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Personal Productivity



Find and install software on your palmOne handheld-in two simple steps. When browsing the software catalog, Addit users can choose to buy or try titles. During their next HotSync operation, selections and payment (if any) information are processed, and Addit installs the selected software directly onto your handheld.



This full-featured "fat client" e-mail application for Palm OS handhelds and Treo 600 smartphones allows school staff and students to work with e-mail as if it was on their desktop. Download attachments in native-desktop format and save them to a memory card. Or attach files to outgoing e-mail. The built-in Message Reader and Message Composer handle unlimited sizes of messages, plus a scribble app lets users handwrite a note, draw a map or send a doodle via e-mail.


Palm Wireless Keyboard


This folding keyboard works with Palm OS handhelds through its infrared port, making it useful in mixed-model environments. It even accommodates the landscape orientation of the new Tungsten 3 model.

Intellisync Handheld Edition

Intellisync Corp. www

Using patented technology, this program lets teachers or staff simultaneously synchronize their handheld's data with multiple applications on their notebook or desktop computer. This includes e-mail from Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, as well as calendars, contacts and tasks, plus data files and more.



Store and organize vital information securely on a Palm OS handheld with this application. The program uses "military-strength" encryption to safeguard PIN numbers, account data, passwords and more in a password-protected database. Its built-in templates can also be customized or developed from scratch.


LearnTracFX and LearnTrac

eLearning Dynamics www.elearning

LearnTrac is a classroom assessment and communication solution that allows students to "anonymously raise their hands," to participate in class. Via infrared or Wi-Fi, LearnTrac also administers tests, grades them and records results. LearnTracFX, a teacher-controlled file exchange platform, wirelessly distributes and collects materials for a class, a selected group or individual students simultaneously. It also enables teacher-controlled instant messaging with students.


PAAM 3.0 and Handheld Learning Environment GoKnow

PAAM--the Archive and Application Manager for Palm OS--was made to handle large numbers of handheld computers in educational settings. Teachers use PAAM to track, review and respond to all the work done by students on their handhelds, arranged in Web-based portfolios. Version 3.0 of PAAM adds the ability to quickly install eBooks and applications, view every application on every handheld, and delete unapproved software. Data flows back and forth when handhelds are synchronized. PAAM is central to the firm's Handheld Learning Environment that links together content from their FreeWrite, PicoMap, Sketchy and FlingIt (included) programs into one enriched project document.

mCLASS series

Wireless Generation

Each of the mClass solutions allows teachers to follow along as a student reads text passages from a book, marking scores directly into their handheld. Synchronizing with the mCLASS Web site automatically scores and records students' reading-skill scores. The mClass: family includes Reading (K-3), QRI (K-5), DIBELS (K-3), and TPRI (K-2); Tejas LEE (K-2 Spanish) is also available.

Classroom Wizard

Scantron Corp.

Classroom Wizard lets teachers test, grade and report results quickly from within class. Teachers create tests, which may include graphics, on the Classroom Wizard Web site for downloading to palmOne handhelds. Students then beam back their answers for instantaneous scoring and analysis. Detailed reports are generated and scores can update grade books as well.


Harcourt Achieve

Rigby's e*Assessment lets teachers use handhelds to immediately score students on a range of observational K-3 reading assessments. Data is uploaded to a server, from which customized reports can be generated. It works with Harcourt's leveled K-3 reading texts.

Assessa Desktop for Palm

EyeCues Systems

Teachers can instantaneously score tests that students have taken on their palmOne handhelds with Assessa Desktop for Palm. Teachers may create their own tests, or use pre-existing tests from Assessa's Web site. A new version supports the Tungsten C's Wi-Fi (802.11b) capability.

Math & Science

Math Amigo

Valiant Technology

MathAmigo provides standards-based K-8 math activities, including supplemental and remedial materials for grades 7 and 8. The activities react to students' performance by altering the difficulty level and offering thought-provoking feedback and tutorials. Everything is automatically scored and tracked by a teacher-management system.

PowerOne Graph

Infinity Softworks Featuring color graphing and more than 100 calculation templates, powerOne Graph makes it easy to focus on what is happening and why. Students can perform advanced mathematics, then graph, analyze, annotate and share their results.

Probeware Kit for palmOne Handhelds

PASCO Scientific

This science package includes both hardware (probes and interfaces) and software (DataStudio for Palm OS 4.0 and highe0 so students can use handheld computers to conduct science labs. The handheld automatically identifies the probe and sets up all displays. More than 40 different environmental PASPORT sensors are available.

Data Pro and LabPro

Vernier Software & Technology

Data Pro software supports up to four analog or two digital sensors at once, and has an analysis mode to help students explore their results. It works with the firm's LabPro sensor-to-handheld interface and 40-plus Vernier sensors for middle and high school science.

ImagiProbe and ImagiMath


ImagiProbe teams data-collection sensors with Palm OS software to allow students to record and graph precise measurements via their handhelds during experiments. Version 3.1 of ImagiProbe now exports data to other handheld applications, and allows teachers to pre-install science activities and assignments into students' handhelds. ImagiMath is a trio of Palm OS applications that consists of ImagiGraph, a mathematics visualizer; ImagiCalc, a multi-function calculator; and ImagiSolve, an algebraic equation solver.


MxWeb suite

Media-X Systems

MxWeb is a suite of Web-based programs that work together or separately and include off-line as well as handheld modules, ePrincipal analyzes and tracks grades, attendance, achievement and related data. mVal, streamlines teacher evaluations, staff appraisals, peer assessments and professional-development plans. iNotice records student incidents, behaviors and/or achievements. And eWalk collects information using customizable templates.

Rovenet Portable Forms


Rovenet Portable Forms lets district and school staff easily create custom data-collection tools for use with handhelds. Rovenet's patent-pending Document Driven technology converts a word processing document to an electronic form for handhelds and other computers. Data can be uploaded into school or district databases via e-mail, fax or XML.


TruSmart Technologies

ScheduleFinder lets administrators keep students' and teachers' class schedule, emergency contact data, and even their picture stored in a palmOne handheld. The program works with any student management system.


SD Deploy, SD Express, SD Assign, SD Remove

Grant Street Software

These SD expansion cards' built-in software streamlines the use of multiple Palm OS handhelds, such as classroom sets. SD Deploy configures multiple handhelds. SD Express handles content-distribution duties by cloning. SD Assign quickly assigns unique HotSync names to a batch of handhelds. SD Remove does mass deletions, plus it automatically clears old assignments and schedules.



GoObserve automates both the scheduling and performing of classroom observations of teachers using categorization and time-stamping to record, minute-by-minute, what happens. Synchronizing the handheld to a desktop computer downloads a full, printable record of the observation along with a chart that visually displays how instructional time was used.


ScheduleUs Publisher and ScheduleUs Family

Vision Ventures

Using ScheduleUs Publisher, schools can develop color-coded schedules that download over the Internet and go right into the Date Book of Palm OS-based handhelds. Parents access the schedules via ScheduleUs Family, which then builds a customized calendar just for their family's members.


Discovery Software

With Principalm, K-12 principals can remotely access student information from their campus SIS right from a palmOne handheld. Version 5.0 adds "bank-strength" encryption, support for high-resolution photos, multiple-school support, and includes the Principalm Connect utility.


Connectivity & Storage

IR180 WebConnect Access Point and IRSO Broadcast System

TriBeam Technologies

An entire classroom of handhelds can acquire two-way connectivity to a campus network and the Internet using just their infrared "beaming" ports via the IR180 LAN access point. For one-way broadcast of files, assignments and tests, the IR50 also uses infrared beaming and will collect files from students' handhelds. Either unit may be added to a transport cart that can optionally include a charging station and locking lid for a new type of wireless lab.

Charging Stations & Carts

TriBeam Technologies

In a tabletop or lockable mobile versions, up to 32 palmOne handhelds can be charged simultaneously with these charging stations. A Freestyle station can accommodate up to 18 handhelds. A 32-slot transport cart, which can be equipped with the firm's IR180 or IR50, has an optional locking lid and a keyboard shelf.

Secure File PDA Backup Card

Mobile Digital Media

This MultiMediaCard's software offers two ways to back up and restore all of the data on a handheld computer. Its basic mode fully backs up and restores all data via an easy-to-use interface. Its advanced modes will back up and restore only the applications or databases specified. Encryption and password protection safeguard data, and compression keeps backups down to size.

128MB and 64MB Memory Expansion Cards

PalmOne www.

These postage stamp-sized MultiMediaCards can store libraries of eBooks, plus photos, music clips, short videos, applications and other data on a single card.


Palm Ethernet Cradles and Charging Cradles

Mobility Electronics

Formerly known as Portsmith, this firm's Ethernet cradles let schools easily give handheld users instant Internet access plus one-touch file-synchronization. For pure charging needs, they have a 10-slot charging cradle or a 30-slot charging cart.


Presenter-to-Go Margi Systems

Presenter-to-Go delivers presentations in full color via a VGA cable connection from the handheld to a projector or large-screen. Its software generates slides from PowerPoint and all printable Windows or Macintosh applications. With the Mirror application, teachers also can demonstrate a Palm OS applications for an entire class.


Pitch Solo

Mobility Electronics

The Pitch Solo connects Palm OS-based handhelds to VGA projectors or large-screen monitors. Teachers can deliver PowerPoint and other presentations right from their handheld, annotate slides on the fly, and more. Pitch Solo stores multiple presentations on SD cards and connects to a handheld via USB cable, leaving the SD card slot free.



Classrooms equipped with ordinary whiteboards or even flip-charts can use eBeam to send notes or color diagrams that are hand-written on those surfaces to palmOne handhelds.

Language Arts & Multimedia

Webster's Dictionary & Franklin Thesaurus

Mobile Digital Media

This MultiMediaCard contains the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary's 215,000 definitions as well as the Franklin Advanced Thesaurus at one's fingertips. The comprehensive thesaurus provides 340,000 synonyms, antonyms and related words.

Kinoma Player 2 and Kinoma Producer 2


Kinoma Producer 2 converts video, audio, animation, photos and slides to the Kinoma-movie format for palmOne handhelds. It can even encode video so that it can be delivered from the Internet directly to a Palm OS 5 handheld. Kinoma Player 2 supports interactive movies, widescreen formats, and plays movies directly off the Internet.

Documents To Go DataViz

Work with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other popular files on a handheld without loss of formatting using this suite of applications. Version 6 has added spell checking, word count, selective synchronization of files, plus enhanced support for expansion cards and password-protected Word and Excel files. The package is offered in four editions: Standard, Premium, Office and Office Professional.

RealOne Mobile Player


Play back music, news, videos and more with this player for handhelds (requires Palm OS 5). Formats supported include RealAudio, RealVideo and MP3 files. Simply download the content by HotSync of access it live with a real-time network connection.

Palm eBook Studio

Palm Digital Media www.palmdigital

eBook studio's WYSIWYG editor for Macintosh and Windows computers will format text, insert images or hyperlinks, import text from multiple sources and when finished, convert it into an eBook.

Classics Collection

Palm Digital Media education/classics

Get unlimited use of up to 500 eBook titles of classic literature for a full school year via the Classics Collection. Simply load the CD onto a school server to let students download titles, which are optimized for Palm Reader.

Palm Reader

Palm Digital Media

The free Palm Reader application displays an eBook one page at a time, plus supports embedded hyperlinks and allows readers to insert bookmarks and make annotations, For color support, upgrade to Palm Reader Pro.

palmOne Education Essentials CD-ROM


Education Essentials CD is the latest edition of the award-winning Mobile Mentor and Road Scholar soft ware bundles for Palm OS handhelds. Specifically selected for teachers and students, the CD's applications comprise organization, productivity, learning, assessment and communication tools--more than $400 worth of commercial software for less than $50. One highlight is Handmark's 4.0 Student planner application, which works with, an online service. Also included are: ImagiMath mathematics suite. MobileDB database with more than 40 databases. Quizzler Pro for assessment, WordSmith for word processing, PrintBoy Documents for printing, and more than a dozen other applications.

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