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Song of joy.

It is through eyes shaped both by expectations and disappointments that I choose to see the half-full glasses and people perfect except for a few small flaws.

It is with a heart both fragile and strong that I dream dreams of lovers who never miss an opportunity to prove that reality does not have to be only sobering, routine, and absent of high moments.

It is with arms that ache for a child to hold that I feel the warmth of friends, sisters, brothers, and elders who don't quite fill the need for mothering, but come so close to filling the need for security and belonging.

It is with a voice that has soothed others' hurts, provided inspiration, and sometimes cried lacking love that

I sing my carol, my song of joy.
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Title Annotation:Section 3: Sayings, Sermons, Tall Tales, and Lies - Contemporary Black Poetry; poem
Author:Bebelle, Carol F.
Publication:African American Review
Date:Mar 22, 1993
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