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Some 137405 Pakistanis deported in three years.

Islamabad -- Almost 137405 Pakistanis have been deported from various countries on different charges during last three years.

Mainly Pakistani expatriates have been deported over visa violations and their alleged involvement in drugs/ narcotics trafficking related crimes as well as illegal human trafficking.

Well placed sources privy to Interior Ministry, Tuesday that 42435 Pakistanis were deported in 2009 and 43854 in 2010 and 51120 Pakistanis were sent back to home in 2011 by different governments.

Sources said that Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) had taken stern action against human traffickers/smugglers/facilitators and sub agents to control human trafficking from the country.

According to sources close to FIA, Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) was established and promulgation of prevention and Control of Human Trafficking Ordinance (PACHTO) 2002.

Moreover Anti Trafficking Units at Provincial Police HQs for combating internal human trafficking was also established and special campaigns for the arrest of Proclaimed Offenders (POs) and Court Absconders (CAs) had also been launched to eradicate this menace:

Furthermore, FIA Anti Trafficking Sub-Circle, Gujrat was established and declared as Police Station on 15th January, 2009.

Similarly, Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System (PISCE) was replaced with Integrated Border Management System (IBMS) as well as Machine Readable Passports (MRP) introduced.

Sources said that human traffickers had been black listed as well as Immigration Liaison Office in Muscat, Oman was set up. Furthermore, Human Trafficking Information System (HUTIS) placed as well as Case Monitoring System had been installed.

Moreover, coordination with Provincial Police via establishing Provincial Anti Trafficking Units (ATU) as well as effective coordination with NGOs/IGOs for public awareness campaign, through electronic/print media, by conducting meetings, seminars, documentary, walks, pamphlets, theater in rural/urban areas launched.

To avert human trafficking bids for capacity building of immigration check-posts/immigration staff in coordination with international community were carried out along with installation of Immigration Intelligence Unit at FIA HQ, Islamabad with the help of British High Commission and Australia. Moreover , proposal for establishment of Border Liaison Office (BLO) was underway through UNODC.

Sources close to Interior Ministry said that FIA had successfully launched IBMS (integrated Border Management System) at Islamabad and Peshawar Airports and installed Edison System at Major airports through Australian High Commission Islamabad.

Moreover, Immigration Intelligence Unit (IIU) had been created in collaboration with UK. while Transnational Crime Unit (TCU) with the collaboration of Australia set up, consequently, number of deportees on fake documents (DFDs) had reduced drastically.

Sources said that Pakistan got upgraded from Tier-II Watch List to Tier-II in Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP Report 2010) published by US State Department and maintained the same status during 2011 where, by 188 countries around the global were categorized.
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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
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Date:May 2, 2012
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