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Genotype by environment interaction for somatic cell score in Holstein cattle of southern Brazil via reaction norms. Mulim, Henrique Alberto; Pinto, Luis Fernando Batista; Valloto, Altair Antonio; Pedrosa, Victor Bren Apr 1, 2021 4450
A Comparison of Somatic Condition and Testis Mass in Black-Spectacled Toad(Duttaphrynus melanostictus) between Two Populations at Different Altitudes. Report Dec 31, 2020 3817
Some Factors Affecting the Somatic Cell Count in the Milk of Anatolian Water Buffalos(Bubalus bubalis) raised in Igdir Province. Sel, Veli; Yilmaz, Isa; Yanar, Mete Report Jul 23, 2020 4400
Differential Somatic Cell Count as a Novel Indicator of Milk Quality in Dairy Cows. Stocco, Giorgia; Summer, Andrea; Cipolat-Gotet, Claudio; Zanini, Lucio; Vairani, Diego; Dadousis, Ch Report May 1, 2020 8534
Differential Somatic Cell Count as a Marker for Changes of Milk Composition in Cows with Very Low Somatic Cell Count. Zecconi, Alfonso; Dell'Orco, Francesca; Vairani, Diego; Rizzi, Nicoletta; Cipolla, Micaela; Zanini, Report Apr 1, 2020 7310
CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Biallelic Knockout of IRX3 Reduces the Production and Survival of Somatic Cell-Cloned Bama Minipigs. Zhu, Xiangxing; Wei, Yanyan; Zhan, Qunmei; Yan, Aifen; Feng, Juan; Liu, Lian; Tang, Dongsheng Report Mar 1, 2020 9326
Mammary Transcriptome Profile during Peak and Late Lactation Reveals Differentially Expression Genes Related to Inflammation and Immunity in Chinese Holstein. Han, Ziyin; Fan, Yongliang; Yang, Zhangping; Loor, Juan J.; Yang, Yi Report Mar 1, 2020 6425
Effects of Dietary Vegetable Oils on Mammary Lipid-Related Genes in Holstein Dairy Cows. Vargas-Bello-Perez, Einar; Geldsetzer-Mendoza, Carolina; Cancino-Padilla, Nathaly; Morales, Maria So Report Jan 1, 2020 7561
Somatic Mutation Is a Function of Clone Size and Depth in Orbicella Reef-Building Corals. Olsen, Kevin C.; Moscoso, Jose A.; Levitan, Don R. Report Feb 1, 2019 7739
Effects of Anethum groueolens L. on In Vitro Matured Mouse Oocytes and Granulosa Cells. Monsefi, Malihezaman; Khalifeh, Bahareh; Nibeghbal, Samaneh Report Oct 1, 2018 4860
Evaluating Effect of Theloscopy and Theloresectoscopy on Haematological Parameters and Somatic cell count in Milching animals. Walvekar, S.B.; Khandekar, G.S.; Tripathi, S.D.; Pawar, A.A.; Datir, Anil A. Report Jul 1, 2017 1470
Somatic Cell Count: A Human Breast Wellbeing Indicator. Vaidya, Yati; Patel, Shriram; Joshi, Chaitanya; Nauriyal, Dev; Kunjadia, Anju Report Apr 1, 2017 5148
Mitochondrial Dynamics: In Cell Reprogramming as It Is in Cancer. Prieto, Javier; Torres, Josema Report Jan 1, 2017 9059
Comparative Analysis of AGE and RAGE Levels in Human Somatic and Embryonic Stem Cells under [H.sub.2][O.sub.2]-Induced Noncytotoxic Oxidative Stress Conditions. Barandalla, Maria; Haucke, Elisa; Fischer, Bernd; Santos, Alexander Navarrete; Colleoni, Silvia; Gal Report Jan 1, 2017 10839
Effect of Various Environmental Factors and Management Practices on Somatic Cell Count in the Raw Milk of Anatolian Buffaloes. Sahin, Aziz; Yildirim, Arda; Ulutas, Zafer Report Apr 30, 2016 6029
Effects of steroid hormone in avian follicles. Rivas, R.E. Caicedo; Nieto, M. Paz-Calderon; Kamiyoshi, M. Report Apr 1, 2016 8514
Differentiating Germline vs Somatic Variants in Cancer Tissue: Are Large-Panel Genetic Tests Helping or Hurting the Cancer Patient? Kipp, Benjamin R. Sep 1, 2015 689
Manipulation of a quasi-natural cell block for high-efficiency transplantation of adherent somatic cells. Chung, H.J.; Hassan, M.M.; Park, J.O.; Kim, H.J.; Hong, S.T. Report May 1, 2015 5835
Relationships between Somatic Cell Count and Udder Type Scores in Holstein Cows. Report Feb 28, 2013 2652
Somatic cells count and its genetic association with milk yield in dairy cattle raised under Thai tropical environmental conditions. Jattawa, D.; Koonawootrittriron, S.; Elzo, M.A.; Suwanasopee, T. Report Sep 1, 2012 5358
Relationship of somatic cell count and mastitis: an overview. Sharma, N.; Singh, N.K.; Bhadwal, M.S. Report Mar 1, 2011 6539
PCR-SSCP of serum lysozyme gene (exon-III) in riverine buffalo and its association with lysozyme activity and somatic cell count. Sahoo, Nihar Ranjan; Kumar, Pushpendra; Bhushan, Bharat; Bhattacharya, T.K.; Sharma, Arjava; Dayal, Report Jul 15, 2010 4071
University of California obtains United States patent. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 87
Ignore the ethics of stem cell research and they'll pass you by. Dobson, Patrick Jun 18, 2004 3543
California approves landmark stem cell legislation. (From the Hill). Brief Article Dec 22, 2002 299
Origin of Insulin Receptor-Like Tyrosine Kinases in Marine Sponges. Skorokhod, Alexader; Gamulin, Vera; Gundacker, Dietmar; Kavsan, Vadim; Muller, Isabel M.; Muller, We Oct 1, 1999 5061

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