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Sound and fury of Mother Nature's devastating blast.


THE dark apocalyptic skies may have gone, but Hurricane Irma's calling card can be seen everywhere.

Huge trees lie strewn across streets, embedded in buildings and impaled into cars following Mother Nature's devastating attack.

For 24 hours, I watched Irma's incredible power come and go. The streets, which for days had been filled with nothing but silence, were brought to life with the most incredible of noises.

It was like standing trapped in a rail tunnel with the Flying Scotsman barrelling by for hours at a time. There was panic as sparks leapt high into the air from the power lines obliterated by Irma's strength.

The scene had been set for a real life horror movie by the few who refused to leave. But as Irma begins to blow herself out, everyone is breathing a sigh of relief.

The curtain on her performance is finally coming down, and the months-long process of rebuilding can now begin.

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 12, 2017
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