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* Sonoco of Hartsville, South Carolina, USA, has announced True Blue, a new umbrella brand for packaging solutions and recycling services that have met stringent sustainability requirements. The company unveiled True Blue at the Sustainable Packaging Forum in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in September 2009.

To qualify for the Sonoco True Blue program, a package must clearly offer an advantage over the package it is intended to replace, either through the use of more sustainable materials or source reduction. A package may also qualify if during the production process it uses less energy, water, or raw material, or results in fewer carbon emissions. Any of these improvements should be verifiable via a life-cycle assessment, by third-party certification or through recognition from an independent industry organization, Sonoco says.

"Customers now have a one-stop shop when looking for sustainable packaging solutions that reduce environmental impact," says Charles Sullivan,

Sonoco's executive vice president, consumer. "Because Sonoco is not committed to only one sustainable packaging platform, technology, or format, we can offer a breadth of solutions that incorporate the latest research to fit a customer's specific needs. The True Blue brand focuses our environmentally responsible offerings to meet the unique needs of our customers whether they need composite cans, flexible packaging, rigid plastic containers, ends and closures, protective packaging, or a customized solution."

Sonoco has established partnerships with many of its customers to recover and recycle packaging and reduce landfill wastes coming from the customer's manufacturing, distribution and retail locations. Sonoco Recycling facilities reclaim or recover more than 3 million tons of material each year, the company says.
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Date:Jan 1, 2010
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