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Solve complex flow applications with greater accuracy. (Computer Hardware & Software).

The latest version of CFX's Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software system, CFX-5.5.1, is said to extend application of the system to a new range of industrial flows by providing new models and offering "near-total" interoperability between the existing range of models. For example, says CFX, multiphase batch mixer analyses can now combine existing coupled multiphase fluid models with multiple frame of reference (MFR) technology to quickly solve these complex flows. The effects of chemical reactions and heat transfer can also now be included in MFR models. In addition, all models can be used in conjunction with CFX's existing Generalized Grid Interface capability.

Major enhancements have been added to multiphase and free surface capabilities. The number of phases in a multiphase analysis is now "unlimited," says CFX, so that fluidized beds and particle separators with multiple particle sizes can be simulated with ease. And the free surface flow model has been expanded to include a bulk energy equation, low-speed variable density, fluid-specific additional variables, and fluid-specific multicomponent fluids. According to CFX, these capabilities extend the applicability of free surface models to include, for example, mold filling and contaminant dispersion. Plus, a new surface tension model allows the engineer to predict flows accurately in capillary tubes and the coalescence of liquid droplets.

CFX says that the expansion of available MFR models allows the analyst greater flexibility when investigating the interaction of rotating and stationary components. For example, multistage gas compressors can be analyzed with one blade row per component using the Stage Interface, or full dynamic behavior can be simulated using the Transient Rotor Stator option. Modeling speed and accuracy for compressors, turbines, pumps, and other rotating machines increase significantly, CFX says. Additionally, both single-phase and multiphase mixing applications can be accurately modeled.

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Author:Molinaro, Hope
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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