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Some Things Fishy: brings easy pet therapy to long term care facilities.

Who can resist the tranquil beauty of an aquarium--it brings calm to residents, visitors and staff alike. But nobody really wants to take care of an aquarium. So, Some Things Fishy created an aquarium that requires no daily work. It's completely automated. You don't need to feed the fish. A machine feeds them automatically, and the lights go on and off on a timer. The special filter keeps the aquarium sparkling clean. It's ideal for people who know nothing about aquariums and don't want to learn.

The Rolling Sea

Some Things Fishy invented the rolling aquarium for bed-bound residents. The lighted background helps residents with vision impairments see the fish. It's the only aquarium that won't spill when moved, even on ramps or over bumps. It can easily be rolled anywhere in your facility, as easy to move as a resident in a wheelchair.

Benefits proven by research

Some Things Fishy donated aquariums for research at Purdue University. Alzheimer's residents seated in front of the Rolling Sea during meals stayed at the table longer, ate 20% more food, and gained weight. The aquariums captured the attention of residents who typically dozed off and calmed agitated residents. Each facility saw cost savings of $400 per month since use of nutritional supplements decreased 25%. (Results were published in a peer-reviewed journal.) Mariner Healthcare recently replicated these results in their own facilities. Further benefits include less skin breakdown leading to fewer acquired in-house pressure sores, decreased anxiety, less wandering, pacing, and yelling. The aquariums entertained and calmed bored and anxious residents, helped them fall asleep at night, and decreased the use of sedative medications. Staff morale increased. This research has been featured in numerous news articles, including Contemporary Long Term Care, Provider, Assisted Living Success, The Los Angeles Times, and American Family Physician.

Aviaries for everyone

Some Things Fishy is finally answering their customers' demand for affordable aviaries that are easy to maintain. CHEEP! Only $1,999! They're furniture-quality: Made of solid hardwoods, with stainless-steel mesh panels that don't need wiping and let you hear the birds stag.

While the pet therapy products are available nationwide for purchase, a Full-Service Package is also available in California starting at only $149 per month, which includes the aquarium/aviary, the fish/birds, all cleaning and preventative maintenance, and on-call service. You never pay any additional charges. Happy customers include more than half of the skilled nursing facilities and many hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Los Angeles area.

Whether your goal is to enhance the ambience of your facility, improve census and case mix quality, reduce resident agitation and calling out, increase food consumption and save money on nutritional supplements, or enhance patient activities programs, the Some Things Fishy supports your goals by providing beautiful aviaries and aquariums. We offer the best customer service, highest quality, and lowest prices guaranteed! Visit our web site for more information or call (800) 791-3321.

16310 Shannon Road | Los Gatos, CA 95032 | 800-791-3321
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Date:Nov 1, 2003
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