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Sony Aibo.

I'm sure you all know about Aibo, the robotic pet produced by Sony (it's not a dog, a Sony spokesperson says), and have just been waiting patiently for that something extra, that one special feature that will push you over the edge, persuade you to ditch the family cat and lay down a couple hundred thousand yen for the privilege. Well, gentle and alert reader, wait no more.

Sony has announced a brand new duo of the ERS-210 variety (not the scary Terminator-style one that'll give your kid nightmares) with Christmas color schemes! Two new robopets, in "Burgundy Red" and "Snow white" liveries, will wander over to you when they recognize your face to give you a special dance--but will not do the same for your guests, shunning their advances because you've pre-programmed it to respond specially to you.

Thanks to improved software, ERS-210A will now recognize when its batteries are running low and stupefy all around it by waddling over to the "Energy Station," sitting down on it and initiating the recharge session itself! And if the endless reruns of old movies over the holiday period don't do it for you, pick up Aibo's latest toy, the [yen] 18,000 yen "Speedboard." Strapped to the board and using his legs for propulsion, Aibo can now hit the vert, pull off ollies and generally catch some major air as he (and fellow Aibos, if you buy more than one) chases down that pink ball he seems so fond of. The two new Aibos are available exclusively online ( and only for a limited period over the "holiday season."

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Title Annotation:latest generation product improvements for robotic pet
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Date:Dec 1, 2002
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