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Sonore & Small Green Computer: Play MQA on Any DAC with the Rendu Series Network Audio Players / Streamers.

Miami, FL, January 11, 2018 --( Sonore and Small Green Computer are pleased to announce the ability to play MQA on any DAC with the Signature Rendu SE, ultraRendu and microRendu network players / streamers.

By upgrading to Sonicorbiter software version 2.6 on the Sonore Rendu series network players / streamers, users are now able to play MQA to any DAC.

This upgrade will add MQA unfolding to the Roon Ready output mode, MPD/DLNA output mode, and the SqueezeLite output mode. MQA unfolding via the NAA output mode is also planned. For your convenience you will have the option to select MQA unfolding or standard USB output right from the web interface. For MQA unfolding to take place a MQA file must be streamed bit perfect to the Rendu. The best thing about a Sonore Rendu series network player / streamer is your DAC does not need to be MQA compatible to take advantage of MQA unfolding.

About Sonore:

Sonore was founded with a simple do we play hi-resolution music? As it turned out playing hi-resolution music was the easy part while making them sound good was not. When large off-the-shelf computer hardware with complex software players were the norm we preferred making things smaller and simpler. When the thinking was that 1s and 0s didn't care about the quality of your power supply we preferred making things cleaner. When computer audio meant using computer parts we preferred audiophile inspired designs. When the audio industry seemed content with business as usual we preferred to call for change one product at time. It's time to be inspired again by your music.

About Small Green Computer:

Small Green Computer is dedicated to utilizing the latest technology to bring your entire music collection to life. Located in New Hampshire, United States, Small Green Computer has been building music servers for more than a decade. Flagships products include the award-winning sonicTransporter series and more. We are rapidly adding new products to meet the needs of our customers

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Sonore / Small Green Computer

Jim Jedow


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Date:Jan 11, 2018
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