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Sono Osato's ten tips to better stage.

The art of performance makeup For the stage is typically passed down from dancer to dancer. Last year the women of the ABT Studio Company had the special treat of a private makeup session with Sono Osato, who performed with Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, on Broadway, and in Hollywood films.

Here are Osato's tips to make sure your "Face will go up to the balcony."

Lay it on thick. "Your Face should be as vivid as your body," advises Osato. Stage lighting washes you out.

Stage not street. Always use theatrical make-up. Thin with moisturizer, if necessary. Street make-up will melt under the lights.

Start clean. Face, hands, and brushes.

The nose has it. To define the nose, paint a white stripe straight down the middle and blend the edges. If your nose is wide, you can shadow the sides lightly

Create a glow. Apply rouge (creme not powder) to hairline, cheekbones, ears, tip of nose, and around and under the jaw. For dancers with fair hair, the hairline highlight is essential. It creates a difference between the skin and hair color. Avoid bronze and brownish rouge.

Go wide with eyeliner. Apply halfway up the eyeball, almost to the crease. Outline the shape of the eye, but don't extend beyond the outer corner. Use black if you have dark hair, brown if light.

Big browns, Avoid green or blue eye shadow. Brown is livelier than mauve or purple shadow.

Pouty lips. With lipstick, make the lower lip a little larger, Fuller. Bring the color out to the corners of the mouth, without drawing the corners down.

Go short with lashes. The purpose of false eyelashes is to shadow the area above the eye, making the eye look larger. They need not be long. Avoid applying lashes too close to the nose, as that will close the eye.

Mop up. To Freshen when you're sweaty, use powder and tap it on with cotton balls and cold water.

Sono Osato has also led make-up sessions with ladies of The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School and the Joffrey Ballet School. She is available through Career Transition For Dancers, 212.764.0172. Also contact CTFD for information about the Sono Osato Scholarship Program for Graduate Studies.
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