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Sooner Shootout.

The Mid-America PVA

Sooner Shootout, held March 11-12, took place at Slick Willie's Pool Room in Oklahoma City. Ten players from four states arrived to do battle on the slate, with each hoping to win the Shootout.

Slick Willie's has 36 eight-foot tables, which allowed organizers to alternate them so no matches would be on adjoining tables. This helped the matches move more quickly.

The Mid-America PVA Chapter has hosted this event for four years and has always paid out in excess of the prized money listed. The chapter furnished lunch, commemorative shirts were provided, and an extra $25 prize for the first nine ball made on the break added incentive and excitement. Better yet was the $50 for the first run out from the break.

After registration and the draw for positions, the Calcutta bidding started. Gary Dornbrack was sold as the highest bid, but all the top players went for fairly high amounts. The Calcutta paid 50% for first, 30% for second, and 20% for third. This meant more than $1,000 was available to the winner, including $750 for first prize.

Terry Guess and Richard Harrell started play, going 2-2. But Guess got on a roll and sent Harrell to the losers' side, 7-2. Next, Guess defeated Jon Bostic, 7-4, who went to the one-loss side to wait for the semifinal loser. Dornbrack met Guess in the semifinal, after defeating Chris Parnell, 7-2.

The Dornbrack/Guess game was one of the best of the tournament. The match went back and forth to 6-6, but Guess was playing great and took the win. Dornbrack now faced Bostic, who had just topped Chris Billings, 5-3, and Darryl Rahn, 5-3. The match between Dornbrack and Bostic started out close, but Dornbrack pulled away at midpoint, earning a 5-3 victory and a chance to play Guess again for the Sooner Shootout title.


The match was a single race to 9. It started out close, but Guess got hot and made some great runouts to win, 9-3. He received a check, one half of the Calcutta pot, and a beautiful plaque.

In the Second Flight, Harrell met Parnell in the first semi, which Parnell won, 5-4. Harrell then played Billings in the one-loss-side semifinal, with Harrell winning, 5-2. Now Harrell faced Parnell again in a single race-to-7 match. Harrell took the win, 7-5, for the Second Flight championship.

Contributor: Richard Harrell.

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Sooner Shootout Winners

Main Event

First: Terry Guess

Second: Gary Dornbrack

Third: Jon Bostic

Fourth: Darryl Rahn

Fifth: Alphonso Lopez

Sixth: Chris Billings

Seventh: Rick Layton

Eighth: Chris Parnell

Ninth: Richard Harrell

Tenth: Loretta Moon

Second Flight

First: Richard Harrell

Second: Chris Parnell

Third: Chris Billings

Fourth: Rick Layton

Fifth: Alphonso Lopez

Sixth: Loretta Moon

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