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Sometimes when I'm coming down with a cold, I don't have a fever. Why does this happen?

Dear Dr. Cory:

Sometimes when I'm coming down with a cold, I don't; have a fever Why does this happen?

Dear Sharan:

Fever is one symptom that tells you that your body is fighting a virus or bacteria. It is just one of many symptoms that you might have when fighting a cold virus.

Other symptoms the body might have that show that it is fighting a cold include: runny nose, sneezing, red eyes, sore throat, cough, and decreased appetite.

Body temperature normally is lowest early in the morning and highest in the late afternoon or early evening. With a cold, you might have a slight fever in the evening. Cold viruses grow best at a temperature a little lower than body temperature. Just a little warm-up of the body temperature makes it more difficult for the cold virus to survive.
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Title Annotation:Ask Doctor Cory
Author:SerVaas, Cory
Publication:U.S. Kids
Date:Mar 1, 1996
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