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Sort 12,000 cartons, totes per hour with sliding shoe sorter.

The Natrix shoe sorter handles goods with very different dimensions, diverting them into multiple discharge lanes on both sides of the machine at angles of 22- or 30-degrees. As products are conveyed onto the sorter, the shoes slide across extruded aluminum profiles, diverting products to pre-selected destinations. Different discharge lane types can be specified, including motor-driven roller conveyors, non-driven roller conveyors or gravity chutes. Capable of achieving high conveying speeds with lower chain, rail and switch noise, the sorter can handle 12,000, 16 x 16-inch cartons or totes (weighing up to 110 pounds) per hour. TGW Systems,


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Title Annotation:FOCUS ON Conveyors & Sortation
Publication:Modern Materials Handling
Date:Jul 1, 2017
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