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Someplace like home.

The heart of the "Dining Delights" program at the Carol Woods Retirement Community, Chapel Hill, N.C., is its custom-built rolling buffet. A team consisting of housekeepers, nurses, clinical dietitians, nursing assistants, administrators, and dining and activity staff members designed the buffet used to deliver a menu's worth of meal choices to each of the neighborhood dining areas.

Each neighborhood dining area is equipped with a residential-sized refrigerator, a hutch, and tables arranged to allow for the rolling buffet. To further enhance the residential-home feeling, the buffets match the decor of the dining areas. The refrigerators are stocked with sandwiches, cold snacks, and beverages. The hutch houses a microwave, toaster, dry snacks and foods, and dishes, glassware, and utensils. The buffet works with the neighborhood dining areas to create a family-dinner atmosphere for residents at Carol Woods.

Walter Schruntek: "They put some very interesting equipment onto the floor. The rolling buffet and refrigerator in the dining space allows the residents a lot of self-selection and access. A good practice for making a nursing home feel more residential."

Partnership/Homelike setting

Dining Delights


Chapel Hill, N.C.

Mark Holmes, director of dining services, Jennifer Berces Gill, MSW, coordinator of admissions and public relations
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Date:Oct 1, 2001
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