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Song of Jerusalem Neighbors.

 What proves I am not your enemy? Our dogs fight. Your music gets
in my hair, you think my voice has a bad odor. Your laundry hanging or
drying on the ground looks like mine. My prayer shawl is invisible,
I'll be buried in it--your Islamic robe covers you with clouds. I
look at your wife's red bra, you look at my wife's black lace
panties. We each have handkerchiefs for weeping. We are suspicious of
cans and pots of geraniums, blue and pink anemones. Who brought 613 laws
to the Sinai, red ants? I don't gloat when it rains only on my side
of the barbed wire. When I broke my arm I thought something in your eye
twisted it. I thought your baby was beautiful-- I don't want her to
kill anybody. You say, "Unless I get to you first. This is
middle-class donkey shit." Neither of us curses in his own
language. Jehovah and Allah are lollipops for the motherfuckers who find
war sexually attractive. 

STANLEY MOSS is the author of The Skull of Adam (1979), The Intelligence of Clouds (1989), Asleep in the Garden (1997), A History of Color (2003), New and Selected Poems (2006), Rejoicing (2009), and God Breaketh Not All Men's Hearts Alike (2011). He is also the founder of Sheep Meadow Press, a nonprofit press devoted to poetry, with a particular focus on international poets in translation.

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Title Annotation:five poems
Author:Moss, Stanley (American writer)
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Article Type:Poem
Geographic Code:7ISRA
Date:Nov 1, 2015
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