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Something old, something new.

First of all, the something old, "fair winds and following seas" to MMCS(SS) Ron Downham and thank you for all the work you have done for Damage Control while at the Safety Center. For the new, I am MMC(SS) Robert Morrow reporting from the USS Albany (SSN-753). I am qualified on 594, 637, 640, 688 (First Flight) and 688I class submarines, including two tours as Damage Control Petty Officer. I know how important good information in a FLASH and support from the Safety Center can be at the shipboard level.

School--In the 10 surveys I have done, it is apparent that the Submarine Damage Control Petty Officer course (CIN A-495-2054) is being underutilized. This course offers a great opportunity to conduct PMS and maintenance in a learning environment on things like OBAs (which continue to lead the way in the world of material deficiencies with bent guide rods) and the galley range guard (a close second with cable travel issues), and coming soon the SCBAs. Don't forget, this is a required course per the STMPS report and is available at all bases. If you cannot find this course in the normal course catalog call your local training facility and attempt to schedule a special convening.

EAB--As some of you may have seen, the new ultra light EAB masks are in the supply system and arriving on board. These should arrive to you with a five-strap head harness. If they come with the two-strap harness, order the correct harness and do not place the EAB into service until the correct harness is installed. Also, the current style voice projection unit will not even come close to working on this EAB. Therefore, here is some good ordering information:

Unit with amplifier installed

--Part number 10043949

--NSN 4240-01-518-3866

Amplifier kit

--Part number 10024074

--NSN 4240-01-491-0336

Steam Suits--As some of you may already know there is a new style steam suit for use with the FFE and SCBA modification. Unfortunately for those of you without SCBAs, the MSA air fed oven suit is no longer available in the supply system. To help with this problem, NAVSEA issued a letter COMNAVSEASYSCOM 11 APR 02 that reduced the number or air fed suits required on board. This was followed up with COMNAVSYSCOM 291618ZAPR02 (NOTAL) that recommended SUBLANT and SUBPAC collect the extra suits and disperse them to ships in need of air-fed suits in good repair. If you have a MSA air-fed suit on order, you may grow old before it comes in from supply. The best course of action for you is to work with your Squadron and Type Commander representatives to attempt to get one of the air fed suits collected from another ship. The SCBA install is being worked as quickly as possible and should include the new style steam suit with the SCBA modification, therefore, keep those air fed suits you have in good shape!
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Title Annotation:submarines
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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