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Sounding the steroids alarm.

The death of Ken Caminiti at age 41 should have sounded an alarm for every baseball, prayer and anybody else who has used illegal anabolic steroids. Caminiti used steroids heavily in 1996 when he was the National League's Most Valuable Player, and he recently tested positive for cocaine. On October 10, he collapsed, apparently of a heart attack, and died. [Experts say that steroids and cocaine use may have contributed to his death.] But for all Caminiti achieved as a third baseman for the San Diego Padres and other teams, he'll, be remembered for blowing the whistle during the 2002 season on the use of steroids by himself and others. His public confession contributed to the inclusion of steroid testing of players for the first time. With tuck, his death will read to even stricter testing.
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Author:Anderson, Dave
Publication:New York Times Upfront
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Date:Nov 15, 2004
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