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Solutions From Interra Systems Accelerate Carbon's Product Development; Interra Provides Building Blocks and Services To Accelerate VSP(TM) Time-to-Market.

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Interra Systems, a leading provider of software building blocks, methodologies, and services for SoC designers, announced successful integration of its Verilog-Cheetah(TM) and VHDL-Jaguar(TM) analyzers into Carbon Design Systems new -- VSP -- virtual system prototyping product, that enables a system prototype to be rapidly assembled and functionally validated on the desktop.

"Interra's expertise in hardware description languages accelerated our time-to-market with proven Verilog and VHDL language front-ends," said Alan Swahn, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Carbon Design Systems. "Interra's technology, integration services, and Beacon test suites were a valuable asset to our product development," he noted.

"Customers can leverage our unique combination of design and EDA skills," said Sunil Jain, President and CEO of Interra Systems. "Interra Systems offers building blocks, methodologies, and EDA design services to quickly deliver customer solutions," he added.

Cheetah / Jaguar Universal Front-Ends

Cheetah and Jaguar provide robust, high-performance, easy-to-integrate Verilog and VHDL front-ends for EDA products. These industry compliant products parse complete Verilog and VHDL languages and create an in-memory Object Model. Applications can then access design information through provided API layer, thus saving enormous time and resources. Cheetah -- the Verilog analyzer -- supports Verilog-95, Verilog-2001 and now System Verilog 3.1, 3.1a and IEEE-1800. Jaguar -- the VHDL analyzer -- supports IEEE-1076-87 and IEEE1076-93.

Interra Systems offers building blocks for EDA tool developers. These building blocks are widely used by EDA tool developers as a universal front-end to their design solutions. These standard, compliant, and easy-to-use building blocks enable users to reduce time-to-market by saving a significant amount of development time. Products from Interra Systems have been used by over 40 EDA and SoC companies including Atrenta, Axis, Carbon, CoWare, Magma, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys and several others who have been successfully acquired by Cadence, Mentor and Synopsys.

About Carbon

Carbon is delivering a high-performance virtual system prototyping solution that enables a system prototype to be rapidly assembled and functionally validated on the desktop months before silicon. Carbon's new software approach allows multiple levels of abstraction to be validated together including C, SystemC, RTL, IP cores, transaction-level, and instruction-level models. The key to VSP is performance -- the ability to execute billions of cycles and boot embedded operating systems, all with desktop software.

The company is headquartered at 375 Totten Pond Road, Suite 100/200, Waltham, MA. 02451. Telephone: 781.890.1500, Fax: 781.890.1711, Email:, Website:

About Interra

Interra Systems is a leading provider of highly flexible and adaptive design solutions for the acceleration of memory, ASIC, SoC and system designs. Interra's development capability includes a memory development system, EDA tool front-ends and test suites. Interra offers a wide range of services along with its EDA Objects(TM) product family, which includes RTL synthesis, VHDL and Verilog analyzers, test suites, as well as APIs for ease of integration. Customers have found significant strategic value in Interra Systems as they accelerate memory design and EDA tool development while reducing cost. For more information, please visit

Interra Systems, Cheetah, and Jaguar are trademarks of Interra Systems, Incorporated. Carbon Design Systems and VSP are trademarks of Carbon Design Systems, Incorporated.
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Date:Aug 15, 2005
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