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Sources of personal income.

Personal income increased $36.2 billion (annual rate) in September, following a decrease of $7.8 billion in August. The September and August estimates were affected by special factors. A rebound in personal income from the effects of Hurricane Andrew, which struck Florida and Louisiana in August, more than offset decreases from the effects of Hurricane Iniki, which struck Hawaii in September. The effects of the hurricanes (and the personal income components) for which adjustments were made: uninsured losses of residential and business property (rental income of persons and proprietors' income), work interruptions (wages and salaries), and crop damage (farm proprietors'income). The September increase was also offected by subsidy payments to farm proprietors. Excluding the adjustments for the effects of the hurricanes and the subsidy payments, personal income increased $3.8 billion in September and $28.3 billion in August.

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Title Annotation:Total Output, Income, and Spending; ending September 1992
Publication:Economic Indicators
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Date:Oct 1, 1992
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Sources of personal income.

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