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Sometime dining room, full-time entry.

A glowing ceiling, backlit by the sun during the day and by an outside floodlight at night, adds a diffused light to this new entryway and entertaining space. The 15by 20-foot lightweight roof is made of an insulating system that sandwiches a 6-inch grid of reinforcing fiberglass ribbing between fiberglass skins. The panels rest on 4-by-8 beams.

The east-facing room has sliding glass doors on three sides for a panoramic vista of the wooded hillside. (With so much glass, the room required a steel-pipe frame for structural strength.) To conserve energy in winter months, interior sliding doors can thermally isolate the room from the rest of the house. A ceiling-mounted fan vents built-up heat in the summer.

Guests arrive in the room on a landing with a stucco-covered planter and a heatcirculating fireplace. Between planter and fireplace is a 10-foot-wide opening to the kitchen, which is at the same floor level as the landing. Stone tiles cover the addition's concrete slab floor.

The remodel was designed by architect Michael Sheats in collaboration with GEM Construction of Oakland.
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Date:Oct 1, 1988
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