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Songs from My Funeral.


Songs from My Funeral Snakefarm. Kneeling Elephant, 1999. Singer/songwriter Anna Domino performs traditional folk songs--"John Henry" "Rising Sun"--with an unexpected twist: They're arranged in danceable form, complete with drum loops and funk guitars. Yes, it takes a formidable leap of faith to listen to an album with such a setup, but Snakefarm--the duo of Domino and guitarist Michel Delory--rewards those who make the effort.

Thematically, the songs focus on murder, betrayal, and jealousy, and Snakefarm's reworkings tease out the dark fatalism of the lyrics. Domino's clear, uninflected delivery glides over a mix of stand-up bass, dance beats, slide guitars, and banjo, and breathes new life into timeless songs.

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Author:Welchman, Geoffrey
Publication:Mother Jones
Date:Nov 1, 1999
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