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Some additional materials worthy of note.

The summer/fall 2006 issue of Canadian Women Studies /les cahiers de la femme (vol. 25 #s 3 & 4) is devoted completely to the topic of Canadian feminism in action. This publication, which includes French abstracts for articles published in English, and English abstracts for those published in French, provides a wide ranging look at contemporary issues. Articles included examine aboriginal women and justice reform, changes made and still sought in policies related to child care, health, education, family law, class, labor and trade issues. A number of 'new looks' at contemporary history of feminism are included as well as poetry and reviews of more than a dozen recently published books. Other recent issues have dealt with ending woman abuse, rural women, and lesbian, bisexual, queer, transsexual/transgender sexualities. Information about the publication, including subscription information can be found at

What follows is a sampling of articles that appeared during 2006 in a variety of gender related publications. These appear in the Winter & Spring (combined) Issue of a publication by the University of Wisconsin System Women's Studies Librarian Phyllis Holman Weisbard, Feminist Periodicals (2006, Vol. 25 #4 & Vol. 26 #1). We include these here for two reasons: First to underline the value of this publication, which collects current publications and includes photocopies of their tables of contents, along with complete publishing information about the periodicals included, if your local library does not receive this quarterly publication, urge them to do so. The cost is minimal: outside Wisconsin individuals and women's programs pay $30; institutions $55. Inside the state subscriptions cost less. For information contact or visit

The other reason to include some of these items is to show the wide range of interests in gender studies and how relevant much of the work is to anyone sharing the mission of Women and Language. To explore scholarship and thinking about intersections among communication, language and gender. Some, and only some, of the relevant recent articles are:

The Linguistic Turn Revisited: On Time and Language, Katherine Rudolph, Differences A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies, 17 (2), 2006, 64-95.

The Complicated Relationship between Sex, Gender and the Substantive Representation of Women, Sarah Childs, European Journal of Women's Studies, 13 (1), 2006, 7-22.

A special feature of Feminism & Psychology, on Political Psychology, edited by Rose Capdevila and Rhoda Unger is in Vol. 16 #1, 2006. Among several articles relevant to the concerns of Women and Language is Men as Individuals, Women as a Sexed Category: Implications of Symbolic Asymmetry for Feminist Practice and Feminist Psychology by Ligia Amancio and Joao Manuel Oliveira (pp. 35-43). The next issue includes 'You Couldn't Say "No," Could You?': Young Men's Understandings of Sexual Refusal, by Rachael O'Byrne, Mark Rapley and Susan Hansen, 16 (2) 2006, 133-154.

Feminist Media Studies for March 2006 (Vol 6 #1, 25-45) includes "Unruly Womanliness, Gender Dysphoria, and Anita Faleli's lconography" by Gilad Padva, who has published in Women and Language, including in this issue. Two other items of interest in that issue of Feminist Media Studies are "Muslim Women and the Veil: Problems of image and voice in media representations," by Myra Macdonald (7-24) and " 'A Little Bit of a Slave'?: Toward a theorization of the 'hijab in state schools' debate in Australia" by Alia Imatoual (112-117).

Several noteworthy items appear in 2006 (Vol 18) issues of Gender and Education. January (#1) includes "The Tyranny of Surveilance: Male Teachers and the Policing of Masculinities in a Single Sex School" by Wayne Martino and Blye Frank (17-34). In March (#2) were "Reconceptualizing the Gendered Body: Learning and Constructing Masculinities in school" by Carrie Paechter (121-136) and "Views and Perspectives of Women's Studies: A Survey of Women and Men Students." Paechter also wrote "Masculine Femininities / Feminine Masculinities: Power, Identities and Gender" (253-264) that appeared in the May (#3) issue, that was a special issue on the theme of Gender, Power and Difference, edited by Debbie Epstein and Emma Renold. The fourth issue for 2006 (July) included an article "Language: An Important Signifier of Masculinity in a Bilingual Context" by John R. Portelli (413-430).
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Date:Mar 22, 2007
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