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Song and dance.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sure seems to be feeling the love in Iowa, after an unexpectedly fired-up performance at the "Freedom Summit" a few days back.

He'll be taking his show to NH next month, so we can all get a chance to see what all the hype's about. But no matter what, the performance will be different.

That's because Walker closed out his Summit gig with the song, "Shipping Up To Boston" by the Hub band Dropkick Murphys.

He used the Dropkicker song, "Shipping Up To Boston" to help keep the crowd fired up. (All part of a great political tradition of co-opting songs for their campaigns and then making them completely unlistenable forevermore to people who may just actually be fans of the music.)

The problem for SW was that the Dropkickers were sorta kinda displeased with the thought that one of their ditties was being used in such a manner.

Not necessarily that it was being used by a pol, but that it was being used by this particular pol.

The Murphys weren't just unhappy about the fact that SW was using the song. They were really pissed off.

In fact, they took their displeasure to Twitter, where they told SW to stop using the song because "We literally hate you!!!"

Pretty strong stuff, especially considering that at last check, it didn't look like any member of the band was a member of a public employees union.

But when you get down to it, it's kinda weird that SW would use the song in the first place considering that the lyrics go like this, in their entirety:

   "I'm a sailor peg
   And I've lost my leg
   Climbing up the top sails
   I lost my leg!

   I'm shipping up to Boston whoa
   I'm shipping up to Boston whoa
   I'm shipping up to Boston whoa
   I'm shipping off ... to find my wooden leg"
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Title Annotation:Flotsam & Jetsam; politician criticised
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Date:Feb 6, 2015
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