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Sound systems.

(Anchor Audio) Anchor Audio's New English Pro Portable Tabletop Lectern is a self-contained portable tabletop lectern with sound system that delivers 110 dB of intelligible speech or music, indoor or out, for audiences of up to 400. Enclosed in a lightweight, rugged polyethylene case that serves as a tabletop lectern, the Ensign Pro sound system offers fail-safe, plug-and-play audio support designed for those with no technical knowledge, according to the company. Featuring a built-in, single or dual, UHF wireless receiver with 16 selectable channels and a 300-foot range, it provides maximum broadcast clarity and mobility, when used with an optional wireless microphone. With a simple turn of a dial on the microphone and receiver, any chance of interference from local broadcasting sources is avoided. The Ensign Pro features a high-capacity battery, efficient Class D amplifier, and microprocessor-controlled battery management system that reduces charge time, maintains a healthy battery, and displays battery level/charge condition. The system also operates on AC/DC current, and its 110/220-power supply allows world travel without worrying about power conversion, the company says.


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Publication:Coach and Athletic Director
Date:May 1, 2005
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