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Sources of personal income.

Personal income rose $54.3 billion (annual rate) in February after falling $7.5 billion in January. The changes were affected by several special factors. The February change was boosted by farm subsidy payments and by a speedup of life insurance dividends to veterans (included in transfer payments). The January change was reduced by a decrease in farm subsidy payments and by December bonus payments to motor vehicle industry employees. The January change was boosted by cost-of-living adjustments to several Federal transfer payment programs, an increase in unemployment insurance benefit payments, and a pay rais for Federal Government employees. Excluding these special factors, personal income increased $42,5 billion in February; the effects of these factors on the January change were offsetting.

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Title Annotation:Total Output, Income, and Spending; January-February, 1992
Publication:Economic Indicators
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Date:Mar 1, 1992
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