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A staunchly Catholic politician in Italy has built a reputation out of lamenting the decline of the family and denouncing homosexuality as "unnatural." Nothing inconsistent so far; but Paola Binetti, a government senator, also happens to be a devout member of Opus Dei and recently admitted that she wears a spiked metal chain (or cilice) around her thigh to recreate the suffering of Christ. Opus Dei, which was brought to light recently in The Da Vinci Code (the book and the movie), is widely seen as a sado-masochistic cult whose members engage in self-flagellation and other acts of humiliation. On hearing the news, gay activists in Italy collectively choked on that word "unnatural" that Binetti likes to bandy about. But if the mind was not already reeling from the irony and hypocrisy of this woman's anti-gay crusade, we then learned that Ms. Binetti wasn't always a politician or, for that matter, an Opus Dei devotee: her day job is that of a child psychotherapist.
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Title Annotation:BTW; Paola Binetti
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Date:May 1, 2007
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