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Sony opens recycling center.

Sony Electronics has partnered with Envirocycle Inc., headquartered in Hallstead, Pa., to operate a post-consumer electronics recycling plant at its headquarters near San Diego.

"Sony's leadership in electronics recycling since 1990 has resulted in programs that now recycle over 95 percent of electronic waste either produced by Sony at our manufacturing sites or collected by Sony through product returns and in warranty repair items," Mark Small, vice president of environmental affairs, Sony Electronics, says. "Our post-consumer electronics recycling programs, as well as our relationship with Envirocycle over the last 10 years, reflect our continued dedication to protecting the environment."

Envirocycle Inc. will operate and manage the 25,000-square-foot plant on the Sony campus in Rancho Bernardo, Calif. The facility will recycle televisions, computer display monitors and laptop computers.

This will be the second recycling center managed by Envirocycle at a major Sony facility in the United States. It will also be Sony's fourth center dedicated to recycling waste electronics generated from the U.S. market.

Sony has worked with Envirocycle for more than 10 years to collect, recycle and reuse post-consumer materials.
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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