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Some things I wanted to say to you.

If the horse you ride is blind it's good that it also be slow, and please stroke it a hundred more times than you would the powerful, dazzling one. To be generous is one thing, but there's a clerk in some of us, quick to say yes. Worry about the command in the suggestion. Worry about smiles, and those men whose business is business. There are the joys and enigmas of an evening alone to appreciate. There are always the simple events of your life that you might try to convert into legend. Did you know that a good dog in your house can make you more thoughtful, even more moral? And sex without conversation, sex that's exotic or sleepy ... oh don't let anybody tell you there's a wrong way to have it. Tell your lovers the world robs us in so many ways that a caress is your way of taking something back. Tell the dogs and the horses you love them more than cars. Speak to everything would be my advice.
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Author:Dunn, Stephen
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:May 1, 1993
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