Muckart, D. Clinical report 508
The use of laparoscopy to diagnose and manage diaphragmatic injuries in haemodynamically stable and non-peritonitic patients with penetrating thoraco-abdominal injuries. Mjoli, M.; Govender, M.; Oosthuizen, G.; Clarke, D. Clinical report 276
Therapeutic laparoscopy in trauma: the new paradigm. Koto, Z.; Isakov, R.; Lunda, S. Report 307
Thoracic trauma: the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital Experience. Fabra, M.L.; Dhaffala, A.; Ntasa, S.M.; Nondela, B.B.; Zongo, U. Report 283
Thoraco-abdominal stab wounds in the haemodynamically unstable patient with potential injuries in multiple body cavities. Manchev, V.; Clarke, D.; Thomson, S. Report 354
Tracking the course of complicated appendicitis through a regional hospital and developing feedback mechanism to referring distric hospitals. Kong, V.; Handley, J.; Clarke, D. Report 455
Variations in the level of care of provided within a hospital to acute trauma patients during the first 24 hours following admission. Jones, R.; Stewart, W.; Farina, Z.; Clarke, D. Report 403

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