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Sounding the early warning: leak prevention system targets oil and gas sector.

Aspinoff from a Sudbury-based company plans to take expertise in rubber-lined piping systems for the mining sector, and expand it to a leak prevention technology for other sectors, such as oil and gas.

Jeff Fuller, the president of Fuller Industrial, teamed up with industrial designer Dan Chamberland in 2010 to develop a special paint coating for pipelines, and other structures, that could detect the smallest pinholes and prevent leaks before they happen.

Two years later they founded Leak Preventions Ltd. to push the technology forward and market it to the oil and gas sector.

Fuller is chair of the company's board of directors, and Chamberland is its president and CEO.

The technology works a lot like the classic board game Operation, but at an industrial scale.

When the special paint they have developed is chipped, it completes an electrical current that sends a signal to the pipeline's operator. That operator can then take corrective action to prevent a potential leak before it happens.

Fuller said Leak Prevention's patent-pending technology is the only way to prevent a pipeline leak before it occurs.

In the last 20 years, said Fuller, oil companies have spilled 2.5 million gallons from their pipelines. In a bad year, pipeline leaks can cause up to $5 billion in damages.

"The environmental impact is really hard to quantify" said Fuller. "If you're hurting people and people are getting killed, how do you quantify that? It's a big problem."

There are several existing leak prevention technologies, but Fuller said they all have their flaws.

The first is a monitor that measures the flow of oil in a pipeline.

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Date:Jun 1, 2014
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