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Somersets offers new shaving experience.

ARLINGTON, Mass. -- Somersets USA LLC is a new kind of British invasion, making its U.S. debut this year at NACDS Marketplace, followed by its first shipments of products, expected in August.

"Americans deserve a new shaving experience--100% natural and sexy; Somersets Shaving Oil is so unique, you have to try it to believe it," says Angie Echele of Somersets Brand Marketing.

"We plan to distribute a quarter-million samples, earn an audience in social media and coordinate in-store promotions with out-of-store consumer events. We will use paid national media to garner over a million impressions within weeks of the U.S. launch. Somersets will introduce America to Man's Best Friend--the face of the brand on the Web and in social media and advertising; it's a witty, engaging brand, and we can't wait to introduce it to U.S. shavers."

She notes that shopping taps and market basket have yet to rebound and that Somersets enters the United States at a time when households are prioritizing purchases "and choosing to open up the wallet" only when a product meets their exacting standards.

"We know this is the right time for Somersets," insists Echele. "Personal care and hygiene are inextricably linked with health and wellness, and these are the areas consumers understand they must invest in themselves. People want to get a job, keep their job and be seen as successful and indispensable.

"Looking good and feeling good build confidence, and Somersets delivers a completely unique shaving experience: Razor bumps and cuts become a thing of the past, skin is moisturized and soft, and a pleasant tingle gets you going. And a subtle, sexy scent lingers; these are tangible benefits. Somersets will fill in that economic sweet spot--a little more money for a much better life."

Somersets, she says, refers to shaving as a "mega-category" because it involves the subcategories of shaving cream, razors, blades and men's toiletries (such as after-shave, lotion and cologne). "This mega-category is growing, driven by growth in every subcategory," says Echele.

She points out that shaving is an invasive activity--applying a sharp metal blade to the face cuts hairs but also removes microscopic layers of skin and can cause irritation.

"Popular wisdom in the U.S. seems to lead one to believe that you need to abuse your face with drying foams or soap in order to get a close shave," Echele says. "This facial abuse leads people back to the shelf, desperately seeking something better; they're thinking, 'Let me try a new one. Maybe a more expensive product will work.' Category dollars are growing, due to a combination of pace increases and shopper trade-up.

"Shoppers are looking for something better, and Somersets is better. Men and women in 18 countries from Austria and Bahrain to New Zealand know a close, sexy shave is not about the blades--it's about Somersets Oil."

According to Echele, the shaving cream segment is the No. 1 opportunity for Somersets Shaving Oil because it provides a stark product difference and tangible benefits. "For example, younger men who like to keep certain facial hair features will find it easier to maintain their look because Somersets shaving oil is clear; it's 100% natural, so there are no colors or dyes to block your view or irritate skin," she says. "For men who dread the next blade purchase, Somersets oil helps blades last longer, and it can be used with electric shavers as well.

"Women ten us they know the shave is closer than foam or gel because they can tell hair is shorter when they shave the next day."

Somersets skin care is considered another key opportunity. "There are no men's products available in F/D/M today that use the quality ingredients found in Somersets," stresses Echele. "David Somerset, the company founder, is obsessed about quality; his R&D team determined that the best Rose Hip Seed Oil in the world is found in Chile, so he ships this ingredient from Chile to the U.K. for the face balm.

"The skin care items truly provide an experience one would expect from products sold in exclusive department stores."

Somersets, she says, recognizes that NACDS is committed to providing the best possible format for retailers and manufacturer partners to learn what's new and how to work more efficiently. "This is our first Marketplace Conference, and we hope that bringing merchandising, pharmacy, technology and supply chain functions together next year creates a large-scale event that results in even more benefit to all parties," Echele says. "Somersets wants to educate buyers about a whole new way to shave."

Somersets USA LLC

30 Academy St.

Arlington, Mass. 02476

Key contact: Jane Forrer, General Manager

Websites: (U.S.), (U.K.)

Phone: (781) 883-4052


Primary business: BEAUTY CARE

Men's shaving products

Marketplace booth #836
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