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Sony Offers Storage Solutions through a Broad Range of Products.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 16, 1997--Sony Electronics will showcase a broad array of tape storage products at this year's IT Forum, in the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center.

The solutions Sony will exhibit include:

Tape Autoloaders

TSL-A300C AIT Autoloader: Sony will display the new TSL-A300C, an auto cassette loader based on Sony's innovative Advanced Intelligent Tape(TM) (AIT) format drive. The autoloader includes a four-tape magazine for a total storage capacity of 200GB, based on 2:1 data compression. Attaining a sustained transfer rate of up to 6MB/sec, the TSL-A300C autoloader provides an immediate solution for the storage needs of large Windows NT(R) and UNIX(R) network, workstation, and server environments.

TSL-S9000 DDS-3 Autoloader: Sony will also announce the TSL-S9000 auto cassette loader, which incorporates the DDS-3 format tape drive. This autoloader provides an eight-cartridge magazine, a transfer rate of up to 2.4MB/sec and a capacity of 192GB, based on 2:1 data compression.

A unique cartridge transport system within both autoloaders pushes the cartridges into the drives. This motion effectively avoids mis-grip and positioning issues conventional cartridge picking systems sometimes encounter. Both units interface with industry-standard SCSI-2 connections.

DMS-B9 DTF Autoloader: This DTF autoloader features up to 378GB of uncompressed capacity and accepts a maximum of nine large (42GB) or nine small (12GB) cassettes. It offers sequential or random access modes, provides a standard SCSI-2 Fast/Wide interface, and offers a powerful built-in self-diagnostic capability.

Combined, the DTF auto cassette loader and the DTF tape drive offer one of the most reliable high-speed/high-capacity automated storage systems on the market. As with the DTF tape drive, many of the industry's prominent software applications will work with the autoloader to enable easy connection to a variety of computer platforms. In addition, the auto cassette loader will feature an EXB-210 emulator, enabling end users to instantly connect to most computer systems.

Tape Drives

SDX-300C Internal and SDX-S300C External AIT Tape Drives: The SDX series of tape drives and media are based upon Sony's AIT 8mm helical-scan recording technology. Using Sony's Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) tape formulation, the drives and media achieve a native capacity of 25GB (50GB with compression) and a native transfer rate of 3MB/sec (6MB/sec with compression). AIT combines high-density, helical-scan recording with head and media technology to achieve outstanding capacity, performance, and reliability in a 3.5-inch form factor.

The AIT format features Sony's innovative Memory-In-Cassette (MIC) function and drive interface system. MIC consists of a 16Kbit memory chip built into the data cartridge which holds the tape's system log and other user-definable information. It reduces the total access time to as little as 13 seconds for an append write operation.

SDT-9000 Internal and SDT-S9000 External DDS-3 Drives: The SDT-9000 series are 4mm DDS-3 tape drives which offer a capacity of 12GB (24GB with compression) and a transfer rate of 1.2MB/sec (2.4MB/sec with compression).

GY-2120 DTF Drive: This digital tape drive is a high-speed/high-capacity device based on a derivative of Sony's Digital Betacam(R) technology. The compact, one-piece unit provides additional features such as Adaptive Lossless Data Compression (ALDC), automatic alignment and an intelligent unloading system.

The GY-2120 drive joins the successful DTF family of drives, including the GY-10, an established drive in the computer data storage and film/video post production market. The GY-2120 drive, combined with ISV archiving software, provides a high-speed backup solutions. Incorporating DTF, Sony combines speed, capacity and reliability in tape-based computer backup.

By using standard SCSI-2 command sets, Sony's DTF drive interfaces with almost any computer platform. The drive also enables users to create multiple volumes on a single cassette, eliminating the need for multiple tapes. DTF products provide backup and archiving capabilities for mainframe, client/server, UNIX and midrange computer systems for a variety of fields including financial, insurance, video, production, entertainment and scientific applications.

Tape Libraries

In addition to the DTF auto cassette loader, Sony offers a full complement of automated tape library systems. A maximum of 35 large cassettes or 70 small cassettes can be stored in the compact automated library which offers up to 1.47 Terabytes of uncompressed formatted storage within a density of 210 GB/cu feet.

The library holds one or two DTF drives and operates under both SCSI-2 and RS-232C interface control. The standard bar code reader simplifies control and location of each cassette. For applications requiring greater storage capacities, Sony offers the PetaSite(TM) Mass Storage System, with an uncompressed storage capacity of up to 2 Petabytes.

Data Tape Cartridges

Sony offers a complete line of computer data storage media that is perfectly suited to work in tape drives, autoloaders and libraries. The lineup includes AIT 8mm, DTF and DDS-3 data cartridges, all based on Sony innovations.

DDS-3 data cartridges have a native capacity of 12GB and a transfer rate of 778KB/sec. The tape employs Sony High Density Alloy (HDA) metal particles to ensure lower error counts and high archival stability.

With a native capacity of 25GB and a transfer rate of 3MB/sec, AIT cartridges feature the high performance of Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) multi-layer structure, Sony's Diamond Like Coating (DLC) protective layer for increased durability, and aluminum plate armored cartridge for stability.

DTF data tapes use fine, pure metal particles for a capacity of up to 42GB native and a 12MB/sec transfer rate. The tape's new calender system creates a smoother tape surface in improved tape to head contact and increased output.

CONTACT: Sony Electronics

Julie Steckmest, 408/955-4469


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Liz Weber, 408/280-6000, ext. 217
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Date:Sep 16, 1997
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