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Some uncataloged musical resources in the Harvard Theatre Collection with a handlist for the bound music volumes.

The Harvard Theatre Collection includes a wide range of musical resources, of which the bound music volumes are a small selection. (1) The bound music collection generally complements other materials available through the Theatre Collection, including music and early publications related to minstrel shows, early American musical theater, songs from plays performed on American and English stages, and operatic works. Other Theatre Collection holdings of interest to music librarians and historians include a collection of materials relating to John Gay's The Beggar's Opera, and the John Milton Ward collections which include materials gathered by other well-known collectors: Kurt Ganzl's operetta collection and Richard Macnutt's collection of librettos.

Guides to the collections include the library staff's 1998 Sheet Music Shelflist (compiled for internal purposes), which itemizes multiple collections of sheet music, primarily from the nineteenth century, grouped and sorted by different categories including composer, title, "opera airs," and "songsters." This article will briefly consider the materials found in the bound music collection and suggest possible directions for further research related to them, concluding with the handlist and, in an appendix, various indexes for locating material by characteristics such as composer, dramatic production, or place of publication. (2)


Numbered XXXI in the 1998 Sheet Music Shelflist, the collection of bound music comes from a variety of sources. Some volumes were given directly to the Theatre Collection, other volumes came from Houghton Library or were removed from the old Music Library. (3) Approximately one quarter of the nearly four hundred volumes were numbered using a previous system. The older "Tawa" numbers have been maintained where present; all other volumes have been assigned temporary "Lowerre" numbers.

Some volumes are of interest individually, while larger groups of volumes are worthy of consideration for what they can tell us about the history of music publishing in the United States, and the history of musical taste and reception, particularly of European opera--or at least of its hit arias and themes--by American musicians. Many of these collectors of operatic repertoire were women whose performances were probably presented privately, and thus are not documented by newspaper reports or concert programs. In addition to piano and vocal music, the collection contains nineteenth-century music for flute and harp, instruments also popular with nonprofessional performers.

Some Volumes of Interest

Doubtless the best-known volumes from the bound music collection are the three Martha Custis Albums, containing piano and vocal music published by Alexander Reinagle in Philadelphia, manuscript copies of opera music by Giovanni Paisiello and Domenico Cimarosa, and miscellaneous songsheets dating from the end of the eighteenth century. (4) The collection also includes two English volumes of roughly the same date (Tawa 69 and Lowerre 274) that contain copies of significant selections of late-eighteenth-century London theater music published by Longman & Broderip. Tawa 69 includes songs sung at Vauxhall Gardens by composers including Tommaso Giordani, James Hook, William Jackson, and Thomas Linley. Lowerre 274, unfortunately somewhat dilapidated, contains several printed collections from the 1770s, of which the most valuable is a copy of Thomas Arne's The Syren: A New Collection of Favorite Songs Sung by Mrs. Farrell at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden and at Ranelagh ... the Whole Composed by Dr. Arne (London: Longman & Broderip, [1777]). Many other collections feature popular works by later generations of London theater composers, including Charles E. Horn, Henry Rowley Bishop, and William Glover.

The wide-ranging influence of eighteenth-century Italian opera is represented by Lowerre 31: Domenico Corri's A Select Collection of the Most Admired Songs, Duetts & c. from Operas in the Highest Esteem, and from Other Works in Italian, English, French, Scotch, Irish, & c., & c., in Three Books (Edinburgh: John Corri, [1779]). The volume, with music by Christoph Willibald Gluck, George Frideric Handel, Niccolo Piccinni, and many others, includes a list of subscribers, preface with instructions for "proper performance," and names of the original singers, while each piece is preceded by an engraved musical illustration. (5)

Lowerre 231, a chimeric volume, contains a collection of miniature songsheets from late-eighteenth-century London with illustrated top sections engraved by Benjamin Cole. However, the spine is embossed with the title "HOGG'S QUEEN'S WAKE." It appears that the pages of a bound copy of James Hogg's lengthy poem The Queen's Wake (first published in 1813) were cut away and the page stubs used to attach the song-sheets. (6) The songs are popular pieces composed by Richard Leveridge and other theater composers, sung by performers such as tenor John Beard at the Ranelagh Pleasure Gardens or the Drury Lane Theatre. The songsheets appear to be taken from Cole's 1760 Orpheus Britannicus; or the Gentleman and Lady's Musical Museum: Consisting of One Hundred Favourite Songs, Compiled from the ... Vocal Performances at the Theatres, Vaux-Hall, Mary-bone Gardens, Sadlers-Wells, or Any Other Polite Places of Public Entertainment ... Each Song Set to Musick & Embellished wth a Curious Head-piece. (7)

An interesting example of the movement and influence of European musicians within the new United States can be seen in Tawa 56, a collection of music by Anthony Philip Heinrich, which in addition to the usual piano pieces and songs includes "The Yankee Doodlelad, a National Divertimento, Dedicated to the Very Liberal Patrons of the Science in the United States as a Very Small Mite of Gratitude From A. P. Heinrich." The work, scored for solo violin with two violins, cello, and piano, was published in 1820 both in Philadelphia by Bacon & Hart and in Kentucky by the author, and available "Gratis."

Music making and music publishing in Boston at the beginning of the nineteenth century is represented by several volumes, including those owned by Augustus Peabody (see table 1, "Multiple Volumes Collected by Individuals or Families," following) with choral music by Handel and others published by the Handel & Haydn Society (see Lowerre 224-26), as well as copies of The Boston Flute Instructor and many individual songs, piano pieces, and various collections published by Gottlieb Graupner. Also included from slightly later in the century are volumes owned by or written by piano instructor and entrepreneur Nathan Richardson (see Lowerre 89, 95, 243).

In addition to numerous piano transcriptions by popular virtuosos such as Henri Herz, the collection also contains some elegantly presented volumes of salon music from nineteenth-century Paris: Lowerre 4, an autographed copy of Charles C. Perkins's Eight Melodies Dedicated to My Sister / Huit melodies dediees a ma soeur with lithographic illustrations by C. Nanteuil; and Lowerre 96, Le souvenir musical de beaute pour Paris 1857/58, edite par Abelinde S. E. Rae (Paris: S. Richault, n.d.), a gilded album of piano and vocal music paired with engraved portraits of society ladies by E. Desmaisons.

Music of the American Civil War, from both Union and Confederate publishers is included, (8) and postwar volumes include many examples of minstrels' songs, which complement the Theatre Collection's extensive holdings of such material. Both popular and art songs from the early twentieth century can be found here, as well as in the Theatre Collection's other holdings, although this collection's contents taper off around 1930.

Tracking Music Publishing Across the United States

Perusing the handlist that follows quickly reveals a gradual expansion of music publishing both south and west across the United States during the nineteenth century. The bound music collection includes pieces brought over from Europe at the end of the eighteenth century, and shows the gradual shift from music publishers in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York to rival or branch houses in Baltimore, New Orleans, Cleveland, and Chicago.

While this collection cannot match in sheer volume that of the Thomas A. Edison Collection, recently described in this journal, (9) closer examination of individual copies of sheet music bound in the collection may well provide further addenda to the American music bibliographies of Sonneck and Wolfe. (10)

Personal Music Libraries Within the Bound Music Collection

It is in the groups of volumes owned and collected by an individual or family that the historian can trace popular works and changing tastes over time. Many of the collectors of these volumes have a clear link to Harvard, others are names known in Boston whose connection to the university remains to be established.

The individuals who can reliably be associated with the largest personal music collections are Catharine Flint, Augustus Peabody, Robert Gould Shaw, and George Benson Weston. Flint, Peabody, and Shaw performed from their music, while Weston was a collector who used his scores to follow the performances of others. Of the four, he was the most conscientious about recording his acquisitions. During Weston's travels to Europe he signed each opera score with the date and place he acquired the work: for example, "Florence Jan. 21, 1899" on the cover page of a Milan edition of Rossini's Il barbiere di Siviglia (Lowerre 139).

The Weston collection of early European editions of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century operas is ideal for use in conjunction with the John Ward collection of opera librettos, which can be accessed from the Theatre Collection reading room. A catalog for a portion of Ward's voluminous collection has been published, (11) while other contents are locatable through the online catalog or in consultation with library staff.

Other Related Musical Resources in the Theatre Collection

Here I would like to make brief mention of two other uncataloged collections consulted by me during my research, both related to theater music in England during the eighteenth century. The first is a general collection of English theatrical music (Pl.08.04.07, ACC92-93.133) which consists of six boxes of separate sheets arranged alphabetically by production (Acis & Galatea, Artaxerxes, etc.) dating from the later century through the nineteenth, including considerable music by John Braham, Handel, Stephen Storace, and others. The second is the Julian Marshall Collection of eighteenth-century English music (P1.08.06.08), which consists of five boxes, filed alphabetically by title line. The collection covers the full scope of the "long" eighteenth century--roughly from the Restoration of the English monarchy (1660) to the fall of Napoleon (1815)--from ballad sheets (one dated 1683) through Napoleonic-era songs, including illustrated songsheets from The Dragon of Wantley.

Apparently the remnants of Marshall's impressive collection of English music, sold at auction early in the twentieth century, all the song sheets are anonymous, although composers can be identified for many of the pieces by using standard sources like BUCEM, Day & Murrie, or Hunter, (12) as many are single songs detached from published collections where the composer's name was printed on the title page. Some of the funds used to purchase this collection came from a bequest by Carrie Louise Nash, while a few other song sheets were stamped by English professor George L. Kittredge. Copies of the original auction catalog at Harvard and at the British Library give some sense of the vast scope of Marshall's complete collection. (13) The auction list claims this partial collection includes 1,250 songs, and my selective sampling suggests this is a reasonable estimate. Some songs are torn, or incomplete, and many are badly cropped. It may prove most useful for scholars interested in a particular performer.


Beyond the predictable big names of nineteenth-century Italian opera--works by Gioachino Rossini, Vincenzo Bellini, Gaetano Donizetti, and Giuseppe Verdi--the bound music collection reveals the popularity of many works usually given less prominence in accounts of opera today, particularly French and English works by composers such as Daniel-Francois-Esprit Auber and Michael William Balfe, and it confirms the impact of Carl Maria von Weber's romantic German operas. Handel's influence, especially in Boston, is seen both in the eighteenth-century opera arias collections and in the many versions of his oratorio music: choruses, airs, and various transcriptions.

While the Harvard Theatre Collection is generally known to music librarians and musicologists, it still contains much material that is uncataloged and worthy of further review and analysis by scholars not only of American musical theater and operetta, but scholars of American music publishing, musical taste and domestic music performance, and related topics. As with many archival projects, the handlist which follows is only a small beginning. It is to be hoped that future researchers will find this a useful guide to a small portion of the Harvard Theatre Collection and make use of the collection's many musical treasures.


Of necessity, this handlist is only briefly descriptive of many volumes, and additional details reflect the compiler's interest in the history of opera, particularly its domestic performance and reception in the United States. Since roughly two-thirds of the volumes have "Music" embossed on their spines, this has not been noted for each volume as it is no aid to identification. Volumes of particular interest, mentioned in the previous section, have their catalog number bolded.

Tawa? [1] Handwritten table of contents inside front cover, dated "Medford July 19th--1805." Includes piano music (sonata by Valentino Nicolai) and theater songs published in Boston and New York.

Tawa? [2] Martha Custis Albums. (1) Piano and vocal music published by Alexander Reinagle, in Philadelphia, late 18th century-early 19th century, neatly arranged. (2) Signed on front page "Eleanor Parke Custis February 25th 1797." More fragmentary, this volume includes opera music by Giovanni Paisiello and Domenico Cimarosa copied by hand. (3) More miscellaneous songsheets as previous, including a French song in manuscript. All three volumes have been microfilmed.

Tawa 3 Principally piano music, printed in New York and Philadelphia. Sonatines by "Vanhall" [Johann Baptist Vanhal], transcription of overture by Andre-Ernest-Modeste Gretry, pieces by Jean Tatton Latour and John Abraham Fisher. Song by John Braham.

Tawa 5 Early-19th-century music for voice and pianoforte. Includes Sir Walter Scott settings, other theatrical works. Composers including Samuel Webbe, James Hook, Michael Kelly, etc. Some songsheets "published and sold in Boston by Gottlieb Graupner."

Tawa 17 Embossed label front cover "Music / Susan Ida Dudley." Includes pieces from commercial song collections such as English Songs and Ballads, Sacred Songs, Wayside Flowers of France and Italy, etc. Later 19th-early 20th century.

Tawa 18 Handwritten index on back cover. First half is piano music, including Joseph Haydn, Muzio Clementi, and Johann Baptist Cramer in New York and Philadelphia editions. Second half includes songs by James Hook, Henry Rowley Bishop, and others, some published by Graupner in Boston, early 19th century.

Tawa 19 Collection of songs published in Boston by Oliver Ditson and others, mid 19th century, including music for dramatization of Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852), also trio by R.J.S. Stevens, "O Strike the Harp."

Tawa 20 Embossed label front cover "S. COLGATE." First half songs, some opera arias from Don Giovanni (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), William Tell (Gioachino Rossini), etc. Many ballads. Second half piano music, dances and variations on Scotch or Irish airs and ballads, mid 19th century.

Tawa 21 Embossed label front cover "AUGUSTA S. MIXER." First half popular songs, published in U.S.A. Second half piano music, mostly dances.

Tawa 22 Binding deteriorating, tied together. Handwritten table of contents on blue paper near front. Mainly piano music, including opera transcriptions and variations for Giacomo Meyerbeer's Robert le diable, Friedrich Flotow's Martha, Gaetano Donizetti's Roberto Devereaux, etc. Vocal music at end, including English versions of "Una furtiva lagrima" (from Donizetti's L'elisir d'amore) and songs from La sonnambula (Vincenzo Bellini), Lucrezia Borgia (Donizetti), etc. First piece is Carl Lobe's "Homage a Jenny Lind" (piano piece), songs include "Jenny Lind's Greeting to America," mid 19th century.

Tawa 23 Embossed label front cover "MARY BURT." Some popular songs, mainly piano pieces and exercises.

Tawa 24 Embossed label front cover "F. MILLARD" (first name rubbed out). Irish ballads and popular songs, including several translated from German followed by simple piano pieces, marches, etc. Published in U.S.A., mid 19th century.

Tawa 25 Embossed label front cover "McCoy." Handwritten index at front. Popular songs by Stephen Glover, etc. Published in U.S.A.

Tawa 26 Embossed label front cover "ELIZABETH L. SWETT." Mid 19th century. Popular songs mixed with dances for piano.

Tawa 27 Embossed label front cover "CATHARINE FLINT." Binding gone, tied. Handwritten index (ink) pasted into front cover. Other pencilled notes opposite and date "1837 June 24th." Dances followed by popular songs: ballads and Scotch airs, opera transcriptions of works by Bellini, Adrien Boieldieu, Michele Carafa, etc.

Tawa 28 Cover page signed "L. T. Emerson." Popular songs, ballads, dances (mid 19th century?). Clipping regarding Hawthorne's House of Seven Gables (Boston Herald, 1943) inside front cover. Miscellaneous notes interleaved.

Tawa 29 Signed inside front cover "W. B. Bronson Dedham June 15th 1827." Songs by Henry Rowley Bishop, others. Several dances, many published in Boston.

Tawa 30 Popular songs and dances printed in Boston. Many with beautifully illustrated title pages. All in terrific condition. Note: no one seems to have ever played or sung from this volume!

Tawa 31 Embossed label, front cover, name cut out. Handwritten table of contents pasted in front. Piano and vocal music by composers including Bishop, Burgmuller, Johann Strauss (waltz), Carl Czerny, Bellini, Rossini, with dances by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Tawa 32 No label. Song sheets, including title pages. Includes "Gems of German Songs," German edition of Beethoven's "Adelaide." Several pieces by Franz Abt (soprano solo and duet). Copy of George Frideric Handel's "I Know That My Redeemer Liveth." Published in New York, Baltimore, etc.

Tawa 33 Embossed label front cover "DELIA A. COOPER." Handwritten table of contents in front. Vocal music, including "The May Queen, Cantata in Three Parts," words by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, music by William R. Dempster (Boston: Ditson, 1845?). At end, dances, Scotch songs, and transcriptions ("Druids' March in Norma") for piano. Most published in Boston.

Tawa 34 Scotch airs, duets for piano or harp. "A New Set of Cotillions" with music and choreography. Solo songs and duets for voice and piano. Published in U.S.A. (New York, Baltimore). Dated pieces from 1820s.

Tawa 35 Solo and ensemble vocal music, with piano and guitar. Opening pieces for voice and guitar. Includes "In cielo benedetto" from Verdi's I Lombardi, "'Tis the Last Rose of Summer" for 3 voices, "Wake Dinah Wake" (as sung by the Christy Minstrels and others). Most published in Boston by Ditson, mid 19th century.

Tawa 36 Vocal music, mainly popular songs, with Scotch songs and ballads at end. Composers include Michael Balfe, Glover, and George Root. Published in Boston, Baltimore, and New York, mid 19th century.

Tawa 37 Embossed label front cover "MATILDA W. COFFIN." Duets, quartet, and solo vocal music, mainly popular. A single polka (piano) tucked in the back.

Tawa 38 First half popular songs, airs from Daniel-Francois-Esprit Auber's Masaniello. Second half piano pieces, including dances and variations by Beethoven, Felix Mendelssohn (Wedding March), etc. Published in U.S.A., dated pieces from 1850s.

Tawa 39 No binding. Handwritten index at back of volume. First half piano pieces, many variation sets from operas (Rossini), etc., second half ballads. Includes Handel's "Hallelujah" chorus arranged for two pianos, "Ode Sung at the Second Centennial Celebration of Harvard University, Cambridge, on the 8th of September 1836," words by Samuel Gilman, with music by Thomas Comer. Published in U.S.A., mainly Boston.

Tawa 40 Embossed front cover (no label) "CAROLINE M. CRANE." Collections of vocal and piano music, including excerpts from Balfe's Bohemian Girl. Mainly dances, some with choreography. Dated pieces from 1840s. Published in U.S.A.

Tawa 41 Binding embossed (perpendicular) "M. E. FARNSWORTH." Handwritten table of contents and two poems in front. Solo voice and piano, some with engraved title pages (portrait of Miss S. Phillips). Dated pieces from 1830s. Popular songs, plus aria from Bellini's La sonnambula. Published in U.S.A.

Tawa 42 Embossed label front cover "CATHARINE FLINT." Handwritten table of contents in front. Piano pieces, including Rossini transcription, dances, in front. Popular music in back. Some with elaborately illustrated cover pages. Dated pieces published in 1840s.

Tawa 43 Mainly songs from the theater, with performers and production titles. Begins with Scotch songs and ballads. Includes works by Bishop, Thomas Attwood, Webbe, Michele Carafa (La cenerentola), Rossini ("Una voce poco fa" from Il barbiere di Siviglia). Published in U.S.A. and London, early 19th century (1820s?).

Tawa 44 Embossed label front cover "ABBY S. BRADFORD." All the printed songs, choruses, and dances from W. M. Rooke's grand opera Amilie or the Love Test with engraved, illustrated title pages. Arias by Auber, Rossini from operas including Le dieu et la bayadere and Guillaume Tell. Majority of pieces published in New York, mid 19th century.

Tawa 45 Handsome green and gold binding. First song has colored title page, Jane Sloman's "Forget Thee?" Popular songs and ballads from the 1840s, many by women composers, many with elaborately engraved and illustrated title pages. At rear of volume, many marches and quicksteps, band music transcribed for piano, title pages as before. Published in U.S.A.

Tawa 46 Embossed label front cover "BELL P. TYLER." Piano transcriptions from operas and oratorios by Rossini, Bellini, etc. Some popular songs of the 1840s. Published in U.S.A., mainly Boston. Much the worse for wear.

Tawa 49 Embossed label front cover "SONGS. E. L. YOUNG." Handwritten index at end of book. Songs and dances for piano. Many published by Graupner in Boston, early 19th century.

Tawa 50 Embossed label front cover "LUCY ANN SAUNDERSON." Mainly piano pieces, waltzes, variations on popular tunes. A few songs at end: Burns's "Flow Gently Sweet Afton." Published in U.S.A., 1840s.

Tawa 51 Early-19th-century songs and dances for piano. Many published by Graupner in Boston. Much the worse for wear.

Tawa 52 Embossed label front cover "CATHERINE DEAN." Piano music, waltzes and variations, followed by popular songs, including Beethoven "Swiftly Glides the Bonny Boat." Published in U.S.A., early 19th century.

Tawa 53 Front cover missing. Popular songs published in New York, Boston, and Baltimore. Few sets of piano music (Latour) at end.

Tawa 54 Embossed label front cover "MISS SARAH BURD." Handwritten index at back of book, worse for wear. Many popular songs, including theatrical ones with performers and productions named, such as songs from Charles E. Horn's music for an adaptation of Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh. Includes several French and English songs from the Journal of Music "Published in Baltimore by Madame Le Pelletier." Printed in New York, Baltimore, and London, early 19th century.

Tawa 55 Signed inside front cover "Sarah M Lane." Popular songs, sacred songs, and glees for one to four voices and piano. Dances for piano at end, followed by several staves of manuscript paper with more dances, fragments copied on them. Dated publications are 1820s.

Tawa 56 Music by Anthony Philip Heinrich (of Kentucky). Piano pieces, songs, and "The Yankee Doodlelad, a National Divertimento, Dedicated to the Very Liberal Patrons of the Science in the United States as a Very Small Mite of Gratitude from A. P. Heinrich." Published in Philadelphia by Bacon & Hart and in Kentucky by the author. "Gratis." Scored for 2 violins, cello, piano, and solo violin. 1820.

Tawa 57 Missing front cover. Popular songs and ballads, printed in New York, late 1820s-1830.

Tawa 58 Embossed label front cover "Ella M. Otto." Handwritten table of contents. Popular songs and dances of the 1860s, some with elaborately engraved and illustrated title pages. Published in U.S.A., including Chicago.

Tawa 59 Tyrolese Melodies arranged for four voices with piano part by Ignaz Moscheles (London, 1827). As sung by The Tyrolese Family, dedicated to Princess Esterhazy. 92 pp. Followed by A Selection of Irish Melodies ... Words by Thomas Moore, Esq. (Dublin, 1807?).

Tawa 60 Embossed label front cover "AUGUSTUS PEABODY. COLLECTION OF SONGS 1818." Includes William Shield's vocal music for Two Faces Under a Hood, selections from Lalla Rookh, etc. At end, several additional songs and glees written in manuscript. Includes A Selection of the Most Admired Ballads, Taken from the Newest Comic Operas, and Vauxhall Entertainments, Composed by the Ablest Masters, and Set to the Harpsichord & Piano-Forte (Philadelphia: John Morgan, 1801), with pieces by Alexander Reinagle and others.

Tawa 61 Embossed label front cover "JANE C. MICKLES." Piano music, including transcription from Paccini opera, and a few popular songs. Dated publications from 1820s.

Tawa 62 Missing front cover. Popular songs ("The Rose-Bush" by Faustina Hasse Hodges) and dances printed from late 1850s-70s. Published throughout U.S.A., including Cleveland.

Tawa 63 Embossed label front cover "STELLA F. MILLARD." Popular songs and dances, ca. 1850. Most printed in Baltimore. Includes a (pirated?) version of a duet from Rossini's Cinderella [La cenerentola], without composer attribution.

Tawa 64 Embossed label front cover "LAURA E. LITTLE." Pencil table of contents in front. Popular songs and dances printed in New York and Boston, early to mid 19th century.

Tawa 65 Musical Treasury, Songs by Henry Russell. Frontispiece portrait dated 1849 autographed "To Mr G H Davidson With the best wishes of Eliza Cook." Cook was the author of some of the song texts. Several songs in the collection are reformminded, such as "Song of Sempstress" or "The Gin Fiend."

Tawa 66 Embossed label front cover "ANN SAVELS." Popular songs by Bishop and others. Predominantly piano music, including a great number of battle pieces, such as "Battle of Marengo," Fratisek Kotzwara's "The Battle of Prague" (with portrait of George Washington on cover). Piano music largely published by Graupner in Boston, early 19th century.

Tawa 67 Large volume. Popular songs and ballads, some lieder and glees plus opera arias from Balfe's Bohemian Girl and Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor, etc. Published in U.S.A., dates from 1840s and 1850s.

Tawa 68 Embossed label front cover "S. A. R. PEASE." Handwritten index in ink at front. Popular songs and glees, some by Henry Russell. Includes John Goss's Songs from Scripture, poetry by Thomas Moore. At end of book, more popular dances for piano. Published in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York, dated publications from later 1830s through early 1840s.

Tawa 69 Handwritten label on front cover "West indian Ballad / Colin and Lucy / Cherokee indian Song / Minuets and Ballads." Late-18th-century songs, many performed at Vauxhall Gardens, by composers such as Tommaso Giordani (pieces mentioned on label), James Hook, William Jackson, Thomas Linley. All published in London by Longman & Broderip and others. First song "A Prelude to Auld Robin Gray. Jemmy and Jenny's Farewell! A New Dialogue and Duett Adapted to the Principal Movement in Haydn's Favorite Overture Performed at Messrs. Bach and Abel's Concerts." (14)

Tawa 70 Embossed label front cover "Souvenir of the CONFEDERACY." Confederate song sheets and "southern editions" of standard song sheets printed in Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, etc., between 1861 and 1866. At back of collection, Confederate dances (piano music) in honor of President Jefferson Davis, Colonel Beauregard, etc.

Tawa 71 Embossed label front cover "CATHARINE FLINT." Handwritten index at front. Songs and opera excerpts printed in New York and Boston during the 1840s, many with beautiful title pages. The first song features a portrait of Jenny Lind in Donizetti's The Daughter of the Regiment. Several pieces to texts by Sir Walter Scott.

Tawa 72 Embossed label front cover "ANNA M. HORTON." First piece is an anthem "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem," followed by popular songs and opera excerpts, intermixed with piano music, mainly dances and opera tunes from Auber, Bellini, William Henry Fry, etc. Printed in New York and Boston during the 1840s.

Tawa 73 Embossed label front cover "ANNA B. LAWRENCE." On spine, "Duets & Songs." Piano duets on themes by Rossini, Auber, etc. Vocal duets, including Charles Edward Horn's "I Know a Bank whereon the Wild Thyme Blows" advertised as sung in The Merry Wives of Windsor [!] at Drury Lane. Solo vocal music from Auber's Fra Diavolo and "Dark Eyed One," a song sung by Sarastro in Thomas Haynes Bayley's The Magic Flute, with music adapted from Auber. Published in Paris, Boston, Amsterdam, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. Dated publications from the 1830s.

Tawa 74 Embossed label front cover "E. D. BANCROFT." Handwritten index at front (very faint). Popular songs and glees, by Henry Rowley Bishop, John Wall Calcott and others, including J. P. Garcia's "Hark! Hark! Dread War's Alarm!: A National Hymn." Works published in New York and Boston between 1820 and 1845.

Tawa 75 Ordway's Parlor Glees (Boston: Oliver Ditson, 1859).

Tawa 76 Embossed on front cover "Bouquet of Melody" with elaborate design. The Bouquet Of Melody for MDCCCL, Being a Collection of Songs, Waltzes, Polkas, etc., for the Piano-Forte, by the Most Celebrated American Composers (New York: William Hall & Son, 1850). Gilt edges, color illustration following table of contents.

Tawa 77 Embossed label front cover "FANNY PARKER." Mainly piano pieces (dances), some popular songs and duets published in New York, Boston, Philadelphia in the 1830s and 1840s.

Tawa 78 Songs of Henry Clay Work, compiled by Bertram G. Work (New York: J.J. Little & Ives, n.d.). Published after Work's death in 1884. Songs by the author of "Marching through Georgia."

Tawa 79 Piano music, sonatas by Nicolai, other works mostly published by Graupner in Boston. Theater airs and popular ballads, by Bishop and others, including Thomas Arne's "The Soldier Tired of War's Alarms" from Artaxerxes (New York edition). Publication dates in late 1820s to 1830.

Tawa 80 Embossed label front cover "CAROLINE E. DELAND." Second volume of a song and piano subscription publication, published in Philadelphia, index at end of volume. Includes waltzes, ballads, "Witches' Dance by Paganini," arrangements of opera tunes by Rossini, Auber, etc.

Tawa 81 Embossed label front cover "SARAH A. R. P. SMITH." Handwritten index on blue paper at front of volume. Popular songs and many glees printed in the U.S.A. between 1830 and 1855, including Stephen Foster's "Nelly Bly" and several "Ethiopian Melodies" from the Christy's Minstrels. Some piano music, mainly waltzes and quicksteps. A few colored title pages.

Tawa 82 Embossed label front cover "CAROLINE E. DELAND." Popular concert songs, ballads, and opera airs, including English arrangements of arias from Bellini's La sonnambula, Auber's Fra Diavolo, etc. Piano music: American marches and quicksteps, arrangements of opera airs and dances from Rossini, Auber, etc. Printed in Boston, Baltimore, New York, etc., with dates in 1830s.

Tawa 83 "Piano et Chant" on spine. Popular songs and glees, many southern ("Bonny Blue Flag," etc.), songs by Christy's Minstrels. Also includes German lieder (in German) and many opera comique French-language songs (Paris editions) with some manuscript interpolations. Sheet music published in New York, Baltimore, Nashville, and New Orleans, dates in 1860s.

Tawa 84 Piano music and song sheets published in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston, early 19th century. Opening pieces include grand march and quicksteps for General Lafayette and "President John Quincy Adams." Item 23, "Follow Follow Me, the Celebrated Mermaid Song Sung by Miss Kelly," (15) has handwritten inscription "Miss Catharine Dean. / May 27th, 1826." Includes several pieces from Carl Maria von Weber's Der Freischutz, both piano and vocal.

Lowerre 1 Embossed label front cover "ANNA K. POTTS." "INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC" on spine. Piano pieces, including "Beauties of the Opera ... Arranged from Celebrated Operas of Donnizetti [sic], Bellini, Meyerbeer, [Fromental] Halevy, Verdi, Auber & c." Mid 19th century.

Lowerre 2 More piano music.

Lowerre 3 Embossed label front cover "Georgia T. Towne." Piano music, mainly published in Europe. Includes several pieces by Chopin, Cramer's opera arrangements (Gounod's Faust).

Lowerre 4 Embossed front cover "MELODIES / C. C. PERKINS." Autographed inside front cover "To Eliot--/ from his friend & brother / Charles C. Perkins.--/ Sept. 13th. 1849.--." Eight Melodies Dedicated to My Sister / Huit melodies dediees a ma soeur (Paris: Brandus et Cie, 1849?). Lithographic illustrations by C. Nanteuil.

Lowerre 5 Embossed label front cover "LIZZIE WUNDER." Piano music, published in 1860s in U.S.A., including New York, Cleveland, St. Louis. Includes opera transcriptions from Charles Gounod's Faust and Henry Cramer's "potpourri" on Meyerbeer's L'Africaine.

Lowerre 6 Embossed label front cover "HORACE." Handwritten index on blue paper at front, "Quicksteps." Piano music published in Boston and New York, 1840s. Includes arrangement for two pianos of chorus "Piu dolci e placide" from Rossini's Tancredi.

Lowerre 7 Embossed label front cover "MARY A. MOORE." Piano pieces: waltzes, quicksteps, and popular songs and glees, printed in U.S.A., 1840s.

Lowerre 8 Embossed label front cover "SALLIE S. THOMPSON." Popular piano pieces, dances, and opera excerpts (piano and vocal) including Auber, Balfe (Bohemian Girl), etc. Published mainly in Philadelphia, 1840s.

Lowerre 9 Label inside front cover "McLellan, Mosher & Co., Stationers ... Portland, ME." Popular songs, quartets, and dances, ca. 1875. Includes pieces by Gounod, Joseph Philip Knight, etc.

Lowerre 10 Popular songs ca. 1860-85. Includes George F. Root's "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp" and "Just Before the Battle, Mother," and Monroe H. Rosenfeld's "With All Her Faults I Love Her Still." The first selection in the volume, signed "Anna Seymour," is from Balfe's Bohemian Girl. Many elaborate title pages, some illustrated. Printed in New York, Chicago, etc.

Lowerre 11 Embossed label front cover "A. C. INGALLS." Several newspaper cuttings in front. Popular songs and opera excerpts (Balfe, Auber). Includes "The Celebrated Battle of Waterloo, Composed and Dedicated to the Duke of Wellington, by C. Ogilvy, Esqr. Arranged for the Piano Forte by G. Anderson, Esqr." (New York: C. G. Christman, n.d.). Piano fragments with program ("The Prussians Advancing," "Heavy Cannonade," etc.) concludes with chorus "Britons, Strike Home" (five-part chorus

seems based on Henry Purcell's 17th-century chorus of the same name, from Bonduca).

Lowerre 12 Embossed label front cover "EVELINA C. FROST." Miscellaneous piano and vocal music, mostly piano, published in U.S.A., ca. 1840. Includes piano transcription from Rossini's La donna del lago (based on novel by Sir Walter Scott).

Lowerre 13 Pink tag (paper) reads "Fiorilla, Federigo [1792]." Etude pour le violon by Fiorillo published in Berlin and Amsterdam by Hummel. Also Cinquant etudes pour le violon by B. Bruni, published in Paris by Offenbach.

Lowerre 14 Handwritten poem, "The Corsair," in front. Selected late-18th-century instrumental music printed in London. Includes Joseph Mazzinghi's Three Sonatas (piano, violin, or flute), op. 16, and several pieces by T. Latour, including "The Favorite Guitar Dance Introduced & Performed by Mr. Vestris in Mr Didelot's Ballet of Zelis," as well as other pieces by Jan Ladislav Dussek and Domenico Corri.

Lowerre 15 Piano music collection with pieces by Franz Liszt (Galop russe), several opera arrangements including Rossini's Otello, Donizetti's La favorite, Mozart's overture to The Marriage of Figaro, Bellini's Il pirata, etc. Dates from 1840s and 1850s.

Lowerre 16 Embossed label front cover "A. PEABODY 1819." In Two Volumes, a Selected Collection of the Most Esteemed Songs, Duets, & Trios, in Score (Also Arranged with a Separate Accompaniment for the Piano-Forte), Carefully Compiled from the Works of G. F. Handel, Vol. II (London: Clementi, Banger, Collard, Davis & Collard, n.d.). See printed index at back of volume. 204 pp. Includes excerpts from Messiah, Samson, Israel in Egypt, Rodelinda, Acis & Galatea, etc. Some pencilled emendations and corrections (by Peabody?). Published between 1810 and 1819. (16)

Lowerre 17 Embossed front cover "SUSAN M. WHALING." Mainly popular piano pieces, ca. 1850. A few songs and glees such as "Listen to the Mockingbird," "The Lone Starry Hours" at end.

Lowerre 18 Embossed label front cover "PLEYEL'S SONATAS / E. L. YOUNG." Six Sonatas for the Piano-Forte or Harpsichord with an Accompaniment for a Flute or Violin & Violoncello (London: Clementi, Banger, Collard, David & Collard, n.d. [1810-19]) by Ignaz Joseph Pleyel. Early 19th century. Binding matches Peabody volumes.

Lowerre 19 Embossed label front cover "A. PEABODY 1819." In Two Volumes, A Selected Collection of the Most Esteemed Songs, Duets, & Trios, in Score (Also Arranged with a Separate Accompaniment for the Piano-Forte), Carefully Compiled from the Works of G. F. Handel, Vol. I (London): Clementi, Banger, Collard, David & Collard, n.d. [1810-19]). See printed index at back of volume. 198 pp. Includes excerpts from Messiah, Joshua, Judas Maccabeus, Jephtha, Theodora, Semele, L'allegro, Acis & Galatea, etc. Collection also includes several pieces from Redemption, Samuel Arnold's 1786 pasticcio oratorio constructed of Handelian materials.

Lowerre 20 Embossed label front cover "LIZZIE WUNDER." Signed "Mrs Lizzie Wunder Butterworth, Aug. 1st 1895, Gandershot[?] Pa." Piano music, later 19th century, majority published in Cleveland.

Lowerre 21 On spine "DUETS GLEES." Includes duet from Handel's Israel in Egypt, many comic pieces by Glover and others, some transcriptions of opera duets by Bellini and Verdi. All published in London, later 19th century. 1938 newspaper clipping inside front cover.

Lowerre 22 Handwritten index on white lined paper inside front cover. Miscellaneous songs and short piano pieces, including Abt, Balfe, Frederick Crouch, Horn, etc. Opera excerpts from Verdi's Rigoletto and from Bellini's Norma. Published in U.S.A., mid 19th century.

Lowerre 23 A Select Collection of Original Scotish Airs for the Voice to Each of Which Are Added Introductory & Concluding Symphonies, Accompanyments for the Violin & Piano Forte by Pleyel, with Select & Characteristic Verses by the Most Admired Scotish Poets, Adapted to Each Air; Many of Them Entirely New by [Robert] Burns ... (London: Preston & Son, n.d.). Printed index at front. Followed by several short pieces, piano and voice published by Graupner in Boston, late 18th-early 19th century.

Lowerre 24 Miscellaneous songs and piano pieces. Includes several with German text, including duets by Felix Mendelssohn, some opera transcriptions. Mainly published in Boston, mid 19th century.

Lowerre 25 Embossed label front cover "HARVARD GLEE CLUB." On spine, "VOL. 3." Printed collection of glees, 19th century.

Lowerre 26 Embossed front cover "E. F. P. 1896." Popular and religious songs from the 1880s and 1890s, including George Grossmith's comic number "The Baby on the Shore" from How I Discovered America! Also Tin Pan Alley songs by Hattie Starr, James Stewart, etc.

Lowerre 27 Embossed front cover "DORA FRANCES HALE." Piano pieces, many duets for two pianos, published U.S.A. between 1850 and 1880.

Lowerre 28 Embossed label front cover "MARY P. BARTLET. VOL. 1." Handwritten index inside front cover. Popular solo songs and glees by Balfe, Glover, Knight, etc. Published in U.S.A. during 1840s. Includes Tennyson's "The May Queen" with illustrated title page.

Lowerre 29 Embossed label front cover "MARY P. BARTLET. VOL. 2." Handwritten index inside front cover. First pieces are sacred vocal music by Handel, Dempster, and others, for solo and ensemble. Includes S. (Sydney?) Nelson's setting of "Eve's Lamentation" from Milton's Paradise Lost. Following are more popular concert and theatrical pieces. Volume ends with piano pieces, mainly dances. Published in U.S.A. during 1840s.

Lowerre 30 Embossed label front cover "ALIDA C. CARROLL." Nearly all piano pieces, including Strauss waltzes, piano arrangements from operas (variations on an air sung by Henriette Sontag; Mozart, Figaro). At end, a few ballads and glees. Most published in Philadelphia, dates in the 1850s.

Lowerre 31 Domenico Corri's A Select Collection of the Most Admired Songs, Duetts & c. from Operas in the Highest Esteem, and from Other Works in Italian, English, French, Scotch, Irish, & c., & c., in Three Books (Edinburgh: John Corri, [1779]). This is volume one only, including arias from operas heard in London from the 1730s through the 1770s, including pieces by Gluck and Handel as well as Corri, Tommaso Giordani, Niccolo Piccinni, Antonio Sacchini, etc. Each piece gives the singer's name as well, and is preceded by an engraved musical illustration, often of an instrument (lyre, guitar, cymbals). There is also a preface which explains the notation used and the "proper performance" of vocal music, with examples, and explicit directions for the singer, string players, and the harpischord accompaniment. A list of subscribers follows, which includes gentry and nobility of Edinburgh and London. Interleaved with small papers containing handwritten notes on some of the singers, composers, and subscribers to the edition. (17)

Lowerre 32 Embossed label front cover "H. & M. SOULE." Handwritten table of contents at front. Popular duets and trios by Braham, Glover, Joseph Wade, and others. Published in New York, Boston, Baltimore during the 1850s.

Lowerre 33 Embossed label removed. Popular songs printed in the 1840s, including "Jim Crow's Polka" and other "Ethiopian" songs; concert pieces (as sung by the Hutchinson Family), etc. First piece is Stephen Glover's "Walter & Florence" from Charles Dickens's Dombey and Son. At end of volume, piano music, mainly waltzes and polkas. Includes Anderson's Battle of Waterloo.

Lowerre 34 Robert Franz, Album of Songs, Old and New (Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co., 1880).

Lowerre 35 "MUSIC // VOL. 3" on spine. First piece is handwritten on blue paper, "Benedetta sia la madre." Following songs include solos and duets from operas and theater pieces, many by Charles Edward Horn, including "Mild as the Moonlight" from Ahmed al Ramel (New York, 1840). (18) Better-known opera selections come from Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia and Lucia di Lammermoor, Saverio Mercadante's Il giuramento, Mozart's Don Giovanni, and Verdi's I Lombardi. All published in U.S.A., dates in 1840s.

Lowerre 36 On spine "MUSIC," label "Basement Store Room." Handwritten table of contents on blue paper at front (some pieces listed at end are missing). Mixture of sacred and secular pieces, including solos, trio and quartet from Mendelssohn's Elijah, duet from Rossini's Stabat Mater, "He Was Despised" from Handel's Messiah. Several "favorite" songs and ballads, romance by Franz Schubert, cavatina from Verdi's Ernani. Concludes with a few waltzes and polkas, including pieces attributed to Beethoven. Published in Boston and New York, dates in 1840s. Note: some music has pencilled notes as aids to pronunciation of the Italian, etc.

Lowerre 37 Mainly piano pieces, several published collections bound together, most without title pages. Mid 19th century. Many published outside of U.S.A. (Paris, Leipzig, etc.) some in Boston. Includes Henri Cramer collections Chants nationaux, Ignaz Moscheles's Bijoux a la Sontag: Fantaisie dramatique. Interleaved slip of paper "Bound volume of Edward A. Talbot 6-70."

Lowerre 38 Softbound collection of piano music, most composed by Joseph Mazzinghi, published in London during the early 19th century. Mazzinghi's music includes an arrangement of Mozart's overture to Die Zauberflote, and several "national" airs and variations. Other composers include George Kiallmark and Johann Nepomuk Hummel. Towards the back are sets of French quadrilles composed and arranged by Philippe Musard, orchestra director at Almack's. Each dance is named ("Lady Paget," "Miss Seymour," etc.) and choreography provided in French.

Lowerre 39 The Musical Bijou, an Album of Music and Poetry for MDCC-CXLIX, F. H. Burney, ed. (London: D'Almaine & Co, 1849?). Illustrated. Handwritten in illustrated cover page "the Misses Owens."

Lowerre 40 Embossed front cover "JENNIE." Published numbers from The Musical Bouquet (London: C. Sheard, n.d.) for piano and solo voice or ensemble. Includes "Beauties of Lohengrin, Fantasia by W. C. Levey" and marches from Wagner's Lohengrin, Henry Purcell's "Come If You Dare" (from King Arthur) for solo and chorus. Includes several pieces advertised as sung by the Christy Minstrels. Published in London, later 19th century.

Lowerre 41 Large bound collection of popular music, beginning with piano pieces (mainly dances) and finishing with vocal music, including songs by Stephen Glover and Stephen Foster. Some with illustrated title pages, published in the U.S.A. between 1830 and 1860. Small paper slip marking the "Know Nothing Polka" dedicated to the governor of Massachusetts. Envelope (postmarked 1944) marking Franz Staab's "The Banner of the Free" (Chicago: Higgins Bros., 1856).

Lowerre 42 Volume of piano music. First piece signed at upper right "Miss Harrison." Includes Beethoven's "Appassionata" Sonata, Rondo capriccioso by Mendelssohn, a concerto by Weber, concert pieces by Adolf Henselt, and a fantasy and variations on Rossini's Guillaume Tell. Published in Boston, Berlin, and London. Mid 19th century.

Lowerre 43 Handwritten index pasted in front. Includes mainly popular and comic theater songs, collections of dances (quadrilles, some with choreography), but also a serenade from Donizetti's Don Pasquale, bass solo from Rossini's Stabat Mater. Majority of pieces published in Boston by Ditson, mid 19th century. Pressed ferns and flowers between some leaves.

Lowerre 44 "JANE FORSTER" embossed on front cover binding (per-pendicular). Oberon, or the Elf King's Oath, the Popular Romantic and Fairy Opera, as Performed with Great Success at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, the Poetry by J. R. Planche, Esqr., Composed & Arranged with an Accompaniment for the Piano Forte, by Carl Maria von Weber, Parts 1 & 2 (London: Royal Harmonic Institution, n.d. [1826]). An inserted clipping from an auction catalog identifies this collection, dates it to 1750 (erroneously) and lists price of four dollars.

Lowerre 45 Embossed label front cover "C. FRANCES WEBB." Collection of songs, mainly opera arias, published mid 19th century. Many slips of (browning, acidic) paper interleaved, obviously comparing this collection with another ("lack," "cover only" etc.). Title pages provide singers' names as well as production and composer, including Balfe's Bohemian Girl, William Rooke's Amilie (several pieces), Rossini's Semiramide and Cinderella (La cenerentola). Second half of collection consists of a series of scenes and arias from Bellini's Norma (preceded by engraved portrait of the composer) in English and Italian, and Bagioli's New Method of Singing (New York: published by the author, 1833). Other dated pieces from 1840s.

Lowerre 46 Early-19th-century collection. Begins with piano pieces, including Kotzwara's "The Battle of Prague" and ends with vocal music, many songs from the theater by Braham, Bishop, and others, most published by Graupner in Boston. Between some song sheets manuscript music is pasted, most are brief songs or simple exercises.

Lowerre 47 Collection of mainly piano music, printed in New York, Boston, and London, dates in 1820s. Includes New York edition of "Ecco ridente in cielo" from Rossini's Il barbiere di Siviglia, miscellaneous dances and variations (some with ink annotations) and a series of transcriptions of opera overtures for piano: Rossini's Tancredi; Bishop's Guy Mannering; Boieldieu's Jean de Paris, Le calife de Bagdad, and La dame blanche. Near end of volume, a "favorite" sonata by W. A. Mozart (signed at upper right "Louisa S. Higginson," date cropped), and Three Sonatas, for the Piano Forte Dedicated to Doctor Haydn, by Louis van Beethoven, op. 2 (London: Preston, n.d.). Signed at upper right "Louise S. Higginson Cambridge July 1829."

Lowerre 48 A few miscellaneous popular songs from 1860s, some performed by Buckley's Serenaders. Binding originally for a larger volume. Inside front cover signed A. C. Gould, address.

Lowerre 49 On spine "INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC," "M. M. R." Inside cover signed M. M. Richardson. Miscellaneous short piano pieces, themes and variations, fantasies by Sigismond Thalberg, Ignace Leybach, and others. Printed in U.S.A. between 1850 and 1875.

Lowerre 50 On spine "SONGS." Handwritten table of contents at front. Popular songs, many "Scotch" airs, majority published in London, ca. 1825. Many songs "as performed" at Drury Lane, singers and productions (The Devil's Brother, The Legion of Honor, etc.) given. Towards end of volume, some songs published in Boston, Philadelphia.

Lowerre 51 Miscellaneous pieces for voice and guitar or guitar alone. Includes popular songs and opera excerpts (Donizetti's Anna Bolena, Balfe's Bohemian Girl), published in U.S.A. during the 1840s. Several pages of manuscript music (songs) at end of volume.

Lowerre 52 Spine gone. Embossed label front cover "LIZZIE LEWIS." Miscellaneous bound sheet music published in the U.S.A. in the late 1860s. Several German-language songs (English also provided) by Robert Franz and Franz Abt. Includes piano duets and vocal duets at back of volume.

Lowerre 53 Embossed label front cover "JULIA LEFAVOUR." Piano music printed in New York and Boston during the 1840s. Includes marches, waltzes (some attributed to Beethoven), polkas, and character pieces.

Lowerre 54 Embossed label front cover "A. H. KNAPP." Popular songs, including one Donizetti transcription (fisherman's song, Lucrezia Borgia) followed by waltzes and quicksteps, Czerny etude. Published in the U.S.A. during the 1850s.

Lowerre 55 Embossed label front cover "CATHARINE FLINT." Handwritten index pasted in front. Opera arias followed by popular songs and several "Scotch" ballads. Arias from Balfe's Maid of Artois, Bellini's Norma, Donizetti's L'elisir d'amore, Linda di Chamounix, and Lucrezia Borgia. Many pieces published as sung by Jenny Lind, English translations of arias from The Daughter of the Regiment, and popular songs "The Dream" (Bremer) and "My Home, My Happy Home" (Hodson). Dated pieces from 1840s, published in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York.

Lowerre 56 Embossed label front cover "LIZZIE S. LEWIS / 1864." Piano music, including opera snippets by Ferdinand Beyer, a few dances, Cramer fantasies, and concluding with etudes by Czerny.

Lowerre 57 Embossed at bottom of front cover "Barbara Fernald." Popular songs and piano pieces, dated from 1891 to 1909. Several songs featuring performer Nora Bayes, including "Come Along My Mandy!" from Broadway shows, many with colored title pages, often with photographic images of performers. Piano: "Papillons noirs" by Jules Massenet, waltzes, including some by J. Strauss.

Lowerre 58 Binding in very poor shape. Very idiosyncratic assortment of music published in London, presumed mid 19th century: choral, solo vocal, for piano, and for harp. Includes Benjamin Cooke's Service in G (a reprint, original 1780), Friedrich Joseph Kirmair's variations (piano) on "Colomba mia verite qua!" from Mozart's Die Zauberflote, Wenzel Plachy's fantasy (piano) on Donizetti's L'assedio di Calais, and Nicholas Bochsa's fantasy and variations (harp) "Il pleut bergere." Also "Black Eyed Susan" and "The Harp That Once Thro' Tara's Halls" (text by Thomas Moore).

Lowerre 59 Embossed label front cover "Ella C. Rand." Piano music printed in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, dates between 1850 and 1865. Includes Beethoven's Pathetique, Mendelssohn's Rondo capriccioso, several pieces by Charles B. Lysberg, and several more by Louis M. Gottschalk, other minor composers. End of volume, "Beauties of Donizetti's Opera Lucia di Lammermoor Arranged for the Piano by J. G. Maeder" (Boston: Wade, 1843).

Lowerre 60 A single gathering from a larger bound volume (note: binding does not match preceding or following volumes). Pleyel's A Collection of Seventeen Favorite Lessons for the Piano Forte, Part with an Accompaniment for a Violin ad libitum (London: E. Linley, n.d.). (19)

Lowerre 61 Another gathering from a larger volume. Miscellaneous piano music by Charles Grobe, Hanse, White, published in Boston and Philadelphia, dates 1849 and 1850.

Lowerre 62 Miscellaneous songs, duets, and piano music, published in U.S.A., dated publications from 1830 to 1840. Many pieces with American themes, patriotic or political, e.g., funeral march for President Harrison, "The Chieftain's Daughter" (subject: Pocahontas, dedicated to General Winfield Scott), "Our Yankee Girls!" music by Charles King, "Washington's Tomb, an Ode to the Memory of Washington" by Henry Russell. Other songs, sentimental ballads by Russell and others. Interleaved paper slips ("begin," "end"?).

Lowerre 63 Songs, principally opera arias and duets, published in U.S.A. during 1850s and 1860s. Includes arias from Tannhauser, La favorite, Alessandro Stradella (Flotow), Ruy Blas (William Howard Glover), duets from La traviata and Dombey and Son (Stephen Glover). Some German songs by Mendelssohn, Ferdinand Gumbert, and others. Interpolated manuscript music (blue): a canon and a hymn, dated "Oct. 11 1863."

Lowerre 64 Embossed label front cover "JULIA LEFAVOUR." Pages missing from front of volume. Popular songs and ballads, many performed in concerts, published in U.S.A. during 1840s. At rear of volume, quicksteps and polkas. Inserted inside back cover, landscape illustration and advertisement for "Portraits of Patriots and Poets." Collection contains one song from 1827, J. P. Knight's "Love Was Once a Little Boy."

Lowerre 65 Randomly ordered assortment of piano music, solo songs and duets, published in the U.S.A. between 1842 and 1851. A few manuscript pieces interleaved. Includes Czerny etude, duets from Mozart's Don Giovanni, Donizetti's Belisario, and Bellini's Norma, piano variations on favorite tunes from Donizetti's Don Pasquale. Other songs include Foster's "Nelly Bly."

Lowerre 66 Embossed label front cover "CATHARINE FLINT." Back cover and half of contents missing. Handwritten index pasted in front. Piano music (dances) followed by airs, glees, duets, trios. Published in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York, dated pieces from 1829 to 1831. Includes Harts Sets of Elegant Gallopades and Waltzes as Performed at William the Fourth's Grand Balls, Composed by Joseph Hart (illustrated title page), "Admired Cotillions for Balls & Private Parties with New Figures" (some choreography), marches and quicksteps, waltzes by Mozart and Carl Maria von Weber. Some vocal music published on colored paper: blue, pink, yellow. Songs by Bishop and others, two hymns by Lowell Mason.

Lowerre 67 Piano music, songs, and sacred choral vocal music published in U.S.A. during 1840s and 1850s. Begins with piano pieces, waltzes and polkas, followed by two songs: Hoskins's "Hark! What Strains So Softly Stealing" and Lyman Heath's "The Grave of Bonaparte." Second half of volume is F. Dorigo's Church Music Collection of Twelve Hymns, Twelve Chants, and Six Anthems, Respectfully Dedicated to the Choirs of Philadelphia by the Author (Philadelphia: self-published, 1850).

Lowerre 68 Front cover missing. Inside identified in pencil as "Rose Mayer's music book / Jan. 1st 1870 / Hartford Conn." Popular piano pieces, mainly "salon" types: galops, fantasies, morceaus, etc. Few have colored illustrated title pages. Composers include Sigismond Thalberg, Joseph Ascher, Carl Maria von Weber. One song at front "Come Back to Erin."

Lowerre 69 Embossed label front cover "JOHN H. B. THAYER." Typewritten label pasted at top of first piece "John H. B. Thayer, father of Arthur W. Thayer, was a pupil of Keller who was a pupil of Karl Czerny who was the teacher of Beethoven." Collection of Czerny etudes published in Baltimore, first half of 19th century.

Lowerre 70 Embossed front cover "Music." Selections from The Musical Bouquet, published in London, mid 19th century. One piece has at top "Sold only at the London Book Store, Halifax, N.S."

Lowerre 71 Embossed front cover, "Music," matches Lowerre 70 above. Collection of songs, most published in St. Louis during the 1860s with elegantly engraved title pages. Includes pieces by Glover and others.

Lowerre 72 Bound volume, binding split, possibly charred. Index of contents on back cover, more than half of contents missing. Signed inside front "Miss C. Dean." Piano music, largely marches and quicksteps, as well as songs by Thomas Van Dyke Wiesenthal and others. Published in Boston (Graupner), New York, and Philadelphia, early 19th century. Selections from America's Musical Miscellany and Moore's National Melodies.

Lowerre 73 Embossed label front cover "E. MACK'S COMPOSITIONS." Fantasias, mazurkas, polkas, "schottisches," galops, all by Edward Mack, printed by Lee & Walker in Philadelphia during the 1860s.

Lowerre 74 Binding nearly gone, front and back covers missing. Collection of piano music published in the U.S.A. and in Europe during 1850s-60s. Includes several popular and sacred pieces by Charles Grobe, H. Alberti works for four hands (opera excerpts), a Beethoven sonata for four hands, concludes with M'lle Gabrielle de la Motte's collection of finger exercises (Boston: Ditson, 1860).

Lowerre 75 Volume printed lengthwise. Stamped on front cover steep, Francis Vinton. Contains four items: Ein Sommernachtstraum von Shakespeare, Musik von Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (Leipzig: Breitkopf & Hartel, n.d.) for piano four hands, including dialogue cues; Sonate pour le forte-piano composee par W. A. Mozart No. 2 (Stuttgart: G. A. Zumsteeg, n.d.), sonata in C major; Sett of Cotillion's, from the Opera of the White Lady (New York: E. S. Mesier, n.d.); and C. G. Reissiger's sonate pour le pianoforte et violin (Leipzig: Hofmeister, n.d.), op. 45.

Lowerre 76 Embossed label front cover "MARY ANN TOWNSEND." Binding originally for a much larger volume. What remains are roughly twenty-two sheets of manuscript music, mainly simple songs: "Tell Me Babbling Echo," "Goosy Gander," "The Blue Bell[s] of Scotland"; and piano pieces: "Bonaparte's Grand March," "Colledge [sic] Hornpipe" from early 19th century?

Lowerre 77 Embossed label front cover "CATHARINE FLINT." Binding broken. Handwritten index pasted inside front cover. Piano pieces by Latour, Daniel Steibelt, Christopher Meinecke, followed by waltzes, quicksteps, marches and quadrilles, some based on operas. Popular songs, glees, and theater pieces by Charles E. Horn, Alexander Lee, Henry Russell, including "There Is No Home Like My Own," a "Tyrolien Composed & Sung by Madame Malibran." Music published in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia from 1828 to 1840.

Lowerre 78 Front and back cover missing. Handwritten index at front. Songs for voice and guitar, published in Philadelphia and New York during the 1820s and 1830s. Some songs printed on colored paper. Includes songs from Bellini and Auber operas.

Lowerre 79 Embossed label front cover "CATHARINE FLINT," handwritten index in front. Piano music, arrangements from operas by Auber, Bellini, Donizetti, Mozart (Don Giovanni), Rossini, Verdi (Nabucco, or "Nabucodonosor"). At end of volume, two opera arias and a duet from Nabucco, Lucia di Lammermoor ("Ah! talor del tuo pensiero venga," "Regnava nel silenzio" complete with opening recitative), and L'elisir d'amore.

Lowerre 80 Front cover missing. Popular concert songs by Charles E. Horn, Joseph Knight, and others. Includes pieces sung by Madames Catalani and Malibran. Published in London, mid 19th century.

Lowerre 81 Embossed label front cover "MARY P. STODDER." Inside front, "Lucy S. Valere a gift from Mrs. Peele." Binding loose, additional contents missing. Piano pieces and songs published by John G. Klemm of Philadelphia, early 19th century.

Lowerre 82 Popular music and songs, published 1850s-70s. Piano music mainly dances, vocal music at end for solo or ensemble, both sacred and secular.

Lowerre 83 Embossed label front cover "JOHN B. HOW." Assorted opera arias and songs, published in London and Boston, 1850s-60s. Vocal ranges for several pieces suggest John How was a baritone. Includes excerpts from Handel, Mozart, Donizetti, Bellini, Verdi, etc.

Lowerre 84 Embossed label front cover "MISCELLANEOUS. // ELLA M. OTTO." Piano music by Chopin, Mendelssohn, Henselt, and others. Mid 19th century.

Lowerre 85 Embossed front cover "SONGS. / Ella M. Thoms." Songs for mezzo-soprano, printed in New York and Boston between 1888 and 1890s. Many German and English, composers include Wagner and Pietro Mascagni, several by Erik Meyer-Helmund. Illustrated title pages.

Lowerre 86 Robert Schumann, Forty Selected Songs (Braunschweig: Litolff, 1887), German and English, mezzo-soprano.

Lowerre 87 Embossed label front cover "E. D. CHANNING." Late-18th-century collection of miscellaneous airs, duets, trios ("The Flocks Shall Leave the Mountains") from Handel's works, mainly the oratorios and occasional pieces (most with production title indicated), published in London, most by J. Bland, ca. 1780-95. (20) Also includes anthems not by Handel: "My Song Shall Be of Mercy" solo anthem by James Kent; "The Dying Christian to His Soul, A Celebrated Ode by Mr Pope Set to Music for Three Voices" (possibly the Edward Harwood setting of 1795?), and "Lord of All Power and Might" (from Bland's Collection of Divine Music).

Lowerre 88 Embossed label front cover "MARY P. BARTLETT / VOL. 3." Includes "MUSICAL LIBRARY PART I. JULY, 1835" which includes an address to readers, directions to singers, a report of the Handel and Haydn Society, review of musical publications, etc. This didactic work includes piano pieces, hymn and oratorio excerpts, songs and glees, a madrigal attributed to Palestrina, and a round. Aside from the Palestrina and a glee by Attwood, the slant is German. Composers include: Carl Maria von Weber, Andreas Romberg, Sigismond Neukomm (whose oratorio David had just been performed in Boston), Friedrich Kuhlau, etc. This is followed by individual songs published in New York and Boston by composers such as Horn, Balfe, Bishop, Michael Kelly, etc. Many are ballads, some from theater pieces, including Madame Malibran's. There are also two separated fragments of another song collection (visible from page numbers at top of each sheet) which includes pieces by Stephen Storace, William Shield, Charles Dibdin, and Henry Carey, and a setting of Matthew Lewis's translation of "Erlkonig" for a trio of voices. Early 19th century.

Lowerre 89 Embossed front cover "Nathan Richardson." On spine: "Donizetti" and the opera titles. Piano transcriptions of Donizetti's La fille du regiment for one player (Brussels: B. Schott, n.d.) and Lucrezia Borgia (Leipzig: Breitkopf & Hartel, n.d.) for four hands.

Lowerre 90 Volume of piano music, mid 19th century. Opens with waltzes and polkas. Many pieces and sets created by Ferdinand Beyer, including opera excerpts (lots of Bellini and Donizetti), including for "The Young Pianist." Ends with a set of Czerny etudes.

Lowerre 91 Collection of piano music, published in U.S.A. in late 1870s. Includes themes from Beethoven's Symphony in C minor, many opera pieces arranged for piano including an arrangement of the toreador march from Georges Bizet's Carmen and a series of Joseph Andre's "Blossoms of Opera ... Favorite Operatic Airs, Arranged for the Piano-Forte" from Don Giovanni, Il crociato (Meyerbeer), Rigoletto, Il trovatore, Fra Diavolo (Auber). Also marches from Fatinitza (von Suppe) and Evangeline (Rice).

Lowerre 92 Embossed label front cover "Ella M. Otto." Piano music by Schumann, piano variations on Offenbach, waltzes by Chopin and Strauss, many pieces by other composers. Includes piano four-hands version for Franz von Suppe's Dichter und Bauer, Richard Hoffman's "Souvenir de Trovatore," Ignace Leybach's "Fantaisie brillante" on Un ballo in maschera, many other genre and salon pieces, including Thalberg's variations on "Home, Sweet Home."

Lowerre 93 Collection of piano music, some with colored illustrated title pages, beginning with polkas, then schottisches, waltzes, nocturnes, marches (including Mendelssohn's Wedding March and a funeral march attributed to Beethoven), galops and quadrilles, mazurkas and redowas. Composers include Schubert and Chopin. Ends with several pieces for four hands, and a series of opera arrangements including Auber (Masaniello, Les diamans de la couronne), Donizetti (La fille du regiment, Lucia di Lammermoor), Rossini (La cenerentola, La donna del lago), Verdi (Il trovatore). Variety of publishers and places, circa 1850.

Lowerre 94 Handwritten table of contents inserted in front (loose). Piano music, waltzes (one by Strauss), polkas, variations, etc. Includes opera arrangements: Bellini's Norma, Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia, Ferdinand Herold's Zampa, Rossini's Tancredi, La cenerentola, also Il turco in Italia, and Boieldieu's Le calife de Bagdad. Published in U.S.A. during 1840s.

Lowerre 95 Embossed front cover "Nathan Richardson." Copies from a printed collection, Opern-Bibliothek fur Pianoforte-Spieler (Leipzig: im Musicalischen Magazin G. Schubert, n.d.). Opera "potpourris" from Bellini's Beatrice di Tenda, Norma, Die Puritaner, Romeo und Julie oder die Capuleti & Montecchi; Luigi Cherubini's Ali Baba; Donizetti's Anna Bolena; and Meyerbeer's Die Hugenotten and Robert der Teufel. The title page for each set features an engraved illustration (some fairly primitive) from the opera. Inside back cover "Loaned by Mrs Sydney A. Beggs Lincoln, Mass. and Mr. Harry E. Damon Jr. Winchester Mass. In Memory of Their Mother Mary Richardson Moore Damon niece of Nathan Richardson."

Lowerre 96 Le souvenir musical de beaute pour Paris 1857/58, edite par Abelinde S. E. Rae (Paris: S. Richault, n.d.). Gilded album with engraved portraits by Desmaisons of the dedicatee for each piece. All the woman portrayed are society ladies, and presumably current (or future) patrons. Includes both piano and vocal music.

Lowerre 97 Embossed label front cover "P. B. WILDES." Piano music. Opera arrangements from Verdi's Ernani; Donizetti's Don Pasquale, Lucia di Lammermoor, and Roberto Devereaux; Bellini's Norma; Meyerbeer's Robert le diable; Mozart's Don Giovanni; Rossini's La gazza ladra and excerpts from his Stabat Mater. Also piano version of Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream overture. At end, three vocal pieces: the trio "Protegga il giusto cielo" from Don Giovanni, the brindisi "Si colmi il calice di vino eletto" from Verdi's Macbeth, and "Ruth and Naomi" by Robert Topliff.

Lowerre 98 Embossed label front cover "Mrs. KATHARINE LAWRENCE." Contains two piano instructors: T. Latour's New and Improved Method of Instructions for the Piano Forte (Boston: C. Bradlee, n.d.), and Useful Extracts for the Piano Forte ... being an Introduction to the Celebrated Studies of Clementi, Cramer, Moscheles, & c., Arranged and Fingered by J. B. Cramer, New and Improved Edition (New York: Dubois & Stodart, n.d.).

Lowerre 99 On spine "Repper / Collection of Songs." Bound collection of separately printed piano pieces by Charles Repper, most with characteristic titles and poetic quotations at front (examples: "Chinese Red," "Viennese Vignettes") published in Boston from the 1920s through the 1940s. Also includes a song "Story Books." Most pieces in dance rhythms. From Harvard College Library: bookplate and previous number MUS 792.19.45F.

Lowerre 100 A Picture Song Book, The Songs Taken from Various Sources, the Pictures by the Earl Of Carlisle (London: Smith, Elder & Co, 1910). Traditional songs and carols, including several Jacobite songs. Label pasted in front, "From the Lady Mary Murray."

Lowerre 101 Embossed label front cover "DOREMUS." On spine "DUETTS." Bookplate "Gift of Walter Raymond Spalding Class of 1887." Piano duos, handwritten table of contents at front. Beethoven, Robert Schumann, and Niels Gade symphonies (all published in Leipzig), polonaises and polaccas by August Saran and Richard Hoffman (published in New York), and several operatic fantasies on Euryanthe, Ernani, L'elisir d'amore, Un ballo in maschera, and Il trovatore (published various places). Late 19th century.

Lowerre 102 Embossed label front cover "MARTHA W. SANDERSON." Front cover detached. Partially filled out alphabetized index of contents at front (with tabs). Piano pieces, waltzes and polkas, a few from opera productions, mainly popular. Printed in the U.S.A. in 1847-51.

Lowerre 103 Embossed label front cover "ANNIE B. LAWRENCE." Collection of guitar music, half for guitar alone, half songs with guitar accompaniment. Printed in U.S.A., many in Philadelphia, dated pieces from 1830s.

Lowerre 104 Front cover detached. Collection of piano music, primarily dances. Majority published in U.S.A., late 1850s-60. Some opera excerpts, including "Grand Coronation March" from Meyerbeer's Le prophete, overture from Auber's Fra Diavolo, potpourri from Flotow's Martha, fantasy and dances from Verdi's La traviata "as played at the Academy of Music also at Laura Keene's Theatre" (in 1856, so soon after the Italian premiere), potpourri by Czerny from Bellini's La sonnambula, aria from Il trovatore.

Lowerre 105 Collection of piano music for solo and duo. In Three Books, Favorite Airs from Meyerbeer's Celebrated Opera Les Huguenots, Arrang'd for Two Performers on the Piano Forte, with an Accompt. for the Flute ad lib. by William Hutchins Callcott (London: R. Addison & Co., n.d.). Followed by Beyer's "bouquet" from La favorite and a series of Scottish and Irish melodies arranged as songs without words by "ZETA," followed by a song "The Reaper & The Flowers" (all published in London, with aristocratic dedicatees). Additional waltzes, national songs (Croatian), some sacred pieces, an arrangement from Lucia di Lammermoor, and Callcott's airs from Meyerbeer's Le prophete. Mid 19th century.

Lowerre 106 Collection of piano music and songs, handwritten table of contents at beginning. Includes the collection Howe's Musical Monthly, anthologies of dances. Separate compositions by Grieg, Auber (overtures), Pleyel, Dussek, etc. Bookplate gives dates "23 April 1870-28 Oct. 1872." From Music Library (Mus 403.5).

Lowerre 107 Embossed label front cover "CATHARINE FLINT." Binding completely broken. Popular songs and piano pieces, many Scottish ballads: Glover, Grobe, etc. Published in U.S.A. (including Cincinnati) from 1830s-40s. Very dogeared.

Lowerre 108 Collection of piano music and vocal excerpts based on Gounod's Faust, including a Franz Liszt fantasy, many different scenes, dances, arias, etc., arranged by a variety of composers. Published in Boston and New York, 1863-64. Music Library Mus 690.2.640F, from Wendell bequest.

Lowerre 109 Embossed label front cover "M. A. GOODENOUGH." Collection of piano duets, published in London, first decades of 19th century. Includes pieces by Latour, Frederic Kalkbrenner, Cramer, Federigo Fiorillo, Dussek, Corri, and arrangements for four hands of pieces by Beethoven, Friedrich Himmel (overture to Fanchon), Giovanni Simone Mayr (overture to Adelaide), Mozart (finale from Il seraglio, duet from Le nozze di Figaro), Ferdinando Paer (overture to Griselda), Peter von Winter (Opferfest).

Lowerre 110 Collection of piano music for four hands, all published in Europe. Both covers detached. Includes German edition of Schumann's opus 85 (Hamburg, Leipzig, & New York: Schuberth & Co., n.d.). French editions of versions of Schubert's marchs and polonaises; two fantasies, variations, and two sonatas by Mozart; a sonata by Beethoven.

Lowerre 111 Embossed front cover "A. M." Bookplate from Radcliffe College Library: gift of Susan L. Mills in memory of her sister Anna D. Mills. Collection of opera overtures arranged for piano four hands. Printed index (from publisher's catalog) with handwritten additions. Overtures from Auber's La muette de Portici; Bellini's Norma; Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro; Rossini's Il barbiere di Siviglia, La gazza ladra, L'italiana in Algeri, Guillaume Tell, Semiramide, Tancredi; Weber's Der Freischutz. Published in Paris, by H. Lemoine, early to mid 19th century. (21)

Lowerre 112 Bookplate from Radcliffe College Library: gift of Louise M. Nathurst. Miscellaneous piano music, published in U.S.A. and Leipzig: J. S. Bach, Chopin, Stephen Heller, Mendelssohn, Moscheles, Mozart, John Knowles Paine, Schubert, Schumann, Liszt's arrangement of Schubert "Erlkonig" for piano solo.

Lowerre 113 On spine "BACH ETC." Bookplate from Radcliffe College Library: gift of Professor Denman W. Ross. Miscellaneous music for piano, later 19th century. Bach (arranged by Saint-Saens), Beethoven (concerto, overture to Fidelio), Chopin, Liszt, Saran, Schumann, etc.

Lowerre 114 On spine "788.151 1." Bookplate from Radcliffe College Library: gift of Louise M. Nathurst. Four-hand piano music: Beethoven's Symphony no. 4; Rubenstein concerto; pieces by Edvard Grieg, Domenico Scarlatti, Dussek, Schumann, Chopin. Published in Europe, no dates but handwritten note on one piece gives date in 1877.

Lowerre 115 On spine "DUETTS / MENDELSSOHN / SCHUBERT / SCHUMANN / 788.152 1." Bookplate from Radcliffe College Library: gift of "The Misses Tiffany." Handwritten table of contents in front. Overtures, symphonies, and dances by composers named on spine plus A. Saran. Published in Europe, later 19th century?

Lowerre 116 On spine "ROSSINI / SEMIRAMIDE." Oblong piano-vocal score of opera published by Ricordi in Milan, n.d. [between 1828 and 1838, per address given (22)]. No roles or cast.

Lowerre 117 On spine "ROSSINI / RICCIARDO E ZORAIDE." Oblong piano-vocal score published by Ricordi in Milan, n.d. [between 1824 and 1827, "Ricordi Grua e Co."]. Table with roles and cast. Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Florence Jan. 24, 1899." Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 118 Soft bound. Oblong piano-vocal score. Table of roles, no cast. Jessonda, grosse Oper in drey Aufzugen von Gehe in Musik gesetzt von Louis Spohr (Leipzig: C. F. Peters, n.d.). Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / London July 5, 1894." Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON." The music indicates metronome markings still as "Metron. de Malzl."

Lowerre 119 Full score (with figured bass) of two masses by Haydn (Leipzig: Breitkopf & Hartel, n.d. [masses from 1796?]). Early-19th-century edition?

Lowerre 120 On spine "PACINI / L'ULTIMO / GIORNO / DI POMPEI." Giovanni Pacini, L'ultimo giorno di Pompei melodramma tragico, 2d edition (Milan: Ricordi, n.d. [1830 or 1831?]). Oblong piano-vocal score. Table of roles, no cast. Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Florence Jan. 19, 1899." Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 121 Binding damaged. Embossed label front cover "COSI FAN / TUTTE, / von / W. A. Mozart." Oblong piano-vocal score in Italian and German, engraved illustration on title page. Table of roles, no cast. Cosi fan tutte, Weibertreue eine comische Oper in zwey Aufzugen (Hamburg: Bey Johann August Bohme, n.d.). Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / London, July 5, 1894."

Lowerre 122 On spine "ROSSINI / IL / TANCREDI." Oblong pianovocal score. Table with roles and cast. Il Tancredi melodramma eroico composto dal celebre Rossini (Milan: Ricordi, n.d. [after 1817]). Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Florence Jan. 24, 1899." Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 123 On spine "ROSSINI / SIGISMONDO / E IL DEMETRIO / E POLIBIO." Oblong piano-vocal scores for Sigismondo and Demetrio e Polibio. Table with roles and cast (Milan: Ricordi, n.d. [1826? "Ricordi Grua & Co."]). Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Florence Jan. 18, 1899." Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 124 On spine "IL / CROCIATO / IN EGITTO / MEYERBEER." Oblong piano-vocal score. Table with roles and cast. Il crociato in Egitto grand opera del Sigr. Mo. Giacomo Meyerbeer (Milan: Ricordi, n.d. [between 1824 and 1827, "Ricordi Grua e Co."]). Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Florence Jan. 21, 1899." Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 125 On spine "ROSSINI IL CONTE ORY" (lengthwise). Pianovocal score. Il Conte Ory opera buffa composta in PARIGI dal celebre G. Rossini (Milan: Ricordi, n.d. [1827, "Ricordi, Pozzi e Comp."]). Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 126 On spine "MERCADANTE / ORAZ E CURIAZJ." Pianovocal score. Table with roles and cast. Orazj e curiazj tragedia lirica in tre atti di Salvadore Cammarano posta in musica dal Maestro Saverio Mercadante (Milan: Ricordi, n.d. [1846?]). Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Florence Jan. 21, 1899." Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 127 Messe de requiem a quatre parties en choeur avec accompagnement a grand orchestra par L. Cherubini (Paris: by author, n.d.). Full score. Bookplate and notes (dated Cambridge, 2 June 1954) from George Benson Weston (acquired in Paris, 7 August 1903).

Lowerre 128 On spine handwritten "Cherubini Requiem D." Deuxieme messe de requiem pour voix d'hommes avec accompagnement a grand orchestra ou piano composee par L. Cherubini (Paris: by author, n.d.). Full score. Bookplate and notes (dated Cambridge, 2 June 1954) from George Benson Weston (acquired 19 November 1907). According to Weston this was a presentation copy. What appears to be Cherubini autograph and a short message appear at the top of the title page. Signatures there and on the cover sheet indicate this was later owned by B. Zanetti.

Lowerre 129 La gazza ladra melodramma in due atti: Die liebische Elster J. Rossini (Bonn & Cologne: N. Simrock, n.d.). Table of selections, roles, but no cast. Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Dresden, Nov. 1897." Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 130 On spine "DON JUAN & FIGARO." Early piano-vocal versions of the two Mozart operas published in Vienna by S. A. Steiner, n.d. Signed on cover page "George Benson Weston / Boston, April 5, 1918."

Lowerre 131 On spine "JOSEPH. MOZART'S REQUIEM. BEETHOVEN'S MASS & HIS SYMPHONY IN D." Piano transcriptions of Etienne Mehul's opera Joseph, Mozart's Requiem, and Beethoven's Mass and Symphony no. 2. All published in Vienna, n.d. [early 19th century?]. Signed on cover page "George Benson Weston / Boston, April 5, 1918."

Lowerre 132 On spine, handwritten "Marino Faliero." Oblong pianovocal score. Table of roles, partial cast supplied. Marino Faliero tragedia lirica del Sigr. Bidera posta in musica nel Teatro Reale Italiano in Parigi Cavaliere Gaetano Donizetti (Milan: Ricordi, n.d. [1835/6?]). Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Florence Jan. 21, 1899."

Lowerre 133 On cover, handwritten "Verdi i Lombardi." Transcription for piano four hands. I Lombardi alla prima crociata dramma lirico in quatro atti posto in music dal Maestro Giuseppe Verdi (Milan: Ricordi, n.d. [between 1838 and 1860]).

Lowerre 134 On spine "ROSSINI / VALLACE." Oblong piano-vocal score. Table of roles and cast supplied. Vallace melodramma tragico del Signr. Calisto Bassi musica dell'opera Guglielmo Tell del cav. Rossini (Milan: Ricordi, n.d. [ca. 1836]). Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Florence Jan. 20, 1899." Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON." See copy of libretto in Ward Collection. Another copy is apparently in the Loeb Music Library and one in the British Library.

Lowerre 135 Spine missing, still bound. Der Vampyr grosse romantische Oper in zwei Akten von W. H. Wohlbruck in Musik gesetzt ... Heinr. Marschner (Leipzig: Friederich Hofmeister, n.d.). Piano-vocal score, table of contents, list of roles, no cast. Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 136 On cover handwritten label "Overturen zu 4 handen ... Figaro, Italienerin, Dame blanche, Tancred, Schnee, Calif zu Bagdad." Signed cover "Carl Katzenberger." Cover page signed "... Emilie Katzenberger im Ettingen." Early-19th-century editions of overtures for piano 4 hands: Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro (Czerny), Rossini's L'italiana in Algeri, Boieldieu's La dame blanche, Auber's La neige, Rossini's Il barbiere di Siviglia, Rossini's Tancredi, Boieldieu's Le calife de Bagdad. Published in Bonn, Hamburg, Leipzig, Vienna, etc.

Lowerre 137 On spine "AUBER / LA MUTA / DI PORTICI." La muta di Portici melodramma in 5 atti del signri Scribe e Delavigne posto in musica dal Mo. D. F. E. Auber (Milan: F. Lucca, n.d.). Piano-vocal score, tables of roles and cast, index of contents. Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Florence Jan. 24, 1899." Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 138 On spine "DONIZETTI / DON / SEBASTIANO." Don Sebastiano re di Portogallo dramma in 5 atti del Sigr. Scribe ... da Gaetano Donizetti (Milan: Ricordi, n.d.). Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Florence Jan. 18, 1899."

Lowerre 139 On Spine "ROSSINI / IL BARBIERE / DI SIVIGLIA." Il barbiere di Siviglia melodramma giocoso di Cesare Sterbini posto in musica dal Cav. Rossini (Milan: F. Lucca, n.d.). Pianovocal score, table of roles, partial cast, index of contents. Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Florence Jan. 21, 1899." Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 140 On spine "Orpheus und Euridice." Orpheus und Euridice grosse lyrische Oper in drey Aufzugen aus dem Franzosischen des Moline in Musik gesetzt Ritter vom Gluck (Berlin: Adolph Martin Schlesinger, n.d.). Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Dresden 15.X.1891."

Lowerre 141 On front cover "EURYANTHE." Euryanthe grosse romantische Oper in 3 Aufzugen, Dichtung von Helmine von Chezy, geb.: Freyinn von Klencke, in Musik gesetzt ... von Carl Maria von Weber (Vienna: S. A. Steiner, n.d.). Piano-vocal score, table of cast and characters, index. Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Dresden 15.X.1891." Pencilled note regarding 1937 performance. Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 142 On spine "COPPOLA / LA PAZZA / PER AMORE." La pazza per amore melodramma di Giacomo Ferretti musica del Maestro P. A. [Pier Antonio] Coppola (Milan: F. Lucca, n.d.). Oblong piano-vocal score. Includes table of characters and casts for Milan and Rome. Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Florence Jan. 20, 1899." Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 143 On spine "DONIZETTI / LINDA DI / CHAMOUNIX." Linda di Chamounix melodramma in tre atti di G. Rossi posto in musica ... da Gaetano Donizetti (Milan: Ricordi, n.d.). Oblong piano-vocal score with list of characters and cast, index. Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Florence Jan. 19, 1899." Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 144 On spine (detached) "DONIZETTI TORQUATO TASSO." Torquato Tasso melodramma in tre atti musica del Mo. Gaetano Donizetti (Milan: F. Lucca, n.d.). Piano-vocal score. Pasted label inside front cover "EX LIBRIS GEORGE BENSON WESTON."

Lowerre 145 On spine "BELLINI / I / PURITANI." I puritani opera seria in tre atti del Conte Pepolit posta in musica dal Mo. V. Bellini (Naples & Rome, n.d.). Oblong piano-vocal score, table of characters and roles, index. Signed on cover page "George B. Weston / Florence Jan. 24, 1899."

Lowerre 146 Box of songsheets (most text only) printed in Italy, late 19th century (1880s-90s). Texts and illustrations to popular songs, including "Il flauto magico," some printed on colored paper.

Lowerre 147 On spine "TURNER'S / COMPOSITIONS / INSTRUMENTAL." Embossed on cover, "COMPOSITIONS / of / J. W. TURNER. // INSTRUMENTAL." Bound collection of pieces published separately. Piano music, including nocturnes, dances (waltzes, polkas) and arrangements of popular and traditional songs. Published in Boston during the 1870s-80s.

Lowerre 148 Embossed on front cover "J. B. How." Miscellaneous collection of vocal music published in London and in U.S.A., dates in 1860s-70s. Includes solo songs, many German lied and opera excerpts, as well as duets and quartets. Some sacred music. Composers include Abt, Balfe, Beethoven, Franz, Gounod, Mendelssohn, Nicolai, Rossini, Verdi. Manuscript song "In Paradiso" by Henry Hills. More popular songs at front of volume, ensembles towards end. Table of contents regrettably blank.

Lowerre 149 Six volumes bound in red leather. Composer and contents indicated on spine, "Music of Charles Albert White." Printed separately, many with illustrated title pages. Sentimental and "plantation" pieces, hymns and arrangements from the 1870s, published in Boston. Formerly part of the Music Library 866.1.701. Bookplate notes "Bd. June, 1881." Vols. 1-2, songs with chorus; vols. 3-4, quartets; vol. 5, duets, trios, and sacred music; vol. 6, songs.

Lowerre 150 On spine "HEILMAN." Miscellaneous print and manuscript music by William Clifford Heilman, including choral, solo vocal, piano, and instrumental (Romance for violin or cello and piano). Publication dates during 1920s. Several printed pieces signed "To Sister" (or some variation thereof). Manuscript music includes a setting of Burns's "My Luve is Like a Red, Red Rose" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb" (using diminished sevenths).

Lowerre 151 Bookplate inside front cover "WILLIAM LAMBERT RICHARDSON," gift to Harvard College Library (WLR, class of 1867). Handwritten index. Mainly piano music, dances and arrangements of popular songs and operas, many with colored illustrated title pages. Also Czerny etudes. Includes arrangements from Bellini's Norma, Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia, Verdi's Il trovatore. Published in U.S.A. in late 1840s and 1850s. At end, three vocal songs, two by Stephen Foster, "Old Dog Tray" and "Farewell My Lilly Dear."

Lowerre 152 The Popular Dance Collection (Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co., 1888). Original cover, illustrated. From Music Library.

Lowerre 153 The Popular Dance Collection, Vol. 2 (Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co., 1891). Original cover, illustrated. From Music Library.

Lowerre 154 On spine "PIANO / II." Music by Delphin Alard, Friedrich Kucken, and Mozart (sonatas for piano and flute). U.S.A. and European editions, later 19th century. Bookplate inside front cover "Harvard College Library The Gift of Robert Gould Shaw Class of 1869." From Music Library.

Lowerre 155 On spine label "Mus 480.1," embossed "MUSIC // CALDARA ET AL." Handwritten table of contents, first two and final items (in manuscript, the Caldara pieces) removed. Sacred music for solo, ensemble, and chorus by Moritz Hauptmann (Salve Regina), Mozart (English version of Davidde penitente), and others. 19th-century editions from U.S.A. and Europe.

Lowerre 156 Embossed on front cover "ANNA J. W. BAYLIES." Label "Mus 460 29F." Collection of piano music: quicksteps published in Boston, 1840s.

Lowerre 157 Embossed on front cover "ANNA J. W. BAYLIES." Label "Mus 460 30F." Collection of piano music: mainly waltzes (including "The Boz Waltzes" on characters from Dickens), some sonatas and character pieces. Published in New York and Boston, 1840s. Some colored illustrated title pages.

Lowerre 158 Spine missing, binding intact. Collection of piano music by Beethoven, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Schubert, and others. Nocturnes, waltzes, and sonatas as well as several piano arrangements of vocal music including Handel's "I Know That My Redeemer Liveth" and some opera arrangements from Bellini and Donizetti (Don Pasquale, La sonnambula, Lucrezia Borgia). Published in U.S.A. and Europe, dates in 1840s. Some leaves of manuscript music at back of volume: dances, arrangements of movements from Beethoven symphonies.

Lowerre 159 On spine "WALTZES & c." Embossed label front cover "ELIZABETH L. YOUNG." Handwritten note on separate slip (front) indicates binder was John Roulstone of Boston. Cover page signed "Elizabeth L. Young." Handwritten index at back of volume. Includes pieces by Bishop, Latour, Mozart, Pleyel, and others, as well as a piano arrangement of part of Handel's Water Music. Published in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, early 19th century.

Lowerre 160 Four songs from London theaters (two performed by Madame Vestris), followed by many piano pieces, including two- and four-hand arrangements from operas including Boieldieu's La dame blanche; Meyerbeer's Emma di Resburgo; Mozart's Die Zauberflote; Rossini's Il barbiere di Siviglia, L'italiana in Algeri, Matilde, etc. Volume ends with George Eugene Griffin's Second Concerto for piano and orchestra, op. 4 (published in 1813 (23)). Other pieces by Kalkbrenner, C. E. Horn, and others. All selections published in London, early 19th century.

Lowerre 161 On spine label "Mus 425 1.19F," embossed "PIANO." Collection of music for piano and flute, most published in Leipzig, Hamburg, London, Paris, a few in Boston. Includes works by Beethoven, Albert Doppler, Gade (opus 19 arranged for flute and piano), Friedrich Kummer, and Saint-Saens (Romance for flute and orchestra). Includes several operatic arrangements, including those in Methode d'expression: Vortragschule fur die Flote bestehend in Studied uber Motive, Arien, Parthien, Lieder, etc., nach den Werken grosser Meister, zur Bildung des Geschmackes, mit genauer Bezeichung des Vortrags eingerichtet von W. Popp, op. 251 (Hamburg: August Cranz, n.d.). Inside front cover bookplate and label, volume is gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library.

Lowerre 162 Oblong. On front, handwritten on binding "Boston flute instruction book." Title page signed "Emory Washburn Jr." Boston Flute Instruction Book: A Complete School for the Flute, Containing Progressive Exercises, Marches, Quick-Steps, Waltzes ... (Boston: Oliver Ditson, 1845). Pencilled note, "pp. 27-28 imperfect." From Music Library (Mus 365.2.6).

Lowerre 163 Oblong. On front cover, handwritten label "Notenbuch," in separate hand "Ouverturen 4 handen." Most title pages signed "Katzenberger." Includes four-hand editions of the overtures to Boieldieu's Jean de Paris, Rossini's La gazza ladra, Mehul's Les deux aveugles de Tolede (in manuscript), Mozart's Don Giovanni, Spohr's Jessonda (Diabelli edition), and Spontini's Fernando Cortez. Published in Braunschweig (Brunswick), Hamburg, and Paris, early 19th century.

Lowerre 164 Volume of piano music, printed in Europe, New York, and Boston, dates in 1880s. Many gavottes, other dances. Includes pieces by Tchaikovsky and an arragement from Jacques Offenbach's Les brigands.

Lowerre 165 Handwritten table of contents "ITALIAN DUETS & TRIOS." Mainly selections from operas by Donizetti, Rossini, and Verdi. Also includes selections from Rossini's Stabat Mater and pieces by Cherubini, Karl Friedrich Curschmann, Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi, and others. All published in London, later 19th century.

Lowerre 166 On spine, embossed "FLUTE AND PIANO. PIANO 1." Label "Mus 425 1.6." Many potpourris and "operatic recreations" for piano and flute. Most include title page and often publisher's catalog. Arrangements from Bellini's La sonnambula, Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor, Flotow's Martha, many more. Other pieces, including Louis Drouet's Three National Airs with Variations and arrangements of popular songs. Published in London, Leipzig, Bonn, Boston, and Philadelphia. Mid 19th century. Inside front cover book plate: gift of Charles G. Dana, class of 1898. See separate volume with flute parts: Lowerre 207.

Lowerre 167 On spine, label "Mus 560 13," embossed "COLLEGE MUSIC." Popular songs, choruses, and piano pieces on college themes, including "Ten Undergraduates," "Our Yankee College Boys," "The University Quickstep," etc. Includes pieces for specific fraternities, such as "Delta Kapp Epsilon March," and specific colleges, such as "Welcome to Florence" (Florence Synodical Female College) or "Song of the Spoon" dedicated to Yale class of 1866. Published in U.S.A., dates from 1840s to 1900s.

Lowerre 168 A Collection of Sacred Music from the Works of Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Novello, & c., with Several Original Compositions, Harmonized, Arranged, and Composed with a Separate Accompaniment for the Organ or Piano Forte, by Walter Wilson ... (London: J. Alfred Novello, n.d. [1836]).

Lowerre 169 Front and back covers separated. Four-hand piano selections, including pieces by Schubert, Mendelssohn, Haydn (Symphony no. 7) and a "potpourri" of Bellini's Beatrice di Tenda. Published in Vienna and Hamburg, mid 19th century, oblong. Bellini title page signed "E. G. Winthrop. Berlin. July. 1860--."

Lowerre 170 Front and back covers separated. Four-hand piano selections, including Beethoven's Symphony no. 5 arranged by Czerny, sets of waltzes by Joseph Labitzky and Joseph Kuffner, quadrilles by Czerny. Published in Vienna, Prague, Paris, etc., mid 19th century, oblong.

Lowerre 171 Embossed on spine "WALTZES & DANCES." Bookplate inside front cover "Francis Lowell Bachelder." Sets of waltzes by Labitzky, Strauss; sets of quadrilles by Musard, the album Les fetes du chateau d'Eu and music from Adolphe Adam's operas comiques Regine and Le roi d'Yvetot. Published in Paris, Prague, Vienna, Mayence (Mainz), later 19th century, oblong.

Lowerre 172 On spine, embossed "MUSIQUE I." Miscellaneous volume of vocal and piano music, no index. Includes dances, songs, and many opera excerpts, including much of Bellini's Norma (in English and Italian), duet from Donizetti's Linda di Chamounix. Collection of hymns and sacred songs by Lowell Mason and others. Some with colored illustrated title pages. Volume ends with Czerny's etudes. Published in Boston, New York, and London. Dated pieces from 1820s-40s.

Lowerre 173 On spine, embossed "MUSIQUE II." Handwritten index, somewhat cropped. All piano music, but many pieces arranged from operas, including familiar Bellini, Donizetti, and Verdi (Ernani) titles. Note: the writer of the index did not always distinguish between composer of opera and composer of piano arrangement of music from the opera. Published in Boston, Philadelphia, and various European cities, mid 19th century.

Lowerre 174 Typed label on front cover "THE PUNCHINELLO QUADRILLE by Henri Bohlman Sauzeau" (first piece in collection). Collection of quadrilles, many with illustrated titles, from The Musical Bouquet, published in London, mid 19th century. Several topical, or based on operas.

Lowerre 175 Embossed on spine, "FLUTE," label "Mus 425 1.19.2F." Flute parts for Lowerre 161.

Lowerre 176 On spine, embossed "WALTZES ET QUADRILLES," label "Mus 466 1.3." Oblong. First piece title page signed "Paris. 1874." Waltzes and pieces by Olivier Metra, Johann Strauss, and others. Some based on Offenbach, other theater pieces. Published in Europe, late 19th century.

Lowerre 177 On spine embossed "DUOS // PIANO 1," label "Mus 425 1.26F." Pieces for piano and violin or flute. Piano part. Begins with selections from Wagner's operas, several "potpourris," mostly German works. Collections of waltzes by J. Strauss, Emile Waldteufel, and others. European publishers. Inside front cover label, volume is gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library. Flute part is Lowerre 179.

Lowerre 178 On spine embossed "DUOS // PIANO 2," label "Mus 425 1.26F." Pieces for piano and violin or flute. Piano part. Collection of operatic arias and potpourris, including operettas by J. Strauss and others as well as Donizetti, Verdi, etc. European publishers. Inside front cover label, volume is gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library. Flute part is Lowerre 179.

Lowerre 179 On spine embossed "DUOS // FLUTE I," label "Mus 425 1.26 2F." Pieces for piano and violin or flute. Flute parts for Lowerre 177-78. Inside front cover label, volume is gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library.

Lowerre 180 On spine, embossed "DUETTS," label "Mus 450 18F." Embossed label front cover "MISS ELLEN FRANCE." Fourhand piano pieces, including opera excerpts from Il barbiere di Siviglia, Tancredi, and Der Freischutz; arrangements of a "grand waltz" by John Field; "[Daniel] Steibelt's Rondo from the Storm"; pieces by Cherubini, including opera overtures. All published in London, ca. 1820, given repertoire. In excellent condition.

Lowerre 181 On spine embossed "PIANO I," label "Mus 425 1.27F." Pieces for piano and flute, smaller collection than previous. Piano parts. Operatic potpourris, from Mozart through Wagner, including Rossini and Donizetti. European publishers. Inside front cover label, volume is gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library. Flute part is Lowerre 182.

Lowerre 182 On spine embossed "FLUTE," label "Mus 425 1.27.2F." Pieces for piano and flute, smaller collection than previous. Flute parts for Lowerre 181. Inside front cover label, volume is gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library.

Lowerre 183 On spine embossed "PIANO // FOUR HANDS," label "Mus 450 3." Works by Beethoven, Bizet, Brahms, Liszt, beginning in semi-alphabetical order. Also arrangements of music from Wagner's Rienzi and Gounod's Faust. Ends with several works by Gottschalk. From Music Library.

Lowerre 184 On spine embossed "LEMOINE ET AL // MISC. COLLECTION OF QUADRILLES ETC.," label "Mus 456 5F." Oblong. Includes dances from Parisian operas by Auber, Rossini, etc., arranged for piano with accompaniment ad libitum by flute, violin, or flageolet. Some provide choreography. Also bound into the volume as single folded sheets, waltzes by Paganini and Auber. Collection ends with vocal music: Giacomo Ferrari's Sei canoni tre voci con coda, dedicated to George IV of Great Britain (London: for the author, 1821) and Johann Antonin Kozeluch's XII Italian Arietts, op. 31 (London: Robert Birchall, n.d.). Title page of Ferrari is signed in Edinburgh 1824, and (given?) October 1825. Label inside front cover: gift of Evert Jansen Wendell, class of 1882. Note: Loeb Music Library does not appear to have copies of either of these last two items. From Music Library.

Lowerre 185 On spine, embossed "PIANO," label "Mus 460 37." Embossed label front cover "A. B. Shaw." Piano music, mainly pieces collected and arranged by Henri Herz. Also arrangements from Bellini's I puritani, Beatrice di Tenda, and others. Published in London and Paris, ca. 1835? From Music Library.

Lowerre 186 On spine label "Mus 460 32F." Collection de chantes patriotiques pour le piano par Ferd. Beyer (Mayence: B. Schott's Sons, n.d.). Colored title pages with flags for each country. Mid 19th century. From Music Library.

Lowerre 187 On spine embossed "MUSIC / DANCES," label "Mus 466 1.2F." Handwritten table of contents at front: waltzes, galops, polkas, by J. Strauss, Joseph Gungl, etc. Several associated with operatic or theatrical productions including Offenbach's operettas, some with colored illustrated title pages. Published in Europe and U.S.A., publication dates in 1860s. Inside front cover bookplate, gift of Charles Dudley March, class of 1880. From Music Library.

Lowerre 188 On spine, embossed "DUETTS," label "Mus 450 18F." Embossed label front cover "MISS ELLEN FRANCE." Fourhand piano pieces, nearly all by Beethoven, cover page Monzani & Hill's Selection of Beethoven's Piano Forte Music. Includes symphonies 1, 5, and 6, Prometheus overture, and Septet, op. 20. Also an introduction and polonaise by Ferdinand Ries, and J. H. Little's arrangement of Rossini's overture to Tancredi. All published in London by Clementi and others, ca. 1820.

Lowerre 189 On spine, embossed "PIANO," label "Mus 460 37." Embossed label front cover "A. B. Shaw." Piano music, many pieces composed or arranged by Henri Herz, as well as popular dances (such as "The Boston Independent Cadets QUICK STEP") and arrangements from Rossini and Bellini operas. Includes two sheets of manuscript music, both dances. Published in Europe and U.S.A. (Baltimore, Boston, New York), ca. 1835 (dated pieces). From Music Library.

Lowerre 190 On spine embossed "SONGS," label "Mus 401 7." Signed front cover "Louisa Master." Inside front cover "Mary Anne (?) / 1838." Handwritten table of contents. First eight pieces are late-18th-century printed works from London and Dublin, the following roughly sixty songs (solo and duet) are in manuscript. Printed pieces include works by Antonio Sacchini, Attwood, John Percy (song from Ann Radcliffe's The Mysteries of Udolpho), Paisiello, Handel, Stevenson, and "Black Ey'd Susan" as sung by Mr. Incledon. Manuscript pieces in French, Italian, and English, from catches to Mozart's "Deh vieni non tardar" (Le nozze di Figaro). Printed pieces badly cropped, final leaves cut out of book. From Music Library.

Lowerre 191 On spine "DORN // OBERON OPERA DI WEBER ETC." Piano music, printed in U.S.A. and Europe (mainly Paris), 1870s. Handwritten table of contents at front: music by Beethoven, Chopin, Henselt, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schumann, and others, including piano transcription by Eduard Dorn of Weber's Oberon, but most pieces nonoperatic. From Music Library (Mus 460.7).

Lowerre 192 On spine, embossed "HUNTEN // COLLECTION OF COMPOSITIONS FOR THE PIANO." Engraved portrait at front of volume is Moscheles, however all the pieces, with one exception, are composed or arranged by Franz Hunten. They include arrangements from operas by Bellini, Rossini, and others. The non-Hunten piece is by Henri Herz. Published in Europe and the U.S.A., presumably 1830s-40s. Label inside front cover: gift of Evert Jansen Wendell, class of 1882. From Music Library (Mus 697.6.257).

Lowerre 193 On spine, embossed "HARP // 1845." Embossed label front cover "ANNIE B. LAWRENCE." Music for pianoharp duets and for harp alone, including arrangements of popular melodies (Irish and Scottish) and selections from operas by Balfe, Bellini, Donizetti and Herold, many by Theodore LaBarre or Nicholas Bochsa.

Lowerre 194 On spine, embossed "PIANO // VOL. 1," label "Mus 425 1.17F." Music for piano and flute by Adolph Terschak, Louis Heinrich Kohler, several pieces written or arranged by William Popp. European editions, presumed late 19th century. Label inside front cover, gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library. Flute part is Lowerre 196.

Lowerre 195 On spine, embossed "PIANO // VOL. 2," label "Mus 425 1.17F." Music for piano and flute by Rudolf Tillmetz, others, again many written or arranged by William Popp. Several opera fantasies, including arrangement of Verdi's Aida, and Remusat's series Fantaisies de salon pour flute et piano, including Donizetti's La favorite and Don Pasquale, Rossini's Guillaume Tell, Herold's Le pre aux clercs, and Verdi's Rigoletto. European editions, late 19th century? Label inside front cover, gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library. Flute part is Lowerre 196.

Lowerre 196 On spine, embossed "FLUTE // VOL. 1-2," label "Mus 425 1.17.2F." Flute parts for Lowerre 194-95. Label inside front cover, gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library.

Lowerre 197 On spine, embossed "FLUTE DUETS--FIRST," label "Mus 425 1.8(1)." Flute duets by Benoit Berbiguier, Kuhlau, Raphael Dressler, Jean-Louis Tulou, and several arrangements from operas including Two Blind Men of Toledo (Mehul), Le pre aux clercs and La medicine sans medecin (Herold), La cenerentola (Rossini), Der Freischutz (Weber), Gustave (Auber). Mid to late 19th century, European editions. Label inside front cover, gift of Josiah Dwight Whitney, professor of geology 1876-96. From Music Library.

Lowerre 198 On spine, embossed "FLUTE DUETS--SECOND," label "Mus 425 1.8(2)." Second flute parts, contents as previous volume. Label inside front cover, gift of Josiah Dwight Whitney, professor of geology 1876-96. From Music Library.

Lowerre 199 On spine, "DUOS // PIANO 1," label "Mus 425 1.16F." Duets for flute and piano by Salomon Jadassohn, Kucken, Terschak, Tillmetz, others. Many pieces arranged by Theobald Bohm or William Popp. European editions, presumed late 19th century. Label inside front cover, gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library. Flute parts are Lowerre 201.

Lowerre 200 On spine, "DUOS // PIANO 2," label "Mus 425 1.16F." Contents similar to Lowerre 199. Label inside front cover, gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library. Flute parts are Lowerre 201.

Lowerre 201 On spine, "DUOS // FLUTE," label "Mus 425 1.16.2F." Flute parts for Lowerre 199-200. Label inside front cover, gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library.

Lowerre 202 On spine, embossed "PIANO MUSIC 3," label "MUS 460 37." Embossed label front cover "ANNA B. SHAW." Pieces for piano solo and piano four hands by Kalkbrenner, Hunten, Herz, etc. Many arrangements or variations on well-known operas by Rossini, Bellini, etc. European editions, 1830s (based on repertoire and dates signed on some sheets). From Music Library.

Lowerre 203 On spine, embossed "PIANO MUSIC 1," label "MUS 460 37." Embossed label front cover "ANNA B. SHAW." Pieces for piano, beginning with Czerny etudes. Mostly shorter pieces, dances (especially waltzes), etc. Several sheets of manuscript music bound at end of volume. U.S.A. and European editions, early to mid 19th century. From Music Library.

Lowerre 204 On spine, "PIANO 1," label "Mus 425 1.18F." Duets for flute and piano by Terschak, Gungl, others. Many pieces arranged by Popp, several operatic arrangements. European editions, presumed late 19th century. Label inside front cover, gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library. Flute part is Lowerre 206.

Lowerre 205 On spine, "PIANO 2," label "Mus 425 1.18F." Contents similar to Lowerre 204. Label inside front cover, gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library. Flute part is Lowerre 206.

Lowerre 206 On spine, "FLUTE," label "Mus 425 1.18.2F." Flute parts for Lowerre 204-5. Label inside front cover, gift of Robert Gould Shaw, class of 1869. From Music Library.

Lowerre 207 On spine, "FLUTE AND PIANO // FLUTE 1," label "MUS 425 1.6." Flute parts for Lowerre 166. Label inside front cover, gift of Charles G. Dana, 1898. From Music Library.

Lowerre 208-9 Front and back covers detached. On spine, embossed "PIANO VOL. 3," label "MUS 425 1.17F." Continuation of Lowerre 194-96, with similar contents. Flute parts are Lowerre 214.

Lowerre 210 Front cover detached. Collection of miscellaneous early-19th-century music, piano (solo and four-hands) and vocal, printed in London (or imported from the continent and sold in London). Includes both theater songs by Dibdin, Hook, etc., popular ballads and "Scotch" songs, and sacred pieces by Handel and others. Copy of the "Mermaid Song" (Haydn or Martini's), and a random violin part for a Pleyel concerto. Piano music mainly dances and variations, some sonatas and Louis Jadin's "La grande bataille d'Austerlitz."

Lowerre 211 Signed inside front cover page "George Benson Weston." Collection of piano music ca. 1835, mainly published in London. Includes overture and airs from Beethoven's Fidelio adapted and arranged for piano by Moscheles (London: Goulding, n.d.); Beethoven sonatas (B. Schott, n.d.) and opus 2, no. 1, edited by Moscheles (London: Gramer, Addison & Beale, n.d.), Hummel's arrangement of the overture for Weber's Der Freischutz (London: Boosey & Co., n.d.), John Shield's "Pastorale" [1832] (London: Collard & Collard, n.d.), Moscheles's arrangement of a Neukomm cantata "Napoleon's Midnight Review" and song "The Sea"; and Diabelli's arrangement of airs from Bellini's Il pirata. Back cover label "BOUND BY DYKES & COOPER 333, PICCADILLY. Opposite St. James's Church."

Lowerre 212 On spine "SONGS." Inside front cover, label "Bookcase. Shelf. No. // L. & M. A. SCHIMMELPENNICK, 8, Berkeley Square, BRISTOL. // The wicked borroweth and payeth not again.--Ps: xxxvii.21." Collection of late-18th- to early-19th-century vocal music published in London, mostly by G. Walker in Great Portland Street. Includes solo and ensemble songs (glees, duets, trios, etc.) by Hook, Linley, R. J. S. Stevens, Storace, etc. Collections of "Scotch" airs, etc. Scattered throughout, a few pieces for keyboard alone. Of interest: Ten Grand Choruses from Mr. Handel's Oratorio of the Messiah, Adapted for the Organ, Harpsichord, and Voice (London: Bland & Wellers, n.d.) [enables single performer to do it all!]; "Away With Melancholy: A Favourite Air and Duet Composed by W. Mozart," Dr. Watts's Divine Songs for the Harpsichord, or Piano Forte, Composed by William Gawler, Organist to the Asylum (London: Bland & Wellers, n.d.).

Lowerre 213 On spine, embossed "PIANO ET CHANT // 4." French songs by Bizet, Faure, Louis Diemer, etc. Includes some songs from opera or opera comique (air from Ambroise Thomas's Hamlet), French translations of Italian opera (Mozart's Don Juan). Several dedicated to Christine Nilsson. Paris editions, ca. 1865-70. See Lowerre 218-19.

Lowerre 214 On spine, embossed "FLUTE 3-4," label "MUS 425 1.17.2F." Flute parts for Lowerre 208-9.

Lowerre 215 Four-hand piano music: arrangements from Bellini's Beatrice di Tenda, 2 books (London: Boosey & Co., n.d.); Callcott's arrangements from Mercadante's La testa di bronzo, 2 books (with flute part ad libitum) and Rooke's Amilie, or The Love Test, 1 book (London: Cramer, Addison & Beale, n.d.); Pergolesi's Gloria in Excelsis (London: Walker & Son, n.d.). Followed by Bochsa's Sacred Voluntary for the Harp, on Favorite Subjects from Handel's Works (London: D'Almaine & Co, n.d.) and two pieces for solo piano, Diabelli arrangement of Rossini's "Pien di contento in seno" and airs from Donizetti's L'esule di Roma.

Lowerre 216 Embossed label front cover "MISS S. INGLE." Miscellaneous vocal and piano music published in London, ca. 1835. Includes songs from Auber's Gustavus the Third, Balfe's The Siege of Rochelle, many comic pieces, including a Jim Crow song. Also Hart's Thirteenth Set of Quadrilles, Selected from Matthew Locke's Original Music in Macbeth ... Arranged as Duets ... by N. B. [Neille Butler] Challoner (more likely Leveridge's tunes than Locke's). Also George E. Griffin's Second Concerto for piano and orchestra. Second half of volume includes four-hand piano pieces, including several opera overtures.

Lowerre 217 Signed inside front cover, "Susan and [Georgina?] North." Four-hand piano music published in Europe (Bonn, London), ca. 1835. Field's "Grande Waltz"; airs from Weber's Der Freischutz, Hummel's "Grand Divertimento," airs from Meyerbeer's Il crociato in Egitto (3 collections). In excellent condition.

Lowerre 218 On spine, embossed "PIANO ET CHANT // 3." French songs by Louis Niedermeyer, etc., including many comic songs, duets, and drinking songs. Paris editions, ca. 1865-70. See Lowerre 213, 219.

Lowerre 219 On spine, embossed "PIANO ET CHANT // 2." Mainly songs from opera or opera comique, several from productions by Auber, airs from Thomas's Hamlet and Mignon, as well as French translations of Italian opera (Donizetti's Belisaire). Several dedicated to Christine Nilsson. Paris editions, ca. 1865-70. See Lowerre 213, 218.

Lowerre 220 Missing back cover board. Collection of four-hand piano music published in London, ca. 1835-50. Czerny arrangements of Handel's "Hallelujah" chorus and the overtures to Boieldieu's Caliph of Bagdad and Mozart's Die Zauberflote; arrangements by others of overtures or airs from Auber's Le cheval de bronze, Fra Diavolo, Masaniello; Balfe's The Bondman; Beethoven's Fidelio; Bellini's I Capuleti e i Montecchi, Norma; Herold's Zampa; Rossini's La gazza ladra, Guillaume Tell, Semiramide, Tancredi; Weber's Der Freischutz, Oberon. Waltzes and quadrilles by Labitzky and Louis Jullien.

Lowerre 221 Minstrel Songs, Old And New, a Collection of World-Wide, Famous Minstrel and Plantation Songs, Including the Most Popular of the Celebrated Foster Melodies, Arranged with Piano-Forte Accompaniment (Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co., 1882). Original cover, spine rebound.

Lowerre 222 [Another copy of Lowerre 221.] Original cover, spine recovered.

Lowerre 223 Illustrated Home Book of Poetry and Song, Comprising Choice Selections from the Poets of All Lands and Ages, Edited by Elmo (Chicago: A. E. Davis & Co., 1884).

Lowerre 224 Oblong. Embossed label front cover "JOSIAH WHEEL-WRIGHT. / 1821. / OLD COL.--VOL. II." Old Colony Collection of Anthems, Selected and Published under the Particular Patronage and Direction of the Handel and Haydn Society in Boston, Vol. II (Boston: James Loring, [1819]). Another copy: see Lowerre 244. Table of contents at back of volume. Anthems and other works by Handel (seven, including the Dettingen Te Deum and "Musick Spread Thy Voice Around" from Solomon), Beethoven, Mozart, Charles Henry Purday, Stevenson, William Byrd, William Boyce, and John Whitaker, among others. The Loeb Music Library has a copy of the full first edition (2 vols.).

Lowerre 225 Oblong. Embossed label front cover "JOHN DODD. VOL. I." The Boston Handel and Haydn Society Collection of Sacred Music, Consisting of Songs, Duetts, Trios, Chorusses, Anthems & c. Selected from the Works of the Most Celebrated Authors, Arranged for the Organ or Piano Forte by the Handel and Haydn Society, Vol. I (Boston: Handel & Haydn Society, Thomas Badger Jr. Printer, 1821). Index at front: includes many works by Handel, as well as Luffman Atterbury, Beethoven, Bishop, Haydn, James Kent, Matthew Peter King (Intercession: An Oratorio), Giovanni Battista Martini, John Marsh, Mozart, Thomas Tallis, Webbe, and others. Inside front cover is placed a program from a performance of Mendelssohn's Elijah during the 56th season of the Handel & Haydn Society (14 January 1872). Loeb Music Library has a copy. See also Lowerre 244.

Lowerre 226 Social Harmony, or A Compilation of Airs, Duetts and Trios, Calculated for Private Devotion: Most of Which Are Fitted for the Organ, or Piano Forte; Also, a Number of Anthems and Chorusses, Suitable for Churches and Singing Societies, the Whole Selected from the Most Approved Authors, by N. D. [Nathaniel Duren] Gould (Boston: Thomas Badger Jr., 1823). Alphabetical index at front. Includes pieces by Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Storace, many less well-known composers. Water damage on outer edges.

Lowerre 227 America, Our National Hymn, by Rev. S. F. Smith (Boston: D. Lothrop & Co., 1884). Original cover "Our National Hymn: America with Twelve Patriotic Songs By S. F. Smith D.D.; Illustrated" in red and gold on green. Cover page signed "Susie E. Tuck from Grandmother Parker, Dec. 25th 1884." No music, only texts and illustrations.

Lowerre 228 Southern War Songs, Camp-Fire, Patriotic, and Sentimental, Collected and Arranged by W. L. Fagan (New York: M. T. Richardson & Co., 1890). 375 pp. illustrated book. Indexes at end. Includes texts and illustrations, colored frontispiece.

Lowerre 229 The Christy's Minstrels' Song Book (First Volume) Sixty Songs with Choruses and Pianoforte Accompaniments (London: Boosey & Sons, n.d.). Table of contents at front.

Lowerre 230 Oscar George Theodore Sonneck, "The Star Spangled Banner" (Revised and Enlarged from the "Report" on the Above and Other Airs, Issued in 1909) (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1914). Bound copy of Sonneck's monograph, with plates.

Lowerre 231 On spine, embossed "HOGG'S QUEEN'S WAKE." Inside, copies of miniature songsheets from the late 18th century with illustrated top sections engraved by Benjamin Cole. (24) Repertoire includes pieces sung by John Beard at Ranelagh or by Thomas Lowe at Drury Lane, composed by Richard Leveridge, etc. Many without composer or performer listed, for example a setting of Matthew Prior's "If Wine and Musick have the Pow'r" entitled "The Jovial Lover." Inserted slip of paper reads "GLK Room not to be catalogued." Annette Fern notes that this was a bound volume (James Hogg's The Queen's Wake, first published 1813) in which the printed pages were cut away and the stubs used to attach the songsheets.

Lowerre 232 An Account of the National Anthem Entitled God Save The King!... Selected, Edited, and Arranged by Richard Clark (London: W. Wright, 1822). Front cover and sheets signed: Susanna Beard Crawfield, C. Francis 1860, Edwin H. Abbot Feb. 1887. Illustrated, some musical examples.

Lowerre 233 Follow de Drinkin' Gou'd: Publications of the Texas Folk-Lore Society Number VII, ed. J. Frank Dobie (Austin: Texas Folk-Lore Society, 1928). Articles, some with musical examples.

Lowerre 234 Christy's Minstrels' Ninety-Seven New Songs, with Choruses in Vocal Score, Symphonies and Pianoforte Accompaniments, Authorized and Complete Edition, ed. by J. Wade, 2 vols. in 1 (London: The Musical Bouquet, n.d.). Signed inside cover and cover page "M. J. Christie / Scarbro" (pen), "Mrs G. Cross / Tailor," "Mrs Body" (pencil), and (ink) "Fair[f?]ray Christie from M. J. North 27th Sept 1882."

Lowerre 235 The Scots Musical Museum Humbly Dedicated to the Catch Club Instituted at Edin: June 1771 by James Johnson, Vol. II (Edinburgh: Johnson & Co., n.d.). Index of songs at front. Softbound.

Lowerre 236 Songs That Never Die, Being a Collection of the Most Famous Words and Melodies Enriched with Valuable Historical & Biographical Sketches of Renowned Authors and Composers, Compiled by Henry Frederic Reddall, the Musical Scores Edited by Dudley Buck (New York: W. J. Holland, 1894). Apparently dedicated to Adelina Patti (biographical sketch and portrait at front). Includes section on "How To Sing," thematic collection of popular and traditional songs with piano accompaniment. Presentation page at front signed to "Dear Mrs Rogers" from "Nettie [initials] Hopkins. Christmas 1895." Spine missing.

Lowerre 237 College Song Book: A Collection of American College Songs, with Piano-Forte Accompaniment, Compiled & Arranged by C. Wistar Stevens (Boston: Henry Tolman and Co., 1860).

Lowerre 238 A Pedlar's Pack of Ballads and Songs, with Illustrative Notes by W. H. Logan (Edinburgh: William Paterson, 1869). Ballad and song texts and notes, no music.

Lowerre 239 Oblong. Collections of organ music by Johann Christoph Heinrich Rink, Michael Henkel, and "Johann Wanhal" (Vanhal). Published in Bonn by N. Simrock, early 19th century. At end, waltzes for piano by Labitzky, published in Paris.

Lowerre 240 Embossed front cover "Specimen Copies / Songs And Ballads." From the John Church Company (Cincinnati, New York, London). Contains "art" songs (for example, William Blair's "The Years at the Spring" to poetry by Robert Browning), many with colored illustrated title pages, published in 1915. Numerous examples, including several by women composers or with texts by women.

Lowerre 241 Oblong. Sixteen Pieces or Voluntaries, for the Organ, Composed and Humbly Dedicated to His Scholars & Friends, by George Guest, Organist Wisbeach and Late of His Majesty's Chapels Royal, op. 3 (London: for the author, n.d. [ca. 1795]).

Lowerre 242 Handwritten on front cover "Peabody." Signed inside front "Augustus Peabody. Nov. 1816." The Messiah, an Oratorio, Composed by Mr. Handel, for the Voice, Organ, and Violin, with the Chorusses in Score, from the London Edition; Published under the Patronage and Inspection of the Handel and Haydn Society (Boston: James Loring, n.d.). Bound at back of volume, The Choruses (With the Proper Cues to Each of Them) in the Sacred Oratorio of the Creation Composed by Haydn. Tenor part. Copy in Loeb Music Library.

Lowerre 243 Nathan Richardson, The Modern School for the Piano-Forte; Composed and Compiled from the Works of the Most Eminent and Classical Authors and Teachers, Comprising a Complete Course of Instruction, Based upon a New Principle, Progressive in its Characters, with Anatomical Illustrations of the Hands ... (Boston: Nathan Richardson, 1853). Tucked inside front cover "Richardson's Musical Exchange Illustrated Catalogue," ca. 1853, 12 pp. [music, books (including the Modern School) and pianos available through Nathan Richardson at the Musical Exchange in Boston]. Bound with gold. Written on cover page "This 'Modern School' was awarded a Silver Medal by the Musical Committee of the Boston Mechanical Charitable Association exhibition, held September 1856."

Lowerre 244 Embossed label front cover "AUGUSTUS PEABODY / H. & H. SOC. COLL. VOL. I." The Boston Handel and Haydn Society Collection of Sacred Music: Consisting of Songs, Duetts, Trios, Chorusses, Anthems & c. Selected from the Works of the Most Celebrated Authors, Arranged for the Organ or Piano Forte by the Handel and Haydn Society, Vol. I (Boston: Handel & Haydn Society, Thomas Badger Jr. Printer, 1821). Another copy: see Lowerre 225.

Lowerre 245 Printer's plates (2) for the "Robin Polka." Wrapped in sheet music, song "Brother Speak in Whispers Light," words by Capt. Patten, publ. 1850.

Lowerre 246 Embossed label front cover "G. W. Pope." Front and back covers, spine detached. Large volume of piano and vocal music, U.S.A. and European publishers, dated 1840s-60s. Piano music at front includes variety of dances: waltzes, galops, "schottisches," polkas, mazurkas, as well as opera arrangements from Donizetti, Herz, Beyer, Grobe, and others. Vocal music at back of volume, popular and Civil War songs: George Root's "Just Before the Battle, Mother" and "Just After the Battle, Mother," "Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground," "The Popular Refrain of Glory, Hallelujah as Sung by the Federal Volunteers Throughout the Union." Also, from 1850s, several minstrel-show songs, including Stephen Foster's "Linger in Blissful Repose" and Stephen Glover's "The Georgian Slave" (dedicated to Harriet Beecher Stowe).

Lowerre 247 Collection of late-18th- and early-19th-century piano music (sonatas) by various composers, published in Great Britain. Some with accompaniments by flute or violin. Includes sonatas by Thomas Butler, Mazzinghi (opus 34), John Ross of Aberdeen, Johann Schobert (for harpsichord), William Slapp. Also Louis von Esch's Trio for Two or Three Performers on the Piano Forte with an Accompaniment for the Tambourine (London: Goulding, Phipps & D'Almaine, n.d.), Venanzio Rauzzini's opus 8 sonatas (Dublin: John Lee, n.d.). In addition, Jean Jousse's The Piano Forte Made Easy to Every Capacity and the Art of Fingering Clearly Explained ... (London: for the author, n.d.), and song "There's Not a Word a Look of Thine" (setting of Thomas Moore by J. A. Stevenson). Front cover detached. Poem, "Thou [?] Knight" handwritten on reverse of von Esch Trio title page, signed "Maria Matilda Wilson" and "[?] St. James."

Lowerre 248 Collection of piano and vocal music, published in U.S.A. and Paris, dates in 1830s-40s. Vocal music includes solos, duets, ensembles, largely operatic, Italian (Rossini, Donizetti) and French ("Robert! Robert! Toi que j'aime" from Meyerbeer's Robert le diable), some arrangements and translations of lieder (Schubert's "Erlkonig" by C. E. Horn). Piano music mainly variations on operatic works by Herz and others, including overture to Guillaume Tell. Front cover detached, spine gone.

Lowerre 249 Collection of opera overtures for piano two-hands, published in The Musical Bouquet in London, ca. 1850-70. A few other pieces, by Herz, Thalberg, and others, same publisher. At back of book, a few pieces printed in U.S.A., followed by four-hand opera overtures for Guillaume Tell, La dame blanche, and Fra Diavolo.

Lowerre 250 Embossed label front cover "J. F. G. BAXTER." Volume of easy piano music, mainly waltzes, quicksteps, and polkas, sets of variations on popular songs ("Oh Susannah!") or opera airs. Final piece in collection is a vocal ballad, "Lady Mine," for which a set of variations is found earlier on. All published in U.S.A. during 1840s.

Lowerre 251 Embossed label front cover "CATHARINE FLINT." Handwritten index at front of volume. Front cover detached. Collection of piano music, waltzes, quicksteps, polkas, etc. Also variations on popular tunes. Published in U.S.A. during 1840s.

Lowerre 252 The Messiah, Composed by G. F. Handel, Arranged for the Piano-Forte or Organ, by Dr. John Clarke, of Cambridge (London: Jones & Co. "Temple of the Muses," 1835), followed by "Overture--Judas Maccabeus" and Acis and Galatea, Composed By G. F. Handel, Arranged for the PianoForte or Organ, by Dr. John Clarke, of Cambridge (London: Jones & Co., 1835). First set includes a frontispiece showing St. Cecilia (based on Raphael).

Lowerre 253 Collection of miscellaneous piano music published in London, some pieces from The Musical Bouquet, later 19th century. Mainly simple marches, variations on popular tunes for two or four hands. Torn, damaged.

Lowerre 254 Miscellaneous piano music published in U.S.A., dates in 1850s-60s. Includes dances, arrangements from operas (Balfe's Bohemian Girl) and sets of variations on popular or traditional songs ("Auld Lang Syne").

Lowerre 255 Spine gone. Embossed on front cover "Anna Moore." Collection principally of piano music, published in U.S.A., dates in 1850s. Handwritten index at front of volume. Marches and arrangements of popular or traditional songs interspersed with occasional pieces of vocal music. Many pieces torn, damaged.

Lowerre 256 The Creation, an Oratorio Composed by Joseph Haydn Adapted for Voices and PianoForte by Muzio Clementi (London: Clementi, Banger, Hyde, Collard, and Davis, n.d. [between 1800 and 1810 (25)]). Somewhat water stained title page, signed "Portland" at upper right. Missing p. 1. Loeb Music Library has copy.

Lowerre 257-8 Covers from two different volumes enclosing two piano selections: "Three Favourite Waltzes" by Madam J. Picolet, signed "Alice Bierl July 1830"; and "Marche turque par Crammer."

Lowerre 259 Embossed label front cover "SARAH H. BROWN." Collection of piano music for one, two, and three performers (overture to Rossini's Tancredi arranged for three performers by "Charles" Czerny). Includes variations and fantasies on operatic themes by Hummel, Thalberg, and others. One song, Liszt's "The Wanderer" arranged by Charles E. Horn. Mainly published in Boston, Philadelphia, dated in 1850s.

Lowerre 260 On spine, embossed "MISCELL. MUSIC," label "Mus 403. 2." Bookplate inside front cover notes dates 1856 to 1870 (presumably collection dates, as publications are clearly earlier). Handwritten table of contents at front: Mozart, duet for Papageno and Papagena, Magic Flute; Haydn, song "A Prey to Tender Anguish"; Handel, chorus "Welcome Welcome Mighty King" from Joseph; song "See from Ocean Rising" from Mazzinghi's Paul et Virginie; treatise on composition (based on Gretry); John C. Clifton's Piano Forte Preceptor, 2d ed. (Baltimore: John Cole & Son, 1835); and selections from William Croft's Thirty Select Anthems (London: Novello, n.d.). Several items marked in pencil, "Gift of Rev. Wm. Cushing."

Lowerre 261 Collection of piano music published in U.S.A., dates in 1830s. Pieces written or arranged by Herz, Hunten, Kalkbrenner, and others. Includes dances, as well as many operatic fantasies and arrangements, including variations on Pacini's Niobe as well as familiar favorites from Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, Meyerbeer. Binding disintegrating.

Lowerre 262 Embossed on spine "SOLFEGGI." Antonio Bagiolo's Twelve Solfeggi for Two Voices with an Accompaniment for the Pianoforte or Harp (New York: for the author, 1838); and multiple volumes of Joseph [i.e., Giuseppe] Concone's Lessons in Singing and Fifteen Vocalises (Boston: G. P. Reed, n.d.).

Lowerre 263 Large collection of comic, theatrical, minstrel, popular, and traditional songs for one to four voices, published in London, late 19th century. Opening pieces are largely from The Musical Bouquet. Later works include excerpts from "Boosey's Burlesque Scenas (Monthly)." Several songs by Balfe, patriotic and theatrical. Many pieces with colored, illustrated title pages.

Lowerre 264 Collection of musical supplements from The New York Journal and Advertiser, 1899-1901. Songsheets with colored, illustrated title pages. Most popular or theatrical, for example "Honey You've Done Me Wrong: Words and Music by Harold M. Vernon as Sung by Anna Held, L'Etoile de Paris in The French Maid."

Lowerre 265 Songs and dances published in U.S.A., dates 1830s-40s. Includes polkas by Offenbach, quadrilles from Balfe's Bohemian Girl, etc. Songs by John G. Hewitt, Florence Vane, others.

Lowerre 266 Collection of piano and vocal music published mainly in U.S.A., dates 1830s-40s. Piano music, at front of volume, mainly arrangements from operas: Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor, many others as well as variations by Henri Herz (some published in London). Also set of songs without words by Mendelssohn and waltzes and other dances by Thomas Bissell, Labitsky, others. Vocal music includes many theater pieces, including a set of songs from Balfe's The Daughter of St. Mark's, as well as popular songs, glees, and ballads as well as a few sacred pieces (chorus "Come Sound His Praise Abroad" by C. F. Hueberer) intermixed. Binding disintegrating, spine tucked inside front cover. Embossed "MUSIC / L. E. NOURSE."

Lowerre 267 Very miscellaneous collection, published in U.S.A., dates from 1840s-90s. First piece signed "Bertha S. Lombard, April 1894." Dances (some with choreography) and popular songs arrangements for piano, Songs mainly popular and comic, including some Civil War songs. "Gen. Harrison's Grand March. Composed in 1840 by George O. Farmer" pasted inside front and back covers.

Lowerre 268 Springbound (not stitched together). Mainly piano music, sets of variations on popular songs and opera tunes by Herz, Grobe, Beyer, and others. Includes some "Lindiana" and one Civil War era song. Published in U.S.A., dates from 1840s-50s. Very dogeared.

Lowerre 269 Embossed label front cover "SHARLIE WEBB." Piano music, including simple pieces by Grobe, various dances: waltzes, polkas, etc.; set of arrangements from Balfe's The Bohemian Girl. Three sheets of manuscript music at end. Child's collection? Binding disintegrating.

Lowerre 270 On spine, embossed "DANCES // PIANO-FORTE." Embossed label front cover "K. B. LAWRENCE." Handwritten table of contents at front. Dances published in U.S.A., dates in later 1840s. Includes "Jenny Lind's Bridal Waltzes," waltz attributed to Beethoven, several polkas by Beyer.

Lowerre 271 On spine, embossed "HARP." Embossed label front cover "K. B. LAWRENCE." Collection of harp music, most published in London or Paris, ca. 1840-50. Includes several arrangements from Norma, La sonnambula, Belisario, Robert le diable, etc., and variations on popular airs by Bochsa. At end of volume, miscellaneous harp pieces by a variety of composers, several by Parish Alvars or John Balsir Chatterton. Arrangements of national airs by Charles Oberthur.

Lowerre 272 Popular songs published in New York, 1896-98. Includes numbers from the review The Belle of New York (words, Hugh Morton; music, Gustave Kerker), and many "coon" songs: Fay Templeton's "Ma Onliest One: An African Ballad," May Irwin's "Mister Johnson Turn Me Loose," Ernest Hogan's "All Coons Look Alike to Me," Bert Williams and George Walker's "When Miss Maria Johnson Marries Me," etc. Many with colored, illustrated title pages. Some copies damaged, torn, missing pages.

Lowerre 273 Collection of piano music, published in U.S.A. and Europe, dates 1850-60s. First piece signed "Clara L. Avery July 1861." Begins with opera arrangements: Beyer's arrangements of Meyerbeer's Les Huguenots, Bellini's I puritani, Mozart's Don Giovanni, Rossini's Il barbiere di Siviglia, Flotow's Martha, Verdi's Il trovatore, Weber's Der Freischutz, Herold's Le pre aux clercs; also Root's fantasy on Offenbach's Orpheus (Orphee aux enfers). Following opera arrangments, includes sets of waltzes (flowers waltzes) and other dances, piano music by Mendelssohn, Schubert, Henselt, Lysberg, Hillier.

Lowerre 274 Front cover missing. Collection of late-18th-century vocal music, mostly from the theater. Includes: The Syren: A New Collection of Favorite Songs Sung by Mrs. Farrell at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden and at Ranelagh ... The Whole Composed by Dr. Arne (London: Longman & Broderip, n.d. [1777 (26)]); Twelve Canzonets for Two Voices; Composed by William Jackson of Exeter, opera nona (London: for the author, n.d.); The Favorite Airs in the Critic Sung with Universal Applause by Miss Field, Miss Abrahams, & Sigr. Delpini at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Adapted for the Voice, Harpsichord, Violin, German Flute & Guittar by Signr. Giordani (London: Longman & Broderip, n.d. [performed 1779]); "The Cottage on the Lawn as Sung by Mrs. Farrell with Universal Applause, Composed by Mr. Michael Arne" (London: Longman & Broderip, n.d.), full score; A Favorite Collection of Songs, Glees, Elegies & Canons, for One, Two, Three, Four, and Five Voices: Composed by Mr. Harrington, of Bath (London: Longman & Broderip, n.d.); and The Songs, Duet & Trio with the Overture in the Masque of Comus, Set for the Violin, German Flute, and Harpsichord, Composd by Dr. Arne (London: Henry Thorowgood, n.d. [masque revived 1772]). Title page for Comus signed at upper right, "Tyler 1775." Following the collections, several individual songs, including "To Anacreon in Heav'n." Binding broken. (27)

Lowerre 275 Embossed label front cover "MATTIE A. COLLINS." Popular songs, some arranged for guitar, and piano music. Many pieces are part of The Euterpiad: or, Musical Intelligencer, and Ladies' Gazette, Devoted to the Diffusion of Musical Information, Polite Literature, and Belles Lettres, Edited by John R. Parker, Milk Street (Boston: Thomas Badger Jr., 1822). Binding has come undone.

Lowerre 276 Embossed label, front cover "LIZZIE W. BALDWIN." Collection of piano and vocal music, published in U.S.A., 1840s-50s. Variations, waltzes, polkas, followed by songs by Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, and others. Includes arias from Donizetti's Don Sebastiano and Lucrezia Borgia, Verdi's Il trovatore and I Lombardi.

Lowerre 277 Collection of piano music, published in U.S.A. (mainly Boston), dates from late 1840s-50s. Many pieces arranged and fingered by J. H. Kappes (from his series "Gems of the Opera") as well as other waltzes and polkas.

Lowerre 278 On spine (red), "MUSIC // II." Embossed front cover "E. F. Perkins The Apple Trees." Handwritten note bound inside suggests collection was bound by Edith (?) Perkins's mother at her request, music she played and sang at "Apple Trees" (the family farm or estate). Music, most published in U.S.A., dated 1840s-60s, some signed and dated "Mrs C. E. Perkins 23 Beacon Street 1870." Mainly solo vocal music with piano or guitar, a few pieces for duet or ensemble, short piano pieces. One manuscript song, "A toi toujours," signed Milton Hill, June 1868. Mostly popular (sentimental) songs and ballads, including minstrel songs, A. M. Hernandez's "The Yaller Gal that Winked at Me," and Civil War era pieces by Henry Clay Work, "Wake Nicodemus" and "Marching through Georgia."

Lowerre 279 Embossed front cover "E. F. Perkins." Large bound collection, mainly vocal music for 1-4 voices, accompanied by piano or guitar. Published in U.S.A., dates 1860s-80s. Several pieces signed at upper right with place and date, some from "Apple Trees" (see previous record). Popular (comic and sentimental) songs, including many minstrel songs, M. H. Rosenfeld's "Come Along Sinners," often with colored and illustrated title pages. Some featured performers include Dan Bryant "The Irish Emigrant," Sam Lucas, and Miss Jennie Hughes.

Lowerre 280 Embossed front cover "E. G. [Gertrude] Wildes." Collection of vocal music, songs and opera excerpts in Italian, French, German, and English. Several pieces elegantly copied by same hand (possibly the owner's). Composers include Abt, Donizetti, Gounod (several pieces, some from Faust), Sullivan, Verdi, von Weber (aria from Der Freischutz in Italian translation). Arthur Cecil's song "I Hear Thee Speak of a Better Land" is inscribed "To Miss Wildes with the Composer's kindest regards. May 1876." Two of the handwritten pieces are songs by Virginia Gabriel. Songs published in U.S.A. and Europe, 1860s-70s.

Lowerre 281 Embossed front cover "MUSIC // ELLA F. MURPHY." Collection of mainly piano music, published in U.S.A., dates 1850-60. Three vocal pieces at front of volume: English arrangement of aria from Meyerbeer's Le pardon de Ploermel (later titled Dinorah), "The Soul's Repose" by S. D. S., and John J. Frazer's ballad "Kitty Dearest." Piano music which follows is mainly dances, waltzes, some variations by Charles Grobe. At end, arrangements of arias from Verdi's Sicilian Vespers and Mozart's Marriage of Figaro ("Non piu andrai"). Again, appears to be a child's collection.

Lowerre 282 Embossed label front cover "M. M. JOHNSON." Signed inside front cover "Miss Maggy Johnson Salem N-Z." Mainly piano music, published in U.S.A. (Boston, Philadelphia), dates 1820s-1840. Mostly dances: quicksteps, waltzes by Beethoven. Includes some piano four-hands, with a few traditional popular songs, for example "Auld Lang Syne." Binding deteriorating.

Lowerre 283 On spine (red), "MUSIC // I." Embossed front cover "E. F. Perkins The Apple Trees." Tucked inside front cover, Rudolf Sieczynski's "Vienna, My City of Dreams" (New York: Harms, 1914). Between first two blank pages, single sheet of manuscript music "God of the Fatherless" (vocal lines only for a duet) inscribed "Charles C. Perkins from A. [H?] F. May 20 [illegible]." Contains some piano music followed by many popular songs, both sentimental and stage (including minstrel), many with colored and illustrated title pages, printed mainly in U.S.A., dates in 1860s. These include "Seriocomic Songs Written, Composed & Sung by William Lingard" (title page shows Lindgard in full female drag) and "Wm. A. Pond & Co.'s Spirit of Burlesque." Some songs in manuscript, including "Ay Chiquita" inscribed "Edith F. Perkins from A. H. F." Volume opens with Charles Godfrey's "The Flower Girl Waltzes" (Chicago: Root & Cady, 1867).

Lowerre 284 On spine "SONGS 1891 E. F. P." Contains a collection of Scottish songs followed by sheet music songs published in U.S.A. between 1862 and 1890, most from 1880s. Includes many "Stage Irish" pieces by W. J. Scanlan, including those from The Irish Minstrel and Shane-Na-Lawn, as well as sentimental songs and "Southern Recollections" ("plantation"/minstrel songs). Two fragmentary song sheets have been tucked in front.

Lowerre 285 On spine "MUSIC 14." Embossed label front cover "CATHARINE FLINT." Handwritten index at front. Mainly piano music, several dances, but mainly opera-related, including opera fantasies by Beyer (La sonnambula) and Czerny (Lucrezia Borgia), "Operatic Gems," followed by some vocal works: songs and piano pieces from Auber's Fra Diavolo, duet "In the Grove Where First I Met Thee / Da quel di che l'incontrai" from Donizetti's Linda di Chamounix; songs and dances from Balfe's Bohemian Girl; duet "Di quai soave lagrime / Sweet Tears" from Pacini's Sappho. Published in U.S.A., dates in later 1840s.

Lowerre 286 On spine "MUSIC 1867." Embossed label front cover "A. C. WARREN." Piano music, published in Europe and U.S.A., ca. 1850-65. Includes works by Beethoven (Pathetique), Mendelssohn, Heller, Wilhelm Kuhe (Fantasie brilliante on Linda di Chamounix), Karl Taubert, and others. One piece (Grande valse by Julius Schulhoff) for piano four hands. Volume ends with several sets of etudes and exercises by Czerny. Binding deteriorating.

Lowerre 287 Embossed label front cover "ELIZABETH W. BALDWIN." Four vocal works followed by piano pieces. Published in U.S.A. and Europe, dates late 1840s-1850. Vocal music: Topliff's "Ruth and Naomi," John William Cherry's "I Wandered on the Sea-Beat Shore," James Hine's "I Wandered by the Brook-side," and "The Homeless One," a ballad by I. B. Woodbury. All pieces are religious or pensive or both. Piano music includes sets of variations and "brilliant" pieces by Herz, Hunten, Kalkbrenner, and others.

Lowerre 288 Signed inside front cover "Angela Boutelle, My first music." Collection of piano music, mainly dances: waltzes, marches, and polkas. Includes pieces by Beethoven and Mozart. One vocal piece at end, J. C. Engelbrecht's "Good Bye or, Farewell, Farewell is a Lonely Sound." Published in U.S.A., dates 1840s--early 50s. Binding deteriorating.

Lowerre 289 Very miscellaneous collection of piano and vocal music, published between 1840 and 1890. Includes sections of collections of waltzes, as well as choral anthems (Henry Leslie's "The Pilgrims"), theater songs, etc. Songs by Offenbach and Arthur Sullivan, as well as Charlie Ward ("Gentle Jenny Gray," as sung by "Kunkel's Nightengales"). George W. Putnam's "American Reunion, A Song of Patriotism and Peace" (Boston: Goullaud, 1881-82) is inscribed "from the Author."

Lowerre 290 Embossed front cover "BARBARA FERNALD." Hand-written table of contents at front, numbered 37-72. Popular songs published separately between 1894 and 1910, many from musical theater comedies ("How'd You Like to Spoon with Me?" from The Earl and the Girl), some with Harvard connections ("Harvard's Victory," "Men of Harvard"). Most with colored, illustrated title pages, providing information about performer, composer, librettist, etc.

Lowerre 291 Collection of vocal and piano music, published in U.S.A. and Europe, dates in 1840s. Typed slip inside front cover reads "Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Moore / 9 Maynard Place / Cambridge 38, Mass. / received before June 2, 1947." Includes songs, several with connections to famous singers (Henri Herz's "Night at Sea" for Maria Malibran, two of "Jenny Lind's Songs") or the region ("The Old Granite State" performed by the Hutchinson Family). Piano music includes dances and opera arrangements, including Matthew Moss's four-hand version of "Piu dolce e placide" from Rossini's Tancredi. Several pieces by Charles Perkins, published in Paris: including song "Le Montagnard emigre," piano pieces "Pensee fugitive" and "Nocturne"). (28)

Lowerre 292 Embossed label front cover "H. A. WELSH." Collection of piano music published in Europe and U.S.A., 1840s-60s. Includes popular dances (waltz from Offenbach's La grande duchesse de Gerolstein), operatic "potpourris" and fantasies (Lucia di Lammermoor, La sonnambula, Der Freischutz), sonatas, Lieder ohne Worte, and character pieces by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schumann, von Weber, and others. Four-hands version of Gottschalk's "Ojos Criolos." Gustav Meyern's "Le printemps de ma vie, petite fantasie pour le piano" is inscribed "Miss [cropped] from the Author / April 1860." First gathers are free of binding, probable that at least one section is missing (beginning with another piece by Gottschalk). Front cover detached.

Lowerre 293 Embossed label front cover "HATTIE A. WILDES." Handwritten inside front cover, "Gift / Mr. S. W. Bates / Dec. 9, 1930." Collection of piano music published in Europe and U.S.A., mid 1850s. Ms. Wildes appears to have signed and dated each piece in pencil as she received it (1856-57). Many of the pieces are from series, such as "The Varities, consisting of Twelve much admired Compositions for the Piano" or are arrangements from operas: quadrilles from Rigoletto and La traviata, Theodore Oesten's "Souvenir elegant, bouquet des melodies" from Rossini's Moise, Cramer's "potpourri" from Norma. Many additional examples of salon music by Cramer, Thalberg, and others.

Lowerre 294 Collection of piano music (two- and four-hand) published in U.S.A. and Europe, dates in 1830s. Sets of variations on various tunes (some popular, some opera) and "brilliant" pieces by Beyer, Herz, Hunten, and others. Includes Henri Rosellen's "Fantasie et variations brillante pour le piano sur les motifs de l'opera La sirene de D. F. E. Auber." Binding deteriorating.

Lowerre 295 Embossed front cover "E. HALE COBB." Collection of piano music published in U.S.A., dates in later 1840s. Assortment of waltzes and polkas, many quite simple, some more virtuosic, some pieces in honor of Jenny Lind, others with New England connections (George Hews's "Brattleboro Waltz and Quick Step"). Includes "A Grand American Overture Entitled Isadore" by Joseph W. Turner.

Lowerre 296 Embossed label front cover "MISS SMITH." Collection of piano music for two and four hands printed in U.S.A., dates in 1850s. Includes fantasies and variations by Beyer (on themes from I puritani, Robert le diable), Oesten, and Rosellen, several other pieces based on operas (Verdi's Ernani), and a four-hand version of Mendelssohn's Wedding March.

Lowerre 297 Collection of piano music, published in U.S.A. 1850-65. Mostly marches, waltzes, simpler pieces "for young pianists" by composers including Cramer, Grobe, and Gottschalk.

Lowerre 298 Embossed label front cover "M. [Martha] G. BRITTON." Limited collection of four-hand piano music, scales and exercises by Czerny. Published in U.S.A. and Europe, includes Czerny's Norma quadrilles, pieces by Burgmuller and Lemoine.

Lowerre 299 Embossed label front cover "H. A. WELSH." Collection of piano and vocal music, published in U.S.A. and Europe, ca. 1850-60. Piano music includes overture to Herold's Zampa, various dances (mazurka, tarantella, polka, galop, waltz). Vocal music is mainly German lieder in English translation, many from Oliver Ditson's "Gems from the German," pieces by Schubert ("Ave Maria," "Cradle Song," etc.), Mendelssohn, and Abt. Also popular songs and theater pieces, including "The Power of Love, Ballad Sung by Miss Louisa Pyne in the Romantic Opera Satanella, or The Power of Love, the Words by E. Falconer, the Music by M. W. Balfe" (this and the following pieces are signed and dated at upper right "Miss Hattie A. Wildes / 1860"). Binding loose, possible gathers missing. See Lowerre 292, also owned by Welsh, and Lowerre 193, owned by Hattie A. Wildes, apparently the same person.

Lowerre 300 Embossed label front cover removed. Bookbinders' lable inside upper left (W. M. Stacy, Chicago). Handwritten on second yellow cover page "W. W. Smith Sept. 8, 1858." Collection of piano music published in U.S.A., dates in 1850s, several with colored and illustrated title pages. Several pieces towards the end of the collection are noted as gifts to "Belle" from "Spike." The longest note, on the cover of The Wyoming Waltz, invites Belle to "Meet me by moonlight...." The nocturne "Dream of Home," composed by Antonio de Anguera, is dedicated to "Miss Julia Isabella Judson" and a pencilled note adds Anguera "evidently a friend of Judson family that bound their music in the vol." There are several pieces by de Anguera, one is ascribed "Miss Belle Judson From Spike." Includes numerous dances (polkas predominate) as well as works by Burgmuller (La fete des gondoliers), Cramer (fantasies, Morceaux brilliantes), Fields (Nocturne), Wallace (concert polkas), Hermann Adolph Wollenhaupt (various salon pieces). Also M. [Max or Maurice] Strakosch's "Yankee Doodle with Concert Variations."

Lowerre 301 Embossed label front cover "MISS O. SUTTON." Inside front cover signed "Mrs. Octavia Ferrell." Large collection of piano and vocal music, published in U.S.A., dates 1840s-50s, some with colored illustrated titles pages. First section, piano music, largely dances (polkas and schottisches, waltzes). Includes pieces by Burgmuller, Hunten, Labitzky. Some pieces have pencilled notes in them: "Think of me when you practice this," "Learn this for me," etc. Vocal music includes solo, duet, and ensemble pieces accompanied by piano or guitar. Includes David T. Shaw's "Columbia The Gem of the Ocean," several songs performed by minstrel groups, many sentimental songs, including several composed by Alice Hawthorne (including "Why Ask if I Remember Thee, Melody from Lucie di Lammermoor,") and ballads by Thomas Baker. Some of the Baker pieces are inscribed "To Miss Octavia Sutton by [N. F.?]."

Lowerre 302 Embossed label front cover "OCTAVIA SUTTON." Collection of piano music, mainly dances, published in U.S.A., dates 1840s-50s. Includes many with evocative titles: "Elephant Polka," "Sea Serpent Polka," and "The Bloomer Scottisch" (Dedicated to Mrs. Bloomer and the Ladies in favor of the Bloomer Costume), complete with colorful title-page illustrations. One piece for four-hand piano ("Valse brillante" by Jules Schulhoff). Collection ends with sets of quadrilles.



Since the handlist is a preliminary survey and does not completely catalog each piece of music within the individual bound volumes, these indexes are not comprehensive, but should serve as a guide in locating volumes which may be of interest within the handlist and within the collection itself. The following categories are indexed: composers and arrangers, dramatic productions, other items of interest (authors of texts, historical figures, institutions, selected performers), printers and publishers, places of publication, music periodicals and publishers' series, and volumes containing either manuscript music, music for instruments other than voice and piano, or dance music with choreography. A final list tallies published volumes that are not the work of a single composer or arranger (collections of anthems or folksongs, etc.).

Composer citations follow the attributions made by the publisher or copyist. Given nineteenth-century precedents these may be less than perfectly accurate, particularly for composers such as Joseph Haydn or Matthew Locke. In situations where a composer has arranged music or based a composition on a work written by another composer, citations appear under both composers' names. Where no first name or only initials appeared in publication, complete names were identified where possible using the British Library (primarily for European publications) and Library of Congress catalogs. These were checked against standard reference works, the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, and Harry Dichter and Elliott Shapiro's Early American Sheet Music: Its Lure and Its Lore.

As the number of items containing music for oratorios are relatively few and readily found under the names of the composers (mainly Handel), they have not been included in the list of dramatic productions, which includes staged works of all types, including farce and ballet.

While several important publishers, such as Oliver Ditson of Boston, are listed individually, the descriptions for many volumes only indicate the general region and range of dates in which the volume's contents were published. Publishing firms whose names underwent various changes over time have been listed together with the common variants seen in the handlist.</p> <pre> Composers and Arrangers Abt, Franz Wilhelm

Tawa 32; Lowerre 22, 52, 148, 280, 299 Adam, Adolphe

Lowerre 171 Alard, Delphin Lowerre 154 Alberti, H. Lowerre 74 Alvars, Parish

see Parish Alvars, Elias Andre, Joseph Lowerre 91 Anguera, Antonio de Lowerre 300 Arne, Michael

Lowerre 274 Arne, Thomas Augustine Tawa 79, Lowerre 274 Arnold, Samuel Lowerre 19 Ascher, Joseph

Lowerre 68 Atterbury, Luffman Lowerre 225 Attwood, Thomas Tawa 43; Lowerre 88, 190 Auber, Daniel Francois Esprit Tawa 38, 44, 72, 73, 80, 82; Lowerre 1,

8, 11, 78, 79, 93, 104, 106, 111, 136,

137, 184, 197, 216, 285, 294 Bach, Johann Sebastian

Lowerre 112, 113 Bagiolo, Antonio Lowerre 262 Baker, Thomas Lowerre 301 Balfe, Michael William

Tawa 36, 40, 67; Lowerre 8, 10, 11, 22,

28, 45, 51, 88, 148, 193, 216, 220, 254,

263, 265, 266, 268, 285, 299 Bayley, Thomas Haynes

Tawa 73, Beethoven, Ludwig van Tawa 31, 32, 38, 52; Lowerre 36, 42, 47, 53, 59, 69 [mention], 74, 91, 93, 101, 109, 110, 113, 114, 131, 148, 158, 161, 168, 170, 183, 188, 191, 211, 220, 224, 225, 270, 276, 282, 286, 288, 292 Bellini, Vincenzo Tawa 22, 27, 31, 33, 41, 46, 67, 72, 82; Lowerre 1, 15, 20, 22, 45, 65, 78, 79, 83, 90, 94, 95, 97, 104, 111, 145, 151, 158, 166, 169, 172, 173, 189, 192, 193, 202, 211, 215, 220, 261, 273, 285, 292, 293, 296 Berbiguier, Benoit Tranquille Lowerre 197 Beyer, Ferdinand Lowerre 56, 90, 105, 186, 246, 268, 270, 273, 285, 294, 296 Bishop, Henry Rowley Tawa 18, 29, 31, 43, 66, 74, 79; Lowerre 46, 47, 65, 88, 159, 225 Bissell, [Thomas?] Lowerre 266 Bizet, Georges

Lowerre 91, 183, 213 Blair, William Lowerre 240 Bochsa, Nicholas Lowerre 58, 193, 215 Bohm, Theobald

Lowerre 199 Boieldieu, Adrien Tawa 27, Lowerre 47, 94, 136, 160, 163, 220 Boyce, William Lowerre 224 Braham, John Tawa 3, Lowerre 32, 46 Brahms, Johannes Lowerre 183 Bruni, [Antonio] Bartolomeo Lowerre 13 Burgmuller, Johann Friedrich Lowerre 298, 300, 301 Butler, Thomas Lowerre 247 Byrd, William

Lowerre 224 Callcott, John Wall Tawa 74 Callcott, William Hutchins Lowerre 105, 215 Carafa, Michele

Tawa 27, 43 Carey, Henry Lowerre 88 Cecil, Arthur Lowerre 280 Challoner, Neville Butler Lowerre 216 Chatterton, John Balsir Lowerre 271 Cherry, John William Lowerre 287 Cherubini, Luigi Lowerre 95, 127, 128, 165, 180 Chopin, Fryderyk Lowerre 3, 84, 92, 93, 112, 113, 114, 158, 191 Cimarosa, Domenico Tawa? [2] Clarke, John Lowerre 252 Clementi, Muzio Tawa 18; Lowerre 98, 256 Clifton, John Charles Lowerre 260 Comer, Thomas Tawa 39 Concone, Giuseppe [Joseph] Lowerre 262 Cooke, Benjamin

Lowerre 58 Coppola, Pier [Pietro] Lowerre 142 Antonio Corri, Domenico Lowerre 14, 31, 109 Cramer, Henry [Henri]

Lowerre 3, 5, 37, 293, 300 Cramer, Henry or J. B. Lowerre 56 Cramer, Johann Baptist Tawa 18; Lowerre 98, 109, 257-58, 297 Croft, William Lowerre 260 Crouch, Frederick

Lowerre 22 Curshmann, Karl Friedrich Lowerre 165 Czerny, Carl Tawa 31; Lowerre 54, 55, 65, 69, 90, 104, 136, 151, 170, 203, 220, 259, 285, 286, 298 Dempster, William R.

Tawa 33, Lowerre 29 Dibdin, Charles Lowerre 88, 210 Diemer, Louis Lowerre 213 Donizetti, Gaetano

Tawa 22, 71; Lowerre 1, 15, 43, 51, 54,

58, 59, 65, 79, 83, 89, 90, 93, 94, 95,

97, 101, 132, 138, 143, 144, 151, 158,

165, 166, 172, 173, 178, 181, 193, 195,

215, 246, 248, 261, 266, 276, 280, 285,

292 Doppler, Albert Lowerre 161 Dorigo, F. [possibly Felice] Lowerre 67 Dorn, Eduard

Lowerre 191 Dressler, Raphael Lowerre 197 Drouet, Louis Lowerre 166 Dussek, Jan Ladislav Lowerre 184, 106, 109, 114 Engelbrecht, J. C. Lowerre 288 Esch, Louis von Lowerre 247 Farmer, George O. Lowerre 267 Faure, Gabriel Lowerre 213 Ferrari, Giacomo

Lowerre 184 Field, John Lowerre 180, 217, 300 Fiorilla, Federigo Lowerre 13, 109 Fisher, John Abraham Tawa 3 Flotow, Fredrich Tawa 22; Lowerre 63, 104, 166, 273 Foster, Stephen C. Tawa 81; Lowerre 41, 65, 151, 221, 222, 246 Franz, Robert

Lowerre 34, 52, 148 Frazer, John J. Lowerre 281 Fry, William Henry Tawa 72 Gabriel, Virginia

Lowerre 280 Gade, Niels Lowerre 101, 161 Garcia, J. P. Tawa 74 Gawler, William

Lowerre 212 Giordani, Tommaso Tawa 69; Lowerre 30, Lowerre 274 Glover, Stephen Lowerre 28, 21, 32, 33, 41, 63, 246, Glover, Stephen or William Tawa 25, 36; Lowerre 71, 107 Glover, William Howard Lowerre 63 Gluck, Christoph Willibald Lowerre 31, 140 Godfrey, Charles Lowerre 283 Goss, John Tawa 68 Gottschalk, Louis Moreau

Lowerre 59, 183, 292, 297 Gould, Nathaniel Duren Lowerre 226 Gounod, Charles Lowerre 3, 5, 9, 108, 148, 183, 280 Gretry, Andre-Ernest-Modeste Tawa 3, Lowerre 260 Grieg, Edvard

Lowerre 106, 114 Griffin, George Eugene Lowerre 160, 216 Grobe, Charles Lowerre 61, 74, 107, 246, 268, 269, 281, 297 Guest, George

Lowerre 241, Guglielmi, Pietro Alessandro Lowerre 165, Gumbert, Ferdinand Lowerre 63 Gungl, Joseph Lowerre 187, 204 Halevy, Fromental Lowerre 1 Handel, George Frideric

Tawa 32, 39; Lowerre 19, 20, 29, 30, 36,

83, 87, 158, 159, 168, 190, 210, 212,

220, 224-26, 242, 252, 260 Hanse [= James F. Hance?]

Lowerre 60 Harrington of Bath, Mr. Lowerre 274 Hart, Joseph

Lowerre 66 Hauptmann, Moritz Lowerre 155 Hawthorne, Alice Lowerre 301 Haydn, Franz Joseph

Tawa 18, 69; Lowerre 119, 168, 169, 210,

225, 226, 256, 260 Heath, Lyman Lowerre 67 Heilman, William Clifford Lowerre 150 Heinrich, Anthony Philip

Tawa 56 Heller, Stephen Lowerre 112, 286 Henkel, Michael Lowerre 239, Henselt, Adolf Lowerre 42, 84, 191, 273 Hernandez, A. M. Lowerre 278 Herold, Ferdinand Lowerre 94, 193, 195, 197, 220, 273, 299 Herz, Henri Lowerre 185, 189, 192, 202, 246, 248, 249, 261, 266, 268, 287, 291, 294 Hewitt, John G. Lowerre 265 Hews, George

Lowerre 294 Hill, Milton Lowerre 278 Hills, Henry Lowerre 148 Himmel, Friedrich Lowerre 109 Hine, James Lowerre 287 Hodges, Faustina Hasse Tawa 62 Hoffman, Richard Lowerre 92, 101 Hogan, Ernest Lowerre 272 Hook, James

Tawa 5, 18, 69; Lowerre 210, 212 Horn, Charles Edward

Tawa 54, 60, 73; Lowerre 22, 35, 77, 80,

88, 160, 247, 259 Hueberer, C. F. Lowerre 266 Hummel, Johann Nepomuk Lowerre 38, 211, 217, 259 Hunten, Franz

Lowerre 192, 202, 261, 287, 294, 301 Irwin, May

Lowerre 272 Jackson, William Tawa 69; Lowerre 274 Jadassohn, Salomon Lowerre 199 Jadin, Louis

Lowerre 210 Jousse, Jean Lowerre 247 Jullien, Louis Lowerre 220 Kalkbrenner, Frederic

Lowerre 109, 160, 202, 261, 287 Kappes, J. H.

Lowerre 277 Kelly, Michael Tawa 5; Lowerre 88 Kent, James Lowerre 87, 225 Kerker, Gustave

Lowerre 272 Kiallmark, George Lowerre 38 King, Charles Lowerre 62 King, Matthew Peter Lowerre 225 Kirmair, Friedrich Joseph Lowerre 58 Knight, Joseph Philip Lowerre 9, 28, 64, 80 Koczwara (Kotzwara), Fratisek Tawa 66, Lowerre 46 (Franz) Kohler, Louis Heinrich Lowerre 194 Kozeluch, Johann Antonin Lowerre 184 Kucken, Friedrich

Lowerre 154, 199 Kuffner, Joseph Lowerre 170 Kuhe, Wilhelm Lowerre 286 Kuhlau, Friedrich

Lowerre 88, 197 Kummer, Friedrich Lowerre 161 Labitzky, Joseph [Josef] Lowerre 170, 171, 220, 239, 266, 301 Labarre, Theodore Lowerre 193 Latour, Jean Tatton

Tawa 3, 53; Lowerre 14, 77, 98, 109, 159 Lee, Alexander

Lowerre 77 Lemoine, Henry Lowerre 298 Leslie, Henry Lowerre 289 Leveridge, Richard Lowerre 231 Leybach, Ignace Lowerre 49, 92 Linley, Thomas

Tawa 69; Lowerre 212 Liszt, Franz Lowerre 15, 108, 112, 113, 183, 191, 259 Little, J. H. Lowerre 188 Lobe, Carl Tawa 22 Locke, Matthew

Lowerre 216 Lysberg, Charles B. Lowerre 59, 273 Mack, Edward Lowerre 73 Maeder, James Gaspard Lowerre 59 Malibran, Maria Lowerre 77, 88 Marschner, Heinrich Lowerre 135 Marsh, John Lowerre 225 Martini, Giovanni Battista Lowerre 225 Mascagni, Pietro

Lowerre 85 Mason, Lowell Lowerre 65, 172 Massenet, Jules Lowerre 57 Mayr, Giovanni Simone

Lowerre 109 Mazzinghi, Joseph Lowerre 14, 38, 247, 260 Mehul, Etienne-Nicolas Lowerre 131, 163, 197 Meinecke, Christopher Lowerre 77 Mendelssohn, Felix Tawa 38; Lowerre 24, 36, 42, 59, 63, 75, 84, 93, 97, 112, 115, 169, 191, 225, 266,

273, 276, 286, 292, 296, 299 Mercadante, Saverio Lowerre 35, 126, 148, 158, 215 Metra, Olivier Lowerre 176 Meyer-Helmund, Erik Lowerre 85 Meyerbeer, Giacomo Tawa 22; Lowerre 1, 95, 97, 104, 105, 124, 160, 217, 247, 261, 273, 281, 296 Meyern, Gustav Lowerre 292 Moscheles, Ignaz Tawa 59; Lowerre 37, 98, 112, 192, 211 Moss, Matthew Lowerre 291 Motte, Gabrielle de la Lowerre 74 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Tawa 20; Lowerre 15, 30, 38, 47, 58, 65, 66, 79, 83, 97, 109, 110, 111, 112, 121, 130, 131, 136, 154, 155, 159, 160, 163, 168, 181, 190, 191, 212, 213, 224-26, 260, 273, 281, 288 Musard, Philippe Lowerre 38, 171 Niedermeyer, Louis Lowerre 218 Nelson, [Sydney?] Lowerre 29 Neukomm, Sigismond Lowerre 88, 211 Nicolai ["Niccolai"],

Tawa? [1], 79; Lowerre 148 Valentino Novello, Vincent

Lowerre 168 Oberthur, Charles Lowerre 271 Oesten, Theodore Lowerre 293, 296 Offenbach, Jacques

Lowerre 92, 164, 176, 187, 265, 273, 289 Pacini ["Paccini"], Giovanni Tawa 61; Lowerre 120, 261, 285 Paer, Ferdinando

Lowerre 109 Paganini, Nicolo Tawa 80; Lowerre 184 Paine, John Knowles Lowerre 112 Paisiello, Giovanni

Tawa? [2]; Lowerre 190 Palestrina, Giovanni Lowerre 88 Pierluigi da Parish Alvars, Elias Lowerre 271 Percy, John Lowerre 190 Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista Lowerre 215 Perkins, Charles C. Lowerre 4, 291 Piccinni, Niccolo Lowerre 31 Picolet, Madam J. Lowerre 257-8 Plachy, Wenzel Lowerre 58 Pleyel, Ignaz Joseph

Lowerre 18, 60, 106, 159, 210 Popp, William

Lowerre 161, 194, 195, 199, 204 Purcell, Henry Lowerre 11, 40 Purday, Charles Henry Lowerre 224 Putnam, George W. Lowerre 289 Rae, Abelinda S. E. Lowerre 96 Rauzzini, Venanzio Lowerre 247 Reinagle, Alexander

Tawa? [1], 60 Reissiger, Karl Gottlieb [C. Lowerre 75 G.] Repper, Charles Lowerre 99 Rice, Edward Everett

Lowerre 91 Richardson, Nathan Lowerre 243 Ries, Ferdinand Lowerre 188 Rink [Rinck], J. Christian Lowerre 239 Heinrich Romberg. Andreas Lowerre 88 Rooke, William M. Tawa 44; Lowerre 45, 215 Root, George Frederick

Tawa 36; Lowerre 10, 246, 273 Rosellen, Henri

Lowerre 294, 296 Rosenfeld, Monroe H. Lowerre 10, 279 Ross, John Lowerre 247 Rossini, Gioachino Tawa 20, 31, 38, 42, 43, 44, 46, 63, 73,

80, 82; Lowerre 6, 12, 15, 36, 42, 43,

45, 47, 79, 93, 94, 97, 111, 116, 117,

122, 123, 125, 129, 134, 136, 139, 148,

160, 163, 165, 180, 181, 184, 188, 189,

192, 195, 197, 202, 215, 248, 259, 261,

273, 291 Russell, Henry Tawa 65, 68; Lowerre 62, 77 Sacchini, Antonio Lowerre 31, 190 Saint-Saens, Camille Lowerre 113, 161 Saran, August

Lowerre 101, 113, 115 Sauzeau, Henri Bohlman Lowerre 174 Scarlatti, Domenico Lowerre 114 Schobert, Johann

Lowerre 247 Schubert, Franz Lowerre 36, 93, 110, 112, 115, 158, 169, 248, 273, 276 Schulhoff, Julius [Jules] Lowerre 286, 299, 302 Schumann, Robert

Lowerre 85, 92, 101, 110, 112, 113, 114,

115, 191, 292 Shaw, David T. Lowerre 301 Shield, John Lowerre 211 Shield, William

Tawa 60; Lowerre 88 Sieczynski, Rudolf Lowerre 283 Slapp, William Lowerre 247 Sloman, Jane

Tawa 45 Spohr, Louis Lowerre 118, 163 Spontini, Gaspare Lowerre 163 Staab, Franz

Lowerre 41 Steibelt, Daniel Lowerre 77, 180 Stevens, C. Wistar Lowerre 237 Stevens, Richard John Samuel Tawa 19; Lowerre 212 Stevenson, John Andrew Lowerre 190, 224, 225, 247 Storace, Stephen Lowerre 88, 212, 226 Strakosch, Max or Maurice Lowerre 300 Strauss, Johann Tawa 31; Lowerre 30, 57, 92, 94, 171, 176, 177, 178, 187 Sullivan, Arthur Lowerre 280, 289 von Suppe, Franz Lowerre 91, 92 Tallis, Thomas Lowerre 225 Taubert, Karl Lowerre 286 Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich

Lowerre 164 Templeton, Fay Lowerre 272 Terschak, Adolf Lowerre 194, 199, 204 Thalberg, Sigismond

Lowerre 49, 68, 92, 249, 259, 293 Thomas, Ambroise

Lowerre 213 Tillmetz, Rudolf Lowerre 195, 199 Topliff, Robert Lowerre 97, 287 Tulou, Jean-Louis

Lowerre 197 Turner, Joseph W. Lowerre 147, 295 Vane, Florence Lowerre 265 Vanhal [Vanhall], John Tawa 3; Lowerre 239 Baptist Verdi, Giuseppe Tawa 35; Lowerre 1, 20, 22, 36, 79, 83, 93, 101, 104, 133, 148, 151, 165, 173, 178, 195, 273, 276, 280, 281, 293, 296 Vernon, Harold M. Lowerre 264 Wade, Joseph Lowerre 32 Wagner, Richard

Lowerre 40, 85, 177, 181, 183 Waldteufel, Emile

Lowerre 177 Walker, George Lowerre 272 Wallace, William Vincent Lowerre 248, 300 Wanhal, Johann

see Vanhal Ward, Charlie Lowerre 289 Webbe, Samuel

Tawa 5, 43; Lowerre 225 Weber, Carl Maria (Friedrich

Tawa 84 Lowerre 42, 44, 66, 68, 88, 101, Ernst) von

111, 141, 180, 191, 197, 211, 217, 273,

280, 292 Whitaker, John Lowerre 224 White, Charles Albert Lowerre 149 Wiesenthal, Thomas Van Dyke Lowerre 72 Williams, Bert Lowerre 272 Wilson, Walter

Lowerre 168 von Winter, Peter Lowerre 109 Wollenhaupt, Hermann Adolph Lowerre 300 Woodbury, I. B.

Lowerre 287 Work, Henry Clay Tawa 78; Lowerre 278 </pre> <pre> Dramatic Productions (Music from plays, operas, ballets, pantomimes, revues) Acis and Galatea Lowerre 16, 19, 252 Adelaide di Guesclino Lowerre 109 L'Africaine

Lowerre 5 Ahmed al Ramel Lowerre 35 Aida Lowerre 195 Alessandro Stradella

Lowerre 63 Ali Baba Lowerre 95 Amilie or The Love Test Tawa 44; Lowerre 45, 215 Anna Bolena

Lowerre 51, 95 Artaxerxes Tawa 79 Un ballo in maschera Lowerre 92, 101 Il barbier di Siviglia

Tawa 43; Lowerre 47, 111, 136, 139, 160,

180, 273 Beatrice di Tenda Lowerre 95, 169, 185, 215 Belisario Lowerre 65, 219, 271 The Belle of New York Lowerre 272 The Bohemian Girl Tawa 40, 67; Lowerre 8, 10, 45, 51, 254, 265, 269, 285 The Bondman Lowerre 220 Les brigands

Lowerre 164 Le calife de Bagdad Lowerre 47, 94, 136, 220 I Capuleti e i Montecchi Lowerre 95, 220 Carmen

Lowerre 91 La cenerentola [Cinderella] Tawa 43 [Carafa's], 63 [all others Rossini's]; Lowerre 45, 93, 94, 197 Le cheval de bronze Lowerre 220 Comus Lowerre 274 Il Conte Ory

Lowerre 125 Cosi fan tutte Lowerre 121 The Critic

Lowerre 274 Il crociato in Egitto Lowerre 91, 124, 217 La dame blanche [White Lady] Lowerre 47, 75, 136, 160, 249 The Daughter of St. Mark's Lowerre 266 Demetrio e Polbio

Lowerre 123 Les deux aveugles de Tolede Lowerre 163, 197 The Devil's Brother Lowerre 50 Les diamans de la couronne

Lowerre 93 Dichter und Bauer Lowerre 92 Le dieu et la bayader Tawa 44 Dombey and Son Lowerre 33, 63 Don Giovanni Tawa 20; Lowerre 35, 65, 79, 91, 97, 130, 163, 213, 273 Don Pasquale

Lowerre 43, 65, 97, 158, 195 Don Sebastiano

Lowerre 138, 276 La donna del lago Lowerre 12, 93 The Earl and the Girl Lowerre 290 L'elisir d'amore

Tawa 22; Lowerre 55, 79, 101 Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail Lowerre 109 Ernani Lowerre 36, 97, 101, 173, 296 L'esule di Roma Lowerre 215 Euryanthe

Lowerre 101, 141 Evangeline Lowerre 91 Fanchon Lowerre 109 Fatinitza

Lowerre 91 Faust Lowerre 3, 5, 108, 183, 280 La favorite Lowerre 15, 63, 105, 195 Fernando Cortez Lowerre 163 Fidelio Lowerre 113, 211, 220 La fille du regiment Tawa 71; Lowerre 55, 89, 93 [The Daughter of the Regiment] Fra Diavolo

Tawa 73, 82; Lowerre 91, 104, 220, 249,

285 Der Freischutz Tawa 84; Lowerre 111, 180, 197, 211, 217, 220, 273, 280, 292 The French Maid Lowerre 264 La gazza ladra

Lowerre 97, 111, 129, 163, 220 Il giuramento Lowerre 35 La grande duchesse de Lowerre 292 Gerolstein Griselda

Lowerre 109 Guillaume Tell [William Tell] Tawa 20, 44; Lowerre 42, 111, Lowerre 134 [music adapted as Vallace], 195, 220,

248, 249 Gustave III Lowerre 197, 216 Guy Mannering

Lowerre 47 Hamlet Lowerre 213, 219 How I Discovered America! Lowerre 26 Les Huguenots

Lowerre 95, 105, 273 The Irish Minstrel Lowerre 284 L'italiana in Algeri Lowerre 111, 136, 160 Jean de Paris Lowerre 47, 163 Jessonda

Lowerre 118, 163 Joseph Lowerre 131 Lalla Rookh Tawa 54, 60 The Legion of Honor Lowerre 50 Linda di Chamounix Lowerre 55, 143, 172, 285, 286 I Lombardi Tawa 35; Lowerre 35, 133, 276 Lucia di Lammermoor Tawa 67, Lowerre 35, 59, 79, 93, 97, 105,

166, 266, 292, 301 Lucrezia Borgia

Tawa 22; Lowerre 35, 54, 55, 89, 94, 151,

158, 276, 285 Macbeth Lowerre 97 [Verdi], 216 [attributed to Locke] The Maid of Artois Lowerre 55 Mazino Faliero

Lowerre 132 Martha Tawa 22; Lowerre 104, 166, 273 Masaniello [see La muette de Portici] La medicine sans medicin

Lowerre 197 Mignon Lowerre 219 Moise

Lowerre 293 La muette de Portici Tawa 38; Lowerre 93, 111, 137, 220 [Masaniello] Nabucco

Lowerre 79 La neige Lowerre 136 La Niobe Lowerre 261 Le nozze di Figaro [Figaro]

Lowerre 15, 30, 109, 111, 130, 136, 190,

281 Norma Tawa 33; Lowerre 22, 45, 55, 65, 94, 95, 97, 111, 151, 172, 220, 271, 293, 298 Oberon Lowerre 44, 191, 220 On This Love Tawa 54, Orazi e Curiazi Lowerre 126 Orfeo ed Euridice [Orpheus Lowerre 140 und Euridice] Orphee aux enfers Lowerre 273 Le pardon de Ploermel

Lowerre 281 Paul el Virginie Lowerre 260 La pazza per amore Lowerre 142 Il pirata Lowerre 15, 211 Le pre aux clercs Lowerre 195, 197, 273 Le prophete

Lowerre 104, 105 I puritani Lowerre 95, 145, 185, 273, 296 Regine, ou Les deux nuits Lowerre 171 Ricciardo e Zoraide Lowerre 117 Rienzi

Lowerre 183 Rigoletto Lowerre 22, 91, 195, 293 Roberto Devereaux Tawa 22; Lowerre 97 Robert le diable [Robert der Tawa 22; Lowerre 95, 97, 248, 271, 296 Teufel] Rodelinda Lowerre 16 Le roi d'Yvetot

Lowerre 171 Ruy Blas Lowerre 63 Satanella, or The Power of Lowerre 299 Love Saffo [Sappho]

Lowerre 285 Semiramide Lowerre 45, 111, 116, 220 Shane-Na-Lawn Lowerre 284 The Siege of Rochelle

Lowerre 216 Sigismondo Lowerre 123 La sirene Lowerre 294 Ein Sommernachtstraum

Lowerre 75, 97 [Midsummer Night's Dream] La sonnambula

Tawa 22, 41, 82; Lowerre 104, 158, 166,

271, 285, 292 Tancredi Lowerre 6, 47, 94, 111, 122, 136, 180, 188, 220, 259, 291 Tannhauser Lowerre 63 La testa di bronzo Lowerre 215 Torquato Tasso Lowerre 144 La traviata Lowerre 63, 104, 293 Il trovatore

Lowerre 91, 92, 93, 101, 104, 151, 273,

276 Il turco in Italia Lowerre 94 Two Faces Under a Hood Tawa 60, L'ultimo giorno di Pompei

Lowerre 120 Uncle Tom's Cabin Tawa 19 Unterbrochene Opferfest Lowerre 109 Vallace Lowerre 134 Der Vampyr Lowerre 135 Les vepres siciliennes

Lowerre 281 Zampa Lowerre 94, 220, 299 Die Zauberflote Tawa 73 [Bayley]; Lowerre 38, 58, 160, 220, 260 [Mozart] Zelis

Lowerre 14 </pre> <pre> Other Items of Interest (Authors of texts, historical figures, institutions, performers [selected]) Adams, John Quincy Tawa 84 Bach & Abel Concerts

Tawa 6 Bayes, Nora Lowerre 57 Beard, John

Lowerre 231 Bland, John Lowerre 87 Bloomer, Mrs. Amelia Lowerre 302 Bonaparte, Napoleon

Lowerre 67, 76 Browning, Robert Lowerre 240 Bryant, Dan Lowerre 279 Buckley's Serenaders

Lowerre 48 Burlesque Lowerre 263, 283 Burns, Robert Lowerre 23, 150, 235 Catalani, Angelica

Lowerre 80 Cecilia, Saint Lowerre 252 [frontispiece] Christy's Minstrels Tawa 35, 81, 83; Lowerre 40, 229, 234 Civil War (American) Tawa 70; Lowerre 228, 246, 267, 268, 278 College songs Lowerre 76, 167, 237 Cook, Eliza

Tawa 65 Confederacy [C.S.A.] Tawa 70; Lowerre 228 Crow, Jim Lowerre 33, 216 Custis Family, Martha & Tawa? [2] Eleanor Parke Dickens, Charles

Lowerre 33, 63, 157 Drury Lane Theatre Tawa 73; Lowerre 50, 231, 274 Grossmith, George Lowerre 26 Handel & Haydn Society Lowerre 88, 224, 225, 242, 244 Harrison, William Henry

Lowerre 62, 267 Harvard University Tawa 39; Lowerre 25, 290 Hawthorne, Nathaniel Tawa 28 Held, Anna

Lowerre 264 Hughes, Jennie Lowerre 279 Hutchinson Family Lowerre 33, 291 Incledon, Charles Lowerre 190 Irish [and stage-Irish] songs Tawa 20, 24, 59; Lowerre 31, 105, 193, & ballads 279, 284 Kunkel's Nightingales

Lowerre 289 Lafayette, Marquis de Tawa 84 Lewis, Matthew Lowerre 88 Lind, Jenny Tawa 22, 71; Lowerre 55, 268, 270, 291, 295 Lingard, William Lowerre 283 Lowe, Thomas

Lowerre 231 Malibran, Maria Lowerre 77, 80, 88, 291 Milton, John Lowerre 29 Minstrel songs

Tawa 35, 81, 83; Lowerre 40, 221, 222,

229, 234, 246, 263, 278, 279, 283, 284,

301 Moore, Thomas Tawa 54, 59, 60, 68; Lowerre 58, 72, 247 National anthems, hymns, Tawa 56, 74; Lowerre 38, 62, 72, 105, other music 166, 227, 230, 232, 271 Nilsson, Christine Lowerre 213, 219 Patti, Adelina

Lowerre 236 Planche, James Robinson Lowerre 44 Pocahontas Lowerre 62 Pope, Alexander

Lowerre 87 Prior, Matthew Lowerre 231 Radcliffe, Ann Lowerre 190 Scanlan, W.J. Lowerre 284 Scott, Sir Walter Tawa 5, 71; Lowerre 12, 93 Scottish songs & ballads Tawa 5, 20, 27, 33, 34, 36, 43, 71,

Lowerre 23, 31, 50, 55, 76, 105, 107,

193, 210, 212, 235, 284 Shakespeare, William

Tawa 73, Lowerre 75, 97, 213, 219 Sonneck, Oscar George

Lowerre 230 Theodore Sontag, Henriette Lowerre 30, 37 Stowe, Harriet Beecher Tawa 19; Lowerre 246 Tennyson, Alfred, Lord Tawa 33; Lowerre 28 Tyrolese, Tyrolienne

Tawa 59; Lowerre 77 Vestris Family, dancers Lowerre 14, 160 Washington, George Tawa 66; Lowerre 62 Watts, Isaac

Lowerre 212 Wellington, Duke of Lowerre 11, 33 Women composers Tawa 62; Lowerre 77, 240, 257-8, 272, 280, 301 </pre> <pre> Printers and Publishers Addison, R. & Co. Lowerre 105 Bacon & Hart

Tawa 56 Badger, Thomas Jr. Lowerre 225, 226, 244, 275 Birchall, Robert Lowerre 184 Bland, John; Bland & Wellers Lowerre 87, 212 Bohme, Johann Adolph Lowerre 121 Boosey & Co.; Boosey & Sons Lowerre 211, 215, 229, 263 Bradlee, C. [Boston] Lowerre 98 Brandus et cie Lowerre 4 Breitkopf & Hartel Lowerre 75, 89, 119 Christman, C. G. Lowerre 11 Church, John Lowerre 240 Clementi & various Lowerre 16, 18, 19, 188, 256 Cole, John & Son Lowerre 260 Collard & Collard Lowerre 211 Corri, John Lowerre 31 Cramer, Addison & Beale Lowerre 211, 215 Cranz, August Lowerre 161 D'Almaine & Co. [also see Lowerre 39, 215 Goulding] Davis, A. E. [Chicago] Lowerre 223 Diabelli, Anton Lowerre 163, 211, 215 Ditson, Oliver Tawa 19, 33, 35, 75; Lowerre 34, 43, 74, 152, 153, 162, 221, 222, 299 Dubois & Stoddart Lowerre 98 Goulding; Goulding, Phipps, & Lowerre 211, 247 D'Almaine Government Printing Office,

Lowerre 230 U.S.A. Graupner, Gottlieb Tawa 5, 18, 49, 51, 66, 79; Lowerre 23, 46, 72 Hall, William & Son Tawa 76 Higgins Bros. Lowerre 41 Hofmeister Lowerre 75, 135 Holland, W.J.

Lowerre 236 Hummel [Amsterdam] Lowerre 13 Johnson, James & Co. Lowerre 235 Jones & Co.

Lowerre 252 Klemm, John G. Lowerre 81 Lee & Walker [Philadelphia] Lowerre 73 Lee, John Lowerre 247 Lemoine, Henry Lowerre 111 Le Pelletier, Madame Tawa 54 Linley, E. Lowerre 60 Little, J.J. & Ives Tawa 78 Longman & Broderip

Tawa 69; Lowerre 274 Loring, James Lowerre 224, 242 Lothrop, D. & Co. Lowerre 227 Litolff

Lowerre 86 Lucca, Francesco Lowerre 137, 139, 142, 144 Mesier, E. S. Lowerre 75 Morgan, John

Tawa 60 Novello, J. Alfred Lowerre 168, 260 Offenbach Lowerre 13 Paterson, William

Lowerre 238 Peters, C. F. Lowerre 118 Preston; Preston & Son Lowerre 23, 47 [London] Reed, G. P.

Lowerre 262 Reinagle, Alexander Tawa? [1] Richardson, M. T. & Co. Lowerre 228 Richardson, Nathan Lowerre 243 Richault, S. Lowerre 96 Ricordi; Ricordi, Grua & Co. Lowerre 116, 117, 120, 122-26, 132-34,

138, 143 Root & Cady Lowerre 283 Royal Harmonic Institution Lowerre 44 Schlesinger, Adolph Martin Lowerre 140 Schott, B.; B. Schott's Sons Lowerre 89, 186, 211 Schubert, G. Lowerre 95 Schuberth, Edward & Co. Lowerre 110 Sheard, C. Lowerre 40 Simrock, Nikolaus

Lowerre 129, 239 Smith, Elder & Co. Lowerre 100 Steiner, S. A. [Vienna] Lowerre 130, 141 Texas Folklore Society

Lowerre 233 Thorowgood, Henry Lowerre 274 Tolman, Henry & Co. Lowerre 237 Wade Lowerre 59 Walker, G.; Walker & Son Lowerre 212, 215 [London] Wright, W. Lowerre 232 Zumsteeg, G. A. Lowerre 75 </pre> <pre> Places of Publication (Alphabetical by country, then by city name within each country) Europe [general] Lowerre 3, 74, 110, 114, 115, 154, 155, 158, 164, 173, 176-78, 181, 187, 189, 191, 192, 194-209, 217, 246, 273, 280, 286, 287, 291-94, 298, 299 Vienna, Austria Lowerre 130, 131, 136, 141, 169, 170, 171 Brussels, Belgium

Lowerre 89 Prague, Czech Republic Lowerre 170, 171 Paris, France Tawa 73, 83; Lowerre 4, 13, 37, 96, 111, 127, 128, 161, 163, 170, 171, 176, 184, 185, 191, 213, 218, 219, 239, 248, 271, 291 Berlin, Germany

Lowerre 13, 42, 140 Bonn, Germany Lowerre 129, 136, 166, 217, 239 Brunswick [Braunschweig], Lowerre 85, 163 Germany Hamburg, Germany Lowerre 110, 121, 136, 161, 163, 169 Leipzig, Germany Lowerre 37, 75, 89, 95, 101, 110, 112, 118, 119, 135, 136, 161, 166 Mainz [Mayence], Germany Lowerre 171, 186 Stuttgart, Germany

Lowerre 75 Dublin, Ireland Tawa 59; Lowerre 190, 247 Italy [general] Lowerre 146 Milan, Italy

Lowerre 116, 117, 120, 122-26, 132-34,

137-39, 142-44 Naples, Italy Lowerre 145 Amsterdam, Netherlands Tawa 73; Lowerre 13 Edinburgh, U.K.

Lowerre 31, 235, 238 London, U.K. Tawa 43, 54, 59, 69; Lowerre 14, 16, 18,

19, 21, 23, 38-40, 42, 44, 47, 50, 58,

60, 70, 80, 83, 87, 100, 105, 109, 148,

160, 161, 165, 166, 168, 172, 174, 180,

184, 185, 188, 190, 210-12, 215-17, 220,

229, 231, 232, 234, 240, 241, 247, 249,

252, 253, 256, 260, 263, 266, 271, 274 United States of America Tawa 21, 24, 25, 34, 38-41, 43, 45, 46, [general]

50, 52, 58, 62, 67, 81; Lowerre 5, 7, 12,

22, 26-29, 35, 41, 49, 51, 52, 54, 62-65,

67, 74, 91, 94, 102-4, 107, 112, 148,

151, 154, 155, 158, 167, 187, 189, 191,

192, 203, 246, 248-51, 254, 255, 261,

265-68, 270, 273, 276-88, 290, 292-302 Austin, TX Lowerre 233 Baltimore, MD

Tawa 32, 34, 36, 53, 54, 63, 73, 82, 83;

Lowerre 32, 69, 189, 260 Boston, MA Tawa? [1], 5, 18, 19, 29, 30, 33, 35, 36,

39, 46, 49, 51, 53, 64, 66, 71-75, 77,

79, 82, 84; Lowerre 6, 23, 24, 32, 34,

36, 37, 42, 43, 46, 47, 50, 53, 55, 59,

61, 66, 72, 74, 77, 83, 85, 88, 98, 99,

108, 147, 149, 152, 153, 156, 157, 159,

161, 162, 164, 166, 172, 173, 189, 221,

222, 224-27, 237, 242-44, 259, 262, 275,

277, 282, 289 Chicago, IL

Tawa 58; Lowerre 10, 41, 223, 283 Cincinnati, OH

Lowerre 107, 240 Cleveland, OH Tawa 62; Lowerre 5, 20 Nashville, TN Tawa 83 New Orleans, LA

Tawa 83 New York, NY Tawa? [1], 3, 18, 32, 34, 36, 44, 53, 54, 57, 64, 68, 71, 72, 74, 76-79, 82-84; Lowerre 5, 6, 10, 11, 32, 35, 36, 45, 47, 53, 55, 59, 66, 72, 75, 77, 78, 85, 88, 98, 101, 108, 110, 157, 159, 164, 172, 189, 228, 236, 240, 262, 264, 272, 283 Philadelphia, PA Tawa? [1], 3, 18, 56, 60, 68, 73, 77, 80, 84; Lowerre 8, 30, 50, 55, 59, 61, 66,

67, 72, 73, 77, 78, 81, 103, 159, 166,

173, 259, 282 St. Louis, MO Lowerre 5, 71 Washington, DC Lowerre 230 Confederate States of America Tawa 70 [1861-66] </pre> <pre> Music Periodicals and Publishers' Series America's Musical Miscellany Lowerre 72 Beauties of the Opera

Lowerre 1 English Songs and Ballads Tawa 17 Ethiopian Melodies

Tawa 81 The Euterpiad: or, Musical Lowerre 275 Intelligencer and Ladies' Gazette Fantaisies de salon pour Lowerre 195 flute et piano Gems from the German Lowerre 299 Howe's Musical Monthly Lowerre 106 Journal of Music [Baltimore, Tawa 54

MD] Moore's National Melodies Lowerre 72 The Musical Bouquet

Lowerre 40, 70, 174, 234, 249, 253, 263 The Musical Library [Boston] Lowerre 88 The New York Journal and Lowerre 264 Advertiser Opern-Bibliothek fur Lowerre 95 Pianoforte-Spieler Sacred Songs Tawa 17 Souvenir elegant, bouquet des Lowerre 293 melodies Wayside Flowers of France and Tawa 17 Italy </pre> <p>Volumes Containing Manuscript Music

Tawa? [2] [Martha Custis Albums], 55, 60, 83; Lowerre 35, 46, 51, 63, 65, 76, 148, 150, 158, 163, 189, 190, 203, 269, 278, 280, 283</p> <pre> Volumes Containing Music for Instruments other than Voices and Piano Flute Lowerre 14, 18, 105, 154, 161, 162, 166, 175, 179, 182, 184, 196-98, 201, 206, 207, 214, 215, 247, 274 Guitar

Tawa 35; Lowerre 14, 51, 78, 103, 275,

278, 279, 301 Harp

Tawa 34; Lowerre 58, 193, 215, 262, 271 Harpsichord

Tawa 60; Lowerre 18, 212, 247, 274 String ensemble

Tawa 56 Violin Tawa 56; Lowerre 14, 18, 23, 60, 75, 150, 177, 178, 179, 184, 210, 242, 247, 274 Violoncello Tawa 56; Lowerre 18, 150 Tambourine Lowerre 247 </pre> <p>Volumes Containing Dance Music with Choreography

Tawa 34, 40, 43; Lowerre 38, 66, 184, 267

Published Volumes Not the Work of a Single Composer or Arranger

Ordway's Parlor Glees [Tawa 75], The Bouquet of Melody for MDCCCL [Tawa 76], A Select Collection of Original Scotish Airs for the Voice [Lowerre 23], The Musical Bijou, an Album of Music and Poetry for MDCCCXLIX [Lowerre 39], Le souvenir musical de beaute pour Paris 1857/58 [Lowerre 96], A Picture Song Book, the Songs Taken from Various Sources, the Pictures by the Earl Of Carlisle [Lowerre 100], The Popular Dance Collection, vols. 1-2 [Lowerre 152, 153], Boston Flute Instruction Book [Lowerre 162], Minstrel Songs, Old and New, a Collection of WorldWide; Famous Minstrel and Plantation Songs [Lowerre 221, 222], Illustrated Home Book of Poetry and Song, Comprising Choice Selections from the Poets of All Lands and Ages [Lowerre 223], Old Colony Collection of Anthems, Selected and Published Under the Particular Patronage and Direction of The Handel and Haydn Society In Boston. Vol. II [Lowerre 224], The Boston Handel and Haydn Society Collection of Sacred Music, Consisting of Songs, Duetts, Trios, Chorusses, Anthems & c. Selected from the Works of the Most Celebrated Authors [Lowerre 225, 244], Social Harmony, or A Compilation of Airs, Duetts and Trios, Calculated for Private Devotion [Lowerre 226], The Christy's Minstrels' Song Book, vol. 1 [Lowerre 229], Christy's Minstrels' Ninety-Seven New Songs [Lowerre 234], The Scots Musical Museum [Lowerre 235], Songs That Never Die, Being a Collection of the Most Famous Words and Melodies [Lowerre 236], College Song Book, a Collection of American College Songs [Lowerre 237], A Pedlar's Pack of Ballads and Songs [Lowerre 238], "Specimen Copies / Songs and Ballads" from the John Church Company [Lowerre 240]

Kathryn Lowerre is an assistant professor of musicology at the Michigan State University School of Music.

1. For an overview of the collection, see "Harvard Theatre Collection" at the Houghton Library Web site, (accessed 23 November 2005).

2. My work at Harvard was supported by the W. Jackson Bate / Douglas W. Bryant / American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies visiting fellowship awarded by Houghton Library in 2003-4 for a project on music performed in the London public theaters. I would like to thank Frederic Wilson, curator of the Harvard Theatre Collection, and Annette Fern, former research librarian at the Theatre Collection, for their support. I also wish to thank the staff of the Houghton Library and the Theatre Collection for their interest and assistance, especially in hauling truckloads of heavy volumes out of the archives. I am also grateful to Robert Shay and to this journal's anonymous readers for their comments.

3. The Harvard College Library began a music collection in 1870, and the Harvard Music Department began a similar collection in 1898. The establishment of the Loeb Music Library in a newly constructed wing of the Music Department brought the music collections from Widener Library and the Music Department together in 1956. See "Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library: History of the Library," (accessed 23 November 2005).

4. See "Tawa? [2]" in the handlist that follows. Named for the woman who wed George Washington in 1759, these albums seem to have been owned by various members of the Custis family.

5. Bibliographers Charles Humphries and William C. Smith single out Corri's publication as "a work conspicuous for some new ideas in the printing of musical signs and the harpsichord accompaniment, with directions to singers and instrumentalists, illustrations of musical instruments, and thematic indexes--one of the earliest examples of thematic lists in this country." Music Publishing in the British Isles from the Earliest Times to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century (London: Cassell, 1954), 32.

6. I am especially grateful to Annette Fern for her assistance in puzzling out this charming little volume. An inserted slip of paper reads "GLK Room not to be catalogued," suggesting that this was part of the George Kitteredge collection. Cole's collection was printed in octavo, accounting for the smaller-than-usual-size songsheets.

7. A note in the British Library catalog record for this edition ( [accessed 23 November 2005], shelf mark F., 267) states that the plates were first used in the New Universal Magazine. See also "COLE (BENJAMIN)" in Music Publishing in the British Isles, 111.

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14. The Giordani pieces date from the 1760s and 1770s, according to Irena Cholij, "Giordano, Tommaso," The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2d ed. (London: Macmillan, 2001) 9:885-87.

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18. Nicholas Temperley states this opera does not survive and lists no publications from it. "Horn, Charles Edward," New Grove Dictionary, 11:725-27.

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27. Based on Harvard's online catalog, it does not appear that any of the other Harvard libraries have a copy of Arne's The Syren. Copies can be found in the Library of Congress and in the British Library.

28. See table 1 for volumes owned by the Perkins family.
Table 1. Multiple Volumes Collected by Individuals or Families

Volumes                                    Owner(s) / Collector(s)

Lowerre 276, 287                           Lizzie W. Baldwin
Lowerre 28, 29, 88                         Mary P. Bartlet
Lowerre 5, 20                              Lizzie Wunder Butterworth
Tawa 52, 84; Lowerre 72                    Catharine Dean
Tawa 80, 82                                Caroline Deland
Lowerre 301, 302                           Octavia Sutton Farrell
Tawa 42, 71; Lowerre 55, 66, 77,           Catharine Flint
  79, 107, 251, 285
Lowerre 180, 188                           Ellen France
Lowerre 83, 148                            John B. How
Lowerre 136, 163                           Carl Katzenberger
Lowerre 53, 64                             Julia Lefavour
Lowerre 52, 56                             Lizzie Lewis
Tawa 58; Lowerre 84, 92;                   Ella M. Otto
  possibly Lowerre 85
Tawa 60; Lowerre 16, 19, 242, 244          Augustus Peabody
Lowerre 4, 26, 278, 279, 283, 284          Perkins Family
Lowerre 89, 95, 243                        Nathan Richardson
Lowerre 202, 203                           Anna B. Shaw
Lowerre 69                                 John H. B. Thayer
Lowerre 154, 161, 175, 177-82,             Robert Gould Shaw
  194-96, 199-201, 204-6                     (Harvard 1869)
Lowerre 117, 118, 120-32, 134-35, 137-45,  George Benson Weston
  211; possibly Lowerre 116, 119, 133
Lowerre 97, 280, 292, 293, 299             Wildes Family
Tawa 49; Lowerre 18, 159                   Elizabeth L. Young
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