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SourcePro C++ Edition 3. (Tools).

Rogue Wave Software, services company, has introduced the third version of Rogue Wave SourcePro C++.

SourcePro C++ Edition 3 is now available to enterprise development teams operating on Windows XP Professional, Red Hat Linux 7.1, AIX 5L v5.1 and HP-UX lli. The added platform support extends the reach of SourcePro C++ by giving developers the freedom to create applications that work with the major platforms of their choice. Also it now offers support to recent database releases, including Oracle 9i, DB2 7.2, Sybase 12.5 and Informix 2.7.

By including support for the latest XML schema specification and for the SOAP 1.2 specification, Edition 3 expands the capabilities of development teams using XML to extend their applications with Web services, it is claimed.
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Publication:Software World
Date:Mar 1, 2002
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