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Sorrentino, Gilbert (1929- ).

poet, novelist. Sorrentino edited Neon (1956-60), a mazazine featuring Beat writers. His fiction adopts various experimental narrative devices. Sky Changes (1966) parodies a quest; Steelwork (1971) and Imaginary Qualities of Actual Things (1971) are fictions without plot; Mulligan Stew (1979) is a literary potpourri with authors, characters, critics, and publishers thrown together; Aberrations of Starlight (1980) features multiple points of view; and Crystal Vision (1981) is almost exclusively dialogue. His poetry titles include The Darkness Surrounds Us (1960), Black and White (1964), The Perfect Fiction (1968), Corrosive Sublimate (1971), The Orangery (1978), and Selected Poems (1981). Splendide Hotel (1973) deals with the role of the poet.

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Date:Jan 1, 1991
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