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Byline: By Matthew Pardo And Phil Weller Evening Gazette

The pick of the week's single and album releases.


Thirteen Senses - Thru The Glass

With a sound beyond their years, this Cornish quartet deliver a spine-tingling debut. Big things beckon for this lot. Keep an eye on them. 8/10 - PW

Whirlwind Heat - Pink

Messily wondrous slab of thick chaotic rock. It's jumbled, it's a mess, it's outstanding. 7/10 - MP

B2K - Badaboom

These boys made Bump, Bump, Bump, one of the most annoying records ever. Not as annoying... but it is still rubbish. 3/10 - MP

Peter Andre - Mysterious Girl

It's worse than you remember, but of course you'll know that by now as it's No 1. 1/10 - MP

The Cribs - You Were Always The One

Bright and breezy Indie pop which nods respectfully in the direction of Supergrass and early Ash. These boys could be onto something, watch 'em. 6/10 - MP

Fountains Of Wayne - Stacy's Mom

In the same trite vein of Bowling For Soup and Wheatus' geek-fancies-girl pop punk, these New Yorkers have written a song about the ultimate teenage boy's fantasy while they edge towards their 30s. 3/10 - PW

Crackout - This Is What We Do

The B-side of this bog standard indie guitar racket is a brave stripped down version of Beyonce's Crazy In Love - a strange move considering it was the dramatic urgency which gave the original its power. 3/10 - MP

Zero 7 - Home

Yet more magisterial comedown music courtesy of genre overlords. This time their heavenly music is pushed up a notch or two thanks to the classy, and wondrous, vocal of Tina Dico. 7/10 - MP

VS - Love Ya Like Mad

Taken under Simon Blue's wing, they've scraped so hard at the bottom of the pop barrel they're in danger of falling through. If they were made-for-TV pop stars, I could understand that someone had to at least try and make some money from them, but this is pointless. 2/10 - PW

General Levy vs Zeus featuring Bally Jagpal - Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya

Upfront bhangra tinged urban stomp. It may not be slick like contemporary R'nB - and frankly that grittiness makes it all the better. 5/10 - MP

Madaction - Teac Attack, Just Like Fresh Air

The sound of Beck, The Beatles and The Jesus And Mary Chain in a three way car crash may sound like a mess, but these two EPs are a shambolic stab at lo-fi genius. 7/10 - MP

Eastern Lane - Saffron

Prickly and grisly teen rock from indie kids wielding a fuzzbox and a fat bassline. Takes two listens to take hold but it almost kind of demands that... 6/10 - MP

Fin - Turn My Head

At first I warmed to this but, within seconds, the too obvious "I'm ripping off Thom Yorke" feel got on my nerves. Put down your Radiohead songbook boys and try original thoughts. 2/10 - MP


Twista - Kamikaze

Like the first single, the bulk of these songs sample classic tracks, creating an album reminiscent of hip-hop and rap music from the late 1980s and influenced by the decade's soul stars. He might be the world's fastest rapper, but Twista is not an angry MC, instead preferring to seduce listeners into loving his world of wine, women and song. 7/10 - Jessica Mangold

Bill Mallonee & Vigilantes of Love - Locket Full of Moonlight

Slice of Americana gives a fair glimpse of country life Stateside, but Mr Mallonee's version lacks conviction. While quietly hiding away a clutch of genuinely heart-rending songs, these are fleeting and far between. 3/10 - MP

Various - The Voice

Channel Four's acclaimed series charted the impact of vocal talents on popular culture and some of the more notable contributors have been gathered onto this double CD ... Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone and Billie Holliday. Impressive. 7/10 - MP

Hundred Reasons - Shatterproof Is Not A Challenge.

The Brit-rock faves' follow-up to 2002's Idea's Above Our Station hasn't met my high expectations. Despite blistering singles What You Get, Lullably, and The Great Test, it's disappointing. 6/10 - PW

Various - Brits Awards

Winners, losers, also-rans and no-hopers all under one title. The Darkness, Radiohead, Blur, Will Young and Beyonce are all here. The only surprise is perhaps the absence of The White Stripes and The Strokes - yet the presence of the dull Kings Of Leon. 5/10 - MP
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Title Annotation:Ents Music
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Mar 5, 2004
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