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Sony Imagesoft to showcase "Johnny Mnemonic"; interactive game featured this week at New Media Expo.

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 13, 1995--Sony Imagesoft's "Johnny Mnemonic" will be the center of attention at the Writers Guild of America's (WGA) interactive forum at New Media Expo, Los Angeles Convention Center, Wednesday, March 15 at noon.

"Johnny Mnemonic" has been the focus of industry attention for its ground-breaking use of full-screen, full-motion video, establishing itself as the first true interactive movie. "Johnny Mnemonic" is designed to immerse the player in an interactive environment and features an intuitive interface that draws the player into a visually rich, futuristic, cyberpunk world.

Wednesday's WGA interactive forum will bring together the creative teams responsible for the development of "Johnny Mnemonic." The participants will discuss many of the behind-the-scenes issues and hurdles, as well as innovations implemented to make the interactive game possible.

The forum will be simultaneously simulcast to the Electronic Cafe in Paris, as well as posted on the Internet site for Buzz magazine (

"Many companies have inaccurately used the description `interactive movie' for games that are neither particularly interactive or cinematic," said Rich Robinson, executive producer, Sony Imagesoft. "In `Johnny Mnemonic,' we set out to create an innovative entertainment experience, actually filming a movie to be a video game. The result is a gaming experience that will blow players' socks off."

Based on a screenplay written by William Gibson (widely considered the father of the cyberpunk movement) for a mid-1995 TriStar Pictures' film, Johnny Mnemonic is a data courier in the 21st century. In the future, data is transported in memory chips implanted in couriers' brains.

As the players guide Johnny through his "mission," they become aware that the package he is carrying exceeds his memory capacity. If Johnny doesn't download the material quickly, he will die.

"In addition to the white-knuckle game play excitement, the AI (artificial intelligence) in `Johnny Mnemonic' is very sophisticated," Robinson added. "Each time the player plays the game, it is different. Windows that were open once, are closed the next time; notes left in a desk drawer, aren't always there. The game world is richly textured, allowing for repeat play."

Shipping on two CD-ROMs, "Johnny Mnemonic" is scheduled for release in May and will be available for MPC and Macintosh CD-ROMs and for the Sega CD. Sony Imagesoft will also ship MPEG versions of the title for MPC and Macintosh computers shortly after its initial release.

Sony Imagesoft, a division of Sony Electronic Publishing Co., creates, produces, distributes and markets interactive video game and computer-based entertainment multimedia software. With headquarters in Santa Monica, the company has operations throughout the United States.

Sony Electronic Publishing, together with Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment, is a subsidiary of Sony Software Corp., a subsidiary of Sony Corp. of America. -0-

NOTE: Visit Sony Electronic Publishing on the Net. Sony Electronic Publishing's latest offerings -- including current and future titles, game tips and company information -- are accessible at

CONTACT: Sony Electronic Publishing Co., Santa Monica

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 13, 1995
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