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Soul classics for swinging Lovers; Club: Modern Lovers.

Byline: Alison Young

YOU expect a northern soul club to have a dancefloor the size of a school gym. And in many cases the venue of choice is indeed a school gym.

Quite appropriate, really, as the dancing can get athletic to the point of acrobatic - those soul boys need a wide berth.

This particular soul club is in a small basement. But Modern Lovers is a highly respected monthly club night that attracts a loyal following and there are some high profile names placing their precious vinyl rarities on the decks, including local DJ Yogi Haughton and Chris Geddes from Belle and Sebastian.

You can always spot the stalwarts of a typical Modern Lovers crowd. There's the old guard - the Wigan Casino stompers - the sharp-suited cats, the club tourists who've stumbled in looking for burdz and a bunch of others who just happen to like the music and the laid-back atmosphere. Most seemed to be enjoying themselves, but then it's hard not to at a soul club.

An ice-cream van has more trading space than the bar downstairs at Ego, but it's coping because a side effect of this music is a lovely warm feeling inside and a daft grin on your face which doesn't need to come at the cost of a damaged liver. Most people come here to dance despite the lack of space.

What they're dancing to is different from the barn-sized northern soul clubs. Northern soul isn't even mentioned in the advertising, instead it's "rare soul, Hammond jazz and freakbeats". That beat me, but freakbeats is a term invented by Craig Jamieson, who runs the club, to explain music that combines soul with modern dance culture.

He wants to run a dance club without the handbag house but, although the club isn't big, he's got no plans for a Ministry of Modern Lovers. He doesn't want to change what he plays just to fill a big commercial venue. "If people dig it and it gets bigger then it gets bigger," he says.

Just now he's doing what he wants, and that includes sharing deck duty with John from the Beta Band in June. He's also paying homage to Kent Records, which was the label of the first northern soul record he bought when he was 13, by presenting, last month, Rob Messer from the legendary 100 Club in London.

Modern Lovers @ Ego, Picardy Place, Edinburgh.

Tel: 0131 478 7434

Doors: First Friday of the month, 11pm - 3am

Entry: pounds 4

Music: Rare soul, Hammond jazz, Freakbeats

Drinks: Pint of lager; bottled beer; spirit and mixer, all pounds 2.70
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Title Annotation:Going Out
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 1, 2002
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