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Some helpful books that every banker should read.

CHASE AND GAVIN, my 5-year old grand twins, love to play follow the leader. The game allows them to take turns being in charge (Chase really likes that) and forces them to think creatively on their feet.

More than any time in our history, bank leaders must seek out and utilize resources to help maximize profits, foster greater internal collaboration and optimize the customer experience. For future columns on ABA Bank, I will delve into books, blogs, people and companies that lead in their respective disciplines.

Space and time won't allow for an exhaustive list, and there are likely others you are already employing. As we quickly approach 2016, however, there's no time like the present to share some ideas to help us all move to the next cultural level.

Books to consider

"The Challenger Customer" hit shelves last month. Authored by Brent Adamson, Matt Dixon, Pat Spenner and Nick Toman, this book takes a deep dive into the buying habits of firms from mom and pop operations to the largest in the world. Based on significant research, its 260 pages target the 5.4 buyers in any situation, how top performers engage them and how collaborating with the "mobilizer" through commercial insight can facilitate more closed business and create sustainable relationships. Case studies from ADP, SMART Technologies and others highlight best practice ideas that focus on the customer and how they buy, not the sales person and how they sell. This is a must read for CEOs, CMOs, sales managers and long-cycle resource managers in banks of all sizes.

"Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead," by Laszlo Bock is a New York Times bestseller and rightly so. Mr. Bock provides practical insights into hiring, compensating and retaining key employees with examples from a variety of companies. His focus however, is on Google.

He describes that while the company has grown to mammoth proportions, it still takes an intimate and counterintuitive approach to bringing new associates on the rope. This philosophy has helped Google strike a balance between market share and life share (work-life balance). Your bank may never have a slide to go from floor to floor, meal service on a daily basis or anything else that Google can provide as perks. You can learn a ton, however, from the behavioral and cultural ideas this amazing read brings to the table.

Tommy Spaulding is an amazing man. His life story is heartwarming and if your bank ever needs a speaker to WOW a crowd and to provide everyone personal perspective, you should hire him. Tommy's first book, "It's Not Just Who You Know," was an instant classic. His newest literary contribution is "The Heart-Led Leader." Tommy discusses authenticity, values and principles that need to be at the core of every business and inside every business executive. It's 18 inches from the head to the heart and, this book helps everyone learn how to use humility, vulnerability, transparency, empathy and, yes, even love to connect that short journey and to become a transformative leader. (See "Leadership from the Heart," p. 18.)


I love getting new books from Amazon or from authors themselves. Nothing can replace an oldie but goodie, however, so here are three more that share timeless ideas:

* Trust Based Selling, by Charles Green. (See "Trust Me!" by Charles Green, ABA Bank Marketing and Sales, January-February, 2014.)

* The Challenger Sale, by Brent Adamson and Matt Dixon.

* Insight Selling, by Mike Schultz and John Doerr.

Chase and Gavin love playing games. In the game of banking, the rules are changing quickly and continually. Staying ahead of the game and your competition requires knowledge, passion and execution.

JACK HUBBARD is chairman and chief sales officer of St. Meyer & Hubbard, a sales performance consulting and training firm located in Elgin, 111. He serves also as an instructor for the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management. Email:
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