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Sound Off.

Byline: The Register-Guard

Uniform distaste

I'm very surprised that there was nothing in the RG's sports section on Sunday regarding Oregon's "striking" new uniforms visible to the entire country on Saturday night.

I was in Southern California for the holiday weekend, and the Los Angeles Times had some "sage" comments regarding the change, but I forgot to rip out the column, and coming home today we found our local East Valley Tribune sports writer had some choice words.

East Valley Tribune columnist Dan Zeiger, in his regular Monday Ticker, reported that "Speaking of uniforms, can you imagine the conversation in the Oregon Athletic Department? `OK, what can we do to make the ugliest jerseys in sports even more atrocious? Why yes - going all yellow with a green stripe, so we look like blocks of moldy cheese!' '

Who in God's name is responsible for this? I thought after last year's "Creature From the Black Lagoon" look, it couldn't get any worse, but I think it has. UGH.

Like Beauty, it's all in the eye of the beholder, so I guess Ugly is the same, but after reading about the change in two papers immediately after Saturday night, I suspect that I'm not going to be the only one with this opinion.


Tempe, Ariz.

Stop the madness

I didn't think it was possible, but the Oregon Ducks have done it!

Last year I complained bitterly about the Ducks' blackish green on green uniforms. Thought they looked like a duck caught in an oilspill.

Well, you know, I had decided over the summer that they weren't so bad, and hey, the helmet looks good anyway. Besides, it could be worse.

And it is!

Yesterday, I flicked on the television, not knowing what was on, and there it was - the Oregon vs. Mississippi State game.

You know, a person needs preparation for these kinds of things. Man, all yellow. I'd be embarrassed to get into that uniform.

Hey, if we play UC Santa Cruz, we'll be the Unripe Bananas vs. the Banana Slugs (their official name). And, we can make Coldplay's "Yellow" the official song at game time, if they don't file a court injunction to block it.

Somebody at the U of O needs to be stopped. This just can't go on. There must have been so many complaints about the all green that this is the designer's cynical response.

No self-respecting team that expects to get into a bowl game of any kind ever, ever, pulls on a uniform where the light color is the predominant shade. Especially when it is the ugliest uniform ever paraded on a football field. And that includes the Beavers.

Say, how 'bout them helmets?


San Francisco

Change backfires

While change and innovation are sometimes desirable, they may have unintended results.

Oregon's new lightning uniforms were unveiled this past Saturday against Mississippi State. Rather than lightning, the new color looked more like canary yellow.

Does this suggest a subtle change in mascots? Somehow, the change from the Ducks to "The Fighting Tweety Birds" may not strike much fear in the hearts of UO opponents.



Decadent quarters

I can't believe it. Bill Moos calls a press conference to show off the UO's new locker room facilities, complete with computers, soft music, the best.

It reminded me of the time there was a shortage of flu vaccine and the football players were given preference as my 92-year-old friend stood in line for two hours, then was told that they had no more.

Bill, you ought to visit the main campus, see the professors' tiny, barren offices ... cubicles, really.

In the meantime, raise the tuition as we head off to Mississippi State to play that three-win powerhouse, all set up by our AD. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.



The Greek touch

Even in jest, Ron Bellamy should not suggest a Greek stalwart like coach Neal Zoumboukos might be ready for retirement at age 57.

This son of Zeus has years yet ahead as a successful coach, but he does face two problems this fall. His offensive line was able to handle Mississippi State. But in the Pac-10, his blockers could have trouble opening big enough holes for a set of inexperienced backs, something they could not do in the final six games last year for a proven back now in the NFL.

The other problem is that the offense apparently no longer has sole claim to 300-pounders. A story about the defensive line said its four "down" men average 300 pounds. If excess weight caused the offensive line to run out of gas last fall at midseason, could there be "fuel" problems for the defense this fall? It could have been a factor in Mississippi State's rally that almost cost us the opener. I don't know.

What I do know is that Zoumboukos has the durability of a Zorba, even though he is a foot shorter and 150 pounds lighter than each of his offensive starters.


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