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South Africa.

Meet the students of Athlone Park Primary School, in Athlone Park, South Africa, which is near the country's subtropical tourist area of Durban on the east coast.

South Africa is known as the "rainbow nation" because its 48 million people come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. There are 11 official languages, and the students at Athlone

Park Primary School study three of them: English, Afrikaans and Zulu.

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Q What is your school day like?

A We start school at 7:45 in the morning. We have four periods of 30 minutes each, then we have a 30-minute break. After the break there are another four 30-minute periods. Our second break is just 15 minutes followed by another hour of lessons. We then have 10 minutes before we go home at 1:55 pm. After-school sports and activities start at 2:15 pm. We have an After Care Centre where some of our pupils stay until their parents can pick them up after work.


Q What subjects do you study?

A The subjects that we take are English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Maths, Social Science, Natural Science, Technology, Physical Education, Arts and Culture, Computers, Life Orientation and Library.


Q What do you wear to school?

A We wear uniforms. Navy blue shorts, light blue short-sleeved shirt, and long blue socks with black shoes for boys. Girls wear navy culottes, same light blue short-sleeved shirt, and short white socks with black shoes. In the winter, we get to wear navy track suits. We have different uniforms ("kits") for Physical Education and sports.


Q What is your city like?

A We live in a beautiful village-like area called Amanzimtoti, which means Sweet Waters in Zulu. We live on the east coast, so we have wonderful beaches and lots of great places to visit along the Indian Ocean. Our summers are really hot and humid, but our winter is really mild. Most days are about 25[degrees]C in winter. The people here are very friendly. Unfortunately, so are the vervet monkeys, which love coming into our houses and pinch fruit and food--they can be a real pain!


Q What do you do after school?

A We have a great extra-curricular program, with lots of after-school sports and clubs to choose from. Netball, hockey, swimming, waterball, cricket, needlecraft, choir, photography, drama and chess are just some of the activities we can do at school. At home, we like to surf, do Nippers (junior life guards), body board, play soccer, ride horses, play rugby and dance.


Vervet monkeys are 90 clever,--they know whole layout of your house. If you cloSe your kitchen door, they will find author way in.


Q Tell us some great stuff about South Africa.

A We have many reasons to be proud of our country. We overcame apartheid, which was a system of keeping people of different races apart from each other. Now there is freedom, and we respect each others' heritage. We are a role model to the rest of the world for sorting out our racial problems. We have a great hero in Nelson Mandela, who led the fight for democracy.

Plus we have a beautiful country that tourists love to visit.

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