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Son protects mom.

A mother and her son are the co-owners of a convenience store in Colton, California. They were both working in the store on the morning of May 24 when three men wearing hoods entered the business. One jumped over the counter, pointed a hand gun at the mother, and demanded that she empty the cash register. Her son, however, pulled a handgun from underneath the register and opened fire, killing one of the bandits and wounding the other two.

One of the wounded thugs was apprehended and taken to a hospital. The other eventually showed up at a local medical center for treatment and was also arrested. They were tentatively identified as Jerry Giles and Dewon Franklin. Police believe that a fourth suspect, possibly the driver of the getaway car, may also have been involved.

The store owners' names were not released, but the Colton police told the May 25 Riverside Press-Enterprise that the son's quick action had "basically thwarted the robbery" while "protecting his mother and his store." The Press-Enterprise further reported that, according to police, "the owner will not be arrested or charged with any wrongdoing."
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Author:Lee, Robert W.
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Date:Aug 9, 2004
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