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Something Soft Between You And Death.

Richard Davis' invention of soft, concealable body armor came out around the time I pinned on a badge. It made sense, and I got the first vest Second Chance shipped to my state. Like buckling a safety belt, driving a crashworthy car or wearing a gun, it seemed paranoid sometimes -- right until I needed it.

In 1974, having a good-sized car saved my life when I got T-boned on my driver's side door by a humongous truck. What would have been certain death became brief hospitalization, back pain, fractured ribs, lacerations and injuries that I could literally live with.

Wearing the body armor saved my life in 1996, when I became Second Chance Save #682 and Kevlar Survivors' Club Member #1946. ("Kevlar Survivors" is a cool club, but take it from me, the initiation sucks.) Like some 49 percent of the Kevlar Survivors, my near-death experience was another car crash, not a shooting.

Neither of those crashes was my fault, but that would have been cold comfort in the grave.

That said, the first time a gun saved me was in 1970. The muggers attacked me in a frigid, windswept, remote parking lot. The S&W .38 Chief's Special I was carrying saved my life. It was the first time a gun did that for me, and it wasn't the last.
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Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Oct 1, 2000
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